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Part 5: Episode 04 - A scanner, greely

Merry almost Christmas, here is a new update.

Today we visit good old Canada for a while and explode some of the locals while trying to uncover some plainly obvious secrets that probably would go un-addressed if this were a bad video game. Good thing it's not one ha ha am I right? I am joined by Blind Sally and Nine-Gear Crow.



PERSONAL LOG: Laura Engstorm

When the Sovereign Colonies signed me on to this project, I was lead to believe we would be given free reign of site access and resources. It's anything but. Mahad's men are thick as molasses, stationed at practically every airlock, asking for badges and ID's and research tickets every step of the way. I can't tell if they're obstructionist on purpose or by accident, but either way, I'll have a word with Mahad. Or several.

Despite all this, we haven't been rendered entirely useless. Today we got a look at one of the specimens brought up from the planet. We've confirmed it is indeed organic life trapped in the ice. Early tests suggest is had been there for possibly millions of years.

Tomorrow we will dissect the specimen. And I understand there are many, many more where that came from!


PERSONAL LOG: Laura Engstorm

The frozen specimens are breathtaking. Their physiology isn’t entirely dissimilar to our own in the broadest sense. They are large, almost in majestic in a way. Their crested heads are both horrifying and beautiful. Dr. Serrano suspects there may be millions of them down there, trapped in the ice amongst the Markers.

Who were these noble creators? Why did they build the markers? Are they responsible for placing the Black Marker on Earth? For what reason? I believe we will find all of these answers and more on this frozen planet.