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by OatmealRaisin

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Original Thread: I'm still better with a camera. Let's FINISH Dead Rising!


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Max Brooks:

7. Shopping Malls
A practically indefensible structure. Large shopping centers are always targets for both humans and zombies. It is always the case with social disturbance: At the first sign of trouble, these concentrations of wealth swarm with private security, police, even overzealous shop owners. If the crisis occurs suddenly, a large number of shoppers may become trapped within the mall, creating problems of overcrowding, trampling, and suffocation, as well as attracting the dead. In an outbreak of any class, heading for a shopping mall would mean heading for a center of chaos.

Dead Rising is an action game released in 2006 by Capcom. It originally launched for the Xbox 360, and saw a simplified port three years later to the Wii. I will be playing the 360 version because it is the most robust and full version of the game.

You play as Frank West, photojournalist. Following a tip that something strange is happening in Willamette, Colorado, you soon find yourself trapped in a shopping mall packed wall to wall with zombies. You have 72 hours to figure out the truth of what happened, escort innocent people to safety, and look out for your own hide before your ride out of there comes back. Are you up to it?

For this playthrough, I'm going to be rescuing all 48 NPCs you find scattered around the mall over the course of the game. Anyone who's played the game will tell you that this is quite the challenge, considering how absolutely godawful the survivor AI is. We'll be watching these folks walk into trees, walk into waist-high obstacles, walk into packs of zombies, and not walk at all as we try to lead them to safety. That all being said, this is a very fun game with a rather silly story, and I'd be willing to call it a must have for any 360 owner.

Videos will be coming out every two to three days and due to the nature of this playthrough, they will have wildy inconsistent lengths. I'll keep updates never lasting shorter than ten minutes, and never lasting longer than 30. Join me, won't you?

Table of Contents

The Main Playthrough
Rescuing all 48 surviving NPCs in a no-nonsense action romp through the game's plot.

Let's Explore Dead Rising!
Capcom made a pretty impressive mall. I go though and explore every store with live commentary.

Bonus Videos
Set sail for silliness! This is far from a serious zombie thriller after all.

Infinite Mode
I streamed a run of infinite mode from Voidburger's house. Due to the nature of the Infinite Mode (REALLY BORING) we had to keep ourselves entertained with other video games on the side.

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