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Part 3: Co-op Vid - Intro to Co-op mode

Here is the first co-op video, hooray! Today JamieTheD and I run through the same section of the game that we've just gone through in the main LP, in co-op, so that you the viewer can see how it works. I don't know what else to put in this post to make it worthy of its own section like the LP so far because I already showed off the collectibles the first time I went through here, so instead I'll talk about retro mode.

Retro mode, as I mention at the start of the video, is the reward for beating Hardcore mode. It makes the game look like a really cool old school game and compressed video doesn't do it justice, so here are some uncompressed screenshots:

It looks very cool. (also now you know what chapter 7 is called, I hope you are looking forward to it)