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Part 22: We are invincible

We are invincible

And I do mean that.

The first programs get churned out while our chips continue to cook, but the rent won't pay itself.

In the true spirit of the 80's that underlies cyberpunk, Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola remain fierce competitors. While other brands fall under the umbrella of one megacorp or another, the Cola War rages on for decades.

Would you believe our deck is still running at a Light load? Because it is.

Finally, we move up to the next reputation level: Master of the Matrix. And while we could rest on our laurels here, living as an elite among the few Masters of the Matrix, we aim higher.

We also beg, because the Box reminds us to stay humble.

I lied about not messing with this corp. With our increasing stock of rating 25 chips and programs, we actually breeze through this. For completing a 105% difficulty contract, we are rewarded with a whopping 21 skill points.

For some reason the minimap bugged out here; note how there's no indicator of where we are. That's because we're off the bottom of the map, and for some reason the scroll bars decided not to let me see the entire map.

With this, we can now semi-regularly keep nodes silent for more than a single turn!

And with these, we can actually sneak by some Guardian and Gateway IC! It's almost like we're a well-rounded character!

With our deck fully upgraded and our software basically so, we're pretty much untouchable. I unloaded Reflect because it's not even worth having, and even seven IC at once (during a red alert) could barely land 2 hits against our rating 25 shield.

Finally, we reach the pinnacle of the shadows: we are no longer as gods, we are God.

Slowjack, Matrix God, shall walk the digital wastes for all time.