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Part 43: Dead Space Timeline

Here's the Dead Space timeline as it currently exists, rewritten from the Dead Space wiki's page on it. So, if you ever wanted to know the major important Dead Space lore, just read this big post and it'll fill you in on the story so far. I paraphrased some of the less important parts but this is the gist of it:

Prehistoric era: The black Marker supposedly crash lands on Earth, making a crater huge enough that it eventually terraforms into the Chicxulub crater in the Gulf of Mexico that also exists on real life Earth. Nobody knows what year this happened but according to local legend, the Marker has been down there as long as humans have.

Late 2100s: Altman is born, DredgerCorp is founded

2214: Altman and his girlfriend Ada move to the Chicxulub crater and in co-operation with DredgerCorp dig up the Marker. Only bad things can ever come of this. The events of Dead Space: Martyr happen and Altman becomes a Dead Space: Martyr in the name of Unitology, but not before he manages to sink the Marker.

2314: The prologue of Dead Space 3 happens. Simultaneously, back on Earth, EarthGov uses the codes yanked from Altman to reverse-engineer an imperfect Black Marker, known as the Red Marker because of its color and the material it's made out of. There's nowhere they can test it on Earth, so they ship it out with a research team to the newly discovered planet Aegis VII. Horrible things happen, but not before researchers manage to use the Marker to create the first recombinant microbial life form (GRIBBLIES). EarthGov takes this as a sign of the Marker being a potentially infinite source of energy, because they're stupid.

2315: The first Aegis VII outbreak happens and the entire colony is basically murdered by necromorphs. The Red Marker pedestal is created in a hurry to contain the quickly spreading necromorph outbreak and the research team on the colony fire it, killing themselves but forcing the Red Marker into dormancy, trapping the Hive Mind deep within the planet.

2446: The Ishimura launches for the first time and the Resource Wars begin on Earth. Curse you, Big Oil. Planet Crackers descend upon unsuspecting and uninhabited planets to mine them for valuable resources that are then utilized for advancing space travel technology in hopes of finding somewhere else for the human race to continue, because Earth is almost done at this point.

2465: Isaac is born! It is a great day for steel-toed boot manufacturers everywhere.

2505: The CEC illegally enters the Aegis Cluster, which has been condemned by EarthGov to prevent anyone from ever uncovering the failed Marker test site on Aegis VII. Aegises 1-6 are all mined and turned into shelled husks and then the CEC makes a colony on Aegis VII, basically dooming the lives of tens of thousands of people.

2508: The CEC initiate the planet crack on Aegis VII, which uncovers the Marker and the Hive Mind from their sandy tomb like the ark of the fuckin covenant or something. Since the CEC is in the Aegis cluster illegally, they don't radio back to EarthGov to tell them what they've found, which doesn't really matter because EarthGov would deny its existence anyway. The colony starts experiencing the same insanity and dementia that the previous colony went through because of their closeness to the Marker, and of course, shit goes awry almost immediately and the colony is swarmed by necromorphs directed to reproduce by the now-awake Hive Mind. The Marker, in an attempt to save it from being destroyed by the rabid colonists, is brought aboard the ship and put in storage.

2508, again: The events of Dead Space: Extraction happen as Ishimura buddies Gabe and Lexine Weller attempt to extract themselves from the Aegis cluster while everything goes to shit around them. Surprisingly, they make it out alive! Good for them!

More 2508: A few weeks later, the events of Dead Space 1 happen! Not even 2 days after the outbreak began, Isaac, Kendra, Hammond and the redshirts arrive in its airspace in the Kellion. Kendra knows what's going on, but everyone else has been sent to their demise. As an undercover agent of EarthGov, she's been sent to recover the Marker and take it back to Earth. As we know from her body parts being splattered all over the place, the Hive Mind was not having any of that. Isaac escapes in a battered and busted-up escape shuttle, leaving the Marker behind as the cork of the cracked planet fell down on top of it, destroying the whole thing and burying the Marker in sand and debris once more.

Between 2508 and 2509: Isaac is discovered aboard the fuel-less escape shuttle by a Pleasure Cruiser ship in the Yothei system, lightyears away from the Aegis colony. The poor guy is basically gibbering and insane when he's scooped up by EarthGov, who detect the transmission and quickly kidnap him. They take him to Titan Station, where they imprison him along with the other four or so people who have come in direct contact with a Marker and survived. They use the genetic codes stolen from Altman now hundreds of years ago to root through Isaac's brain and extract all the information they need to build a new, near-perfect Marker. Over the course of the next 3 years, they do so.

2511: The events of Dead Space 2 happen. The Site 12 Marker, along with Titan Station, are destroyed. Isaac and Ellie are literally the only survivors of the entire incident and EarthGov believes them to be dead, so they go into hiding on Earth's moon. For about 3 years Isaac stares at the Marker test site literally visible from his apartment window and does nothing, very slowly going nuts-er because of his proximity to it and his past history being touched by them. Ellie leaves Isaac to his devices because she gets tired of him moping around. What the fuck.

2514: John Carver's wife, a data archaeologist assigned to the planet Uxor to study the Shroud Marker, discovers SHOCKING SECRETS THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!!. The events of Dead Space: Liberation occur, wherein Danik's radical Unitology group assaults Uxor in an attempt to 'free' the Marker from its test site shackles just as they do on Earth's moon in chapter 1 of this game. They are successful, and the EarthGov forces are wiped out by necromorphs because this is a Dead Space game and therefore the military is completely useless. Damara refuses to give up her information on where the "Marker home world" could potentially be, so Danik kills her and plans to steal it. Meanwhile, Ellie and company have joined the fight on Uxor, seeking out Damara so they can ask her about said research. Little do they know, she's already dead, and by the time Carver leads them home, Damara and their son have already turned into necromorphs, so he has to put them down. Ellie covertly takes the research but discovers it was written in Marker script by Damara in a last-ditch effort to keep it from being read by EarthGov and needs to be decoded, and there's only one person she knows who can read Marker script.........

2515: Ellie hyperspace-jumps to the airspace of the mysterious place mentioned, and as I will mention in the next video, Damara's research never comes up again and instead the game makes up some other reason for Isaac to be contacted by Norton and Carver. Then the events of this game finally happen!