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Dead to Rights: Retribution

by slowbeef

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Jack Slate is a goddamned monster. If crime is a plague, Jack is the guy in the bird mask thing that burns the bodies. When crime attempts to run rampant with gangs as big as armies, and arsenals funded by supervillians, Jack takes a belt of scotch and decides against bringing an extra gun because hey, maybe he needs to practice his hand-to-gun fighting tactics. His style is brtual. His tactics are unorthodox. His talent is unlimited. His strength is unmatched. Admittedly, his descriptive metaphors could use some work.

Pictured: This game's brightness adjustment screen. Again: THIS IS THE BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT SCREEN.

A few years back, Namco Hometek (Namco's Western Division), decided to take on the Max Payne throne and make a John-Woo style arcade-y third-person shooter with melee sections, mini-games and a canine ally named Shadow. I think it actually went okay and the first Dead To Rights is a fun, if ridiculous, jaunt through the fictional crime-ridden metropolis known as Grant City. Diabetus and I Let's Played it about a year ago.

DTR was successful enough to spawn a terrible sequel, Dead to Rights 2, which is actually a prequel from a story perspective. ...But it's honestly really boring gameplay-wise (the cutscenes are very funny, though) and not nearly as interesting as the first DTR. It spawned a second sequel for the PSP called Dead To Rights: Reckoning, which is basically a reskin of DTR2 minus the voice acting Betus and I came to know and love.

Well, flash forward a few years and Volitale Games picks up the IP and attempts to revive the franchise.

Welcome to Dead To Rights: Retribution.

Pictured: Grant City Coke Fiend. Liberty Taken with Photo Context: None.

DTR:R is a "re-imagining" of the first game, which means it's a completely new story and nothing in the previous games is considered canon here.

Note also that the story is pretty much completely different, so for fans of the first game, there is no more Mayor Pinnacle, no more Rafshoon Diggs, and no more magic-potion wielding/fire-breathing sultans. Besides Jack himself, his dog Shadow, Grant City, and one other major story element we'll see in Chapter 5, this is pretty much a whole new ball-game.

That said, expect to see flagrant violations of proper police procedure, tons of blood, lots of neck-breaking and really, really, really superfluous uses of the word 'Fuck'. Seriously, I curse like a sailor, but DTR:R is nuts with the F-Word.

So join me and my cohort in crime (It's just an expression Jack, no!) Diabetus as we explore this game. Can Retribution save the Dead To Rights franchise????

no, it's not that good



Prologue/Chapter 1: StrikebreakerBaldurdash YouTube
Chapter 1-2: Strikebreaker (concluded)Baldurdash YouTube
Chapter 2-1: ShadowboxingBaldurdash YouTube
Chapter 2-2: Shadowboxing (concluded)Baldurdash YouTube
Chapter 3: Off the RailsBaldurdash YouTube
Chapter 4 - End of the LineBaldurdash YouTube
Chapter 5-1: Dock 765Baldurdash YouTube
Chapter 5-2: Dock 765 (concluded)Baldurdash YouTube
Chapter 6-1: Urban RenewalBaldurdash YouTube
Chapter 6-2: Urban Renewal (continued)Baldurdash YouTube
Chapter 6-3: Urban Renewal (concluded)Baldurdash YouTube
Chapter 7-1: Frame StoryBaldurdash YouTube
Chapter 7-2: Frame Story (concluded)Baldurdash YouTube
Chapter 8-1: AtonementBaldurdash YouTube
Chapter 8-2: Atonement (concluded)Baldurdash YouTube
Chapter 9-1: The Old-Fashioned WayBaldurdash YouTube
Chapter 9-2: The Old-Fashioned Way (concluded)Baldurdash YouTube
Chapter 10-1: RetributionBaldurdash YouTube
Chapter 10-2: Retribution (concluded)Baldurdash YouTube
Bonus: Our old Let's Fail - this is the first time Diabetus and I ever saw the game Viddler
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