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Part 15: Short update, short vote

Short update, short vote

Just some highlights of new things so far:

We get our first look at Phasing IC here on a rating 7 server. Since by now we're using Area Attack as our default weapon, it presents zero problem.

We also got up to the next reputation level, Hacker Extraordinaire. I believe this is the max for Lower Class, but I'm sure I'll find out for sure before my grinding is done.

Speaking of grinding, did you know that the max ratings on special orders is capped at 8 for chips right now? So we can't just grind cash, we also have to either have it show up in the shop (not likely, since the shop chips appear capped at 9) or hunt for firmware source code? Because grinding shouldn't just be long, it should be circuitous!

Speaking of source code, I found source code for rating 9 Decrypt software, a much-needed upgrade. Which means it needs a name! Post name suggestions please!