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Part 11: "A once in a lifetime chance that we took, blessed by the Goddess of Luck."

Chapter 11: "A once in a lifetime chance that we took, blessed by the Goddess of Luck."
(Item Collection, The Seashore, Kumo 5&6)

Welcome back!

Camil now has the raw strength to break through Laylaria's door.

Inside are two Demon Flies.

The Hair is a very specialized item, giving +20 Skill and +39 SP at the cost of taking 1.5x damage. That's actually a price I'd seriously consider paying earlier in the game--+39 is a LOT, and Sporadic Guard would do a lot to ameliorate it.

There's a lot of content here.

> Character Introductions

>> Randolf

>>> Super Outdoorsy Type
Likes Rats
Can it really be okay to eat those...things?

You might remember that the Roast Rat recipe was found in Randolf's room.

Remember the rat thing for later.

>>Aaron Aaron

>>> Person studying the "Demon King Chronicle."
What's so interesting about that?

>> Hiku Kumo

>>> Always wears gloves
Just from his name I imagine he's from a small town in the north.
He also wears a crazy mask. Can't miss it.

>> Nana Eluonto

>>> Princess
Something so avant-garde about using a fake name.

>> Mole

>>> Has been on the island for over 10 years
Can be a little tiring to talk to.
Constantly digging a hole.
Wish I could file a noise complaint.

>> Camil

>>> A Newcomer

A little near-confirmation of something that's been implied: Camil is apparently from the Island.

> Diary

>> Aaron was studying various techniques.
The horizontal slash seems to be a fire elemental attack.
What an idiot...

Also, please note the plant in the corner of the room.

If you paid attention, then you may have noticed that the golden stone in the corner of the store was originally in the room the Mole excavated.

After the last update, it looks like the real answer to "why is he stealing the Demon King Chronicle chapters" is "because he's an asshole klepto." Kind of a letdown, really.

(No, you don't have an option to carry off the plant yourself before he can, sadly. Nor the Expensive Stone, which costs 18000.)

Anyway... Missed chests. There's two in the Hamlet, each containing a Glass Fragment.

The Magic Bean has grown in here at the second screen of the Snow Field.

This enemy is basically completely harmless (did 16 to Camil with the 1.5x damage taken Placebo and other random items I was levelling, dropped in two hits) but drops the Lizard Tongue needed for the Chatty Barber recipe. It's not any more likely than any other drop, but thankfully he respawns. The Lizard Tongue itself is trash--+3 HP.

The chests contain a Critical Up stat booster, 500 gold, a Glass Fragment, and an Empty Bottle. The last one in particular is very welcome! The recipe is I Believe I Can Fly! (yes, the item name includes the exclamation point)

The items I missed in The Snow Fields were two chests with 25 gold, the Twin Tail recipe, and two Glass Fragment chests.

In The Sands of Remembrance, I missed 40 gold, 50 gold, and an Attack Up and Stamina Up.

Over the course of finding all of those, I level up quite a few items, including mastering the Zara Sword for Camil and the Soul Shackles for Randolf. Since I last checked, I got the "take 100 damage in one attack" achievement (thanks to the Two-Headed Demon from The Tower) and "Collect 8 Recipes."

1500 gold. Worth it: it seems to increase the ceiling on SP regeneration to 10.

Sadly, that's the last one. I'll have to make do.

The three recipes this time. Notably, despite being an Agility stat booster, the I Believe I Can Fly! is strictly one time-only, because it requires you to use up the only Snow Maiden you can get.

The same is generally true for the Chatty Barber, which increases critical, except that there is a way to get a second Hair... It's just highly likely that you didn't.

The Chatty Barber is the real prize here: +35 Attack, +8 HP, +15 SP, +8 Defense. Fully leveled, that's +56 Attack. Camil will wear it in any serious fight for a long time to come, especially once she has something to use all that SP on.

The I Believe I Can Fly! isn't as useful, but it's still quite good. +10 Skill, +15 SP, +5 Critical, +10 Agility and the Critical Damagex1.5 skill, bringing criticals up to about three times normal damage.

+10 Skill, +7 HP, +1 Defense, +4 Critical, +7 Speed, +4% evasion. The Escape Dash skill lets you move much faster when you're in the pre-fight encounter stage.

At this point, I head back to the Demon King's Castle, Part 2.

78% chance of hitting twice, 39% chance of hitting three times, 45% chance of triple damage on any of those hits. Also more SP than she can plausibly use. It's a little sad to ditch the Lucky Rabbit, but this is a pretty good set-up for this point.

These are the underwater enemies from before. Randolf's running max Skill gear--Placebo, Zenith, Varnished--and that means this team can kill them in a turn.

The Squid Tentacle is for when the Kelde Laude's +16 attack can't cut it any more, even with its other bonuses. You're still generally better off with a good Extra Attack +1 item that does have good stat bonuses, but it's better than one with poor bonuses. I'd probably still take the Zara Sword over it, though.

It's also used in the Slimy Goop recipe, along with two Wet Stuffs and two of an enemy drop from the Seashore.

The +40 HP Deli Meat item is past the first red one. There's a Glass Fragment in a small room accessable from the area just before the room with the knife-launching floor tiles,

and this 1000 gold at the end of said hallway. You're only likely to notice it if you walk to the very end of the hallway, since it does block off the lower-left corner.

To the left of where Nana was is a hidden door. There's a Magic Bean inside, guarded by a knife-launching timing puzzle. There's not very many knives, though, so you could always just tank right through.

Finally, I mentioned in the second Castle update that there was a room I didn't have the ability for yet. There's a mouse on the right side of the room, and if you equip the Twin Tail (no other item seems to have Escape Dash), then you have just enough time to squeeze in this side room before the Asper Bison catch up with you.

Mind, I'm pretty sure I could just kill them all at this point, but that wouldn't be very sporting. (And there's nothing behind them this time.)

As armor, the Black Dress is the White Dress 2 Super Turbo, having +8 SP, +28 Defense, and +2 Agility. (Why are there so many +2 Agility armors?)

As an All-Purpose, it has +20 Skill, +8 SP, +15 Defense, and +1 Critical along with the Two-Hit Combo skill.

I equip it on Camil. Randolf wants the higher +SP on the fully-leveled Soul Shackles more than the additional defense of the Black Dress right now, and it's good to have a +skill item leveled for Camil.

I head back and pick up Inferno. Maybe Camil will actually use it at some point; it doesn't have Light Axe's 30% ignore defense, but it does have a higher base power.

Status. I belive I've found all the chests that are findable in the areas I've already been; the two chests I don't have in The Nest are acquired by a story event and by purchasing something from our resident kleptomaniac overcharging jackass.
(Still pissed about the plant and expensive rock)

24 bottles total. I run 10 Stamina/14 Energy. I also switch the Zara Sword All-Purpose out for the Lucky Rabbit, since there's a specific drop in the next area that I want.

With that done, it's time to head to the Seashore.

Welcome to an area I've been hyping all game!

It's not actually very much harder than the Sands. The enemies are essentially all direct analogues for the Sands--fairly weak normal, slightly tougher blue with a hit-all, much stronger red enemy--and I'm considerably more powerful now than I was then.

As this Spiny Eel kindly demonstrates. It has about 250 HP and still goes down in one round. They do okay damage and can hit both characters with Water Gun. They're aggressive, and obviously, as fish, can swim. They can also go on land. Every type of enemy here is apparently a lungfish of some stripe. They drop Gills, which give +17 HP.

The blue stripes are one-way currents. The one up top points back towards the entrance, and there's one either way on the right.

The normal enemy of the area is the Toothy Pirahna, shown here. They're the "fast and aggressive when other enemies are encountered" type. They obligingly drop a Salt, which is the item I wanted, after I kill about five of them at once. It gives +7 SP/+2 Critical/+1 Agility.

Randolf has the Fake Medicine/Placebo equipped, by the way. That's with 1.5x damage taken. (With both the Bird Wing and the Placebo, he's currently got about 30% evasion against all attacks. He doesn't get hit often.)

The blue enemies are called Slippery Eels (recolor of the Spiny Eels) and move slowly. They aren't aggressive, either. They can also use Water Gun to hit both Camil and Randolf and drop the Fillet, which gives +18 HP.

The Bookworm Girl here should actually be "Bluestocking" instead, it seems. Notably, "Bluestocking" is also the name of a historical Japanese feminist magazine, so I guess Randolf is carrying around women's liberation literature.

There's various other little mix-ups in the item names--"Snow Maiden" instead of "Virgin Snow," for instance--but the Placebo and Bluestocking are probably the worst.

Anyway, it's +30 Skill +10 SP, no ability. It's no Chatty Barber, but it's a good item. It also increases max SP if used as an item. I won't be using either of the Bluestockings I get for that for a long time, because the Bluestocking's Skill and SP boosts are still relatively high.

Camil's going to keep the Lucky Rabbit on. Don't need the additional firepower of the Zara Sword at the moment, and more money is always good.

Up and down both point back here, so the only way onward is rightward. Same with the island you land on.

The current points down and there's an exit down.

Off to another island with a downward current.

Left leads to treasure. 50 and 70 gold, then it kicks you back to the previous screen.

Right leads to a choice between right and up. You can backtrack if you pick right but not if you pick up.

So naturally I pick up. It leads to another screen with a near-immediate exit to the right.

The chest had 70 gold. Two on the left come in, two on the right go out. I pick down.

I am just feeling completely unthreatened here. Unfortunately, the Seashore is only really interesting if you do it early.

The area's becoming more and more non-linear. The only one onward visible here is left. Let's go left.


Basically, with spells, Attack increases the base power, while Skill serves as a mulitiplier on the whole. Even if Camil doesn't have high Skill, her Attack score and Inferno's high base power make it pretty powerful.

The left area leads back to the area you came from or goes south to the next screen, which only has a one-way current. It's kind of a waste of time.

To the right of that!

Only the right one goes anywhere. In turn, it only goes down, and then you have to go down to the next screen. Then you have to go right.

The chest has a Glass Fragment. Nothing to the left or right; the way onward is inside the cave.

The crabs here also die in one turn, same as anything else here. They drop Crab Claws, which give +10 Attack and the Cutthroat skill.

Cutthroat is an Agility-based instant death skill.

The obvious fake wall has a save point behind it. It has a way back to the start, so I'll head that way in a moment.

To the left of the save point door is another door with this recipe. It requires the White Sesame and Black Sesame items, both of which we already have. It sucks, though.

Rusty chest to the right of the save point door. Rightward leads onward.

I take the shortcut back to the Nest.

Everything dropped at the Seashore sells for 150. I just barely get to 3500 gold.

This opens up the final normal crystal room.

The three door back here are locked based on conditions. The left requires 260 treasure chests, which is a near-perfect collection rate. (Chests in temporary story dungeons count--be careful.) Middle requires defeating someone; it just says "???" right now. Right requires finding 12 recipes.

It'll be a while before I open any of these doors.

The left two crystals teach Camil Heaven's Blessing and Destiny's Defeat, two powerful support skills. The right crystals are for Randolf's Dragon Slayer and Hero Supplement skills, respectively his strongest attack spell and a particularly strong buff. The bottom crystal unlocks the skill Star Fall Magic, but its recipient is listed as ???, just like Randolf's crystals before we recruited Randolf. The color is completely new, too.

The top crystal is special.

This crystal triggers a large number of different events during the final battle, making it a much cooler fight.

The crystals here start at 2000 gold, so I'll probably pick up my first at the end of this area.

The Sesame Saguree could come much earlier and it'd still be awful. +20 HP, +15 SP hasn't been impressive for a long time.

On the way back to the save point, I pick up 70 gold and two Glass Fragments.

The area past the doors to the right of the save point room is easy to remember so long as you always go right. Both of the treasure chests are accessable that way. There's two screens, but the treasures on both (a Skill Up and a Glass Fragment) are both on the right.

On the way are two of these blue-black crabs, which drop Crab Paste. You need two for a recipe.

Kumo is even less verbose than usual. Talk to him repeatedly and he'll just say "......" every time.

Welcome to The Mirage! area we could skip entirely if Kumo could just be arsed to move one stupid rock.

The hole opens the final door that joins Her Memory to The Nest.

Thanks to all of the drops, I've gotten 2000 gold together again.

I seriously consider both Dragon Slayer and Hero Supplement, but, well, only one of these two is the main character, right?

Destiny's Defeat is one of Camil's two "normal" ultimate skills. It heals all status ailments and heals for a small amount, which makes it the only healing magic we've seen.

The second crystal is 4000 gold. Everything in the final room is worth buying, but filling it out is not cheap.

Kumo has four more stories left.

One of Aeritz's eyes has been cut out, and his face is covered in blood. I suddenly realize that I am missing two and a half fingers. Through the shock I feel like crying out as pain lances through my body.

However, the battle is finally over. The old man is sprawled out, with the tip of Aeritz's sword in his throat. The cat burglar Aeritz... and my homeless and jobless self. The two of us managed to defeat the Sword Saint.

This result was in no way a certainty. This is the result of our gamble. A once in a lifetime chance that we took, blessed by the Goddess of Luck.

Aeritz... With his sword at his longtime enemy's throat, grips the hilt of his sword and prepares to finish it.

"Take care... of my daughter." Zelphie Eluonto muttered weakly.

"Sure. The girl from before?" Aeritz replied back. "The girl suffered through so much, just because she had you for a grandfather."

I have no idea what they are talking about.

"Nana... I'm really... So sorry..."

The old man's voice was shaking. The clever sparkle in his eyes, the strong sparkle of the Sword Saint, it had all disappeared in this moment. All that was left was a pitiful dying old man. Zelphie Eluonto was resigned to his fate, with both eyes closed.

Aeritz was clearly shaken.

"Y-You didn't... Really..."

Was Aeritz falling to the ground.

"You had the power."

Zelphie Eluonto lies, soaked in the blood of his foe.

"And you had the luck."

Zelphie held a dagger in his right hand.

"However, you lacked true ruthlessness."

Zelphie Eluonto calmly stood up.

The last three stories Kumo has are all unlocked simultaneously--he appears in nine places, but you only need to talk to him six times.

I wondered how far back my pursuers were. I just ran towards the coast with Aeritz on my back.

I could see an island in the distance. If I can make it there, maybe we can hide safely.

Under the night sky, Aeritz and I took off into the sea.

Next time, I'll do The Mirage, which will include the last two stories. Until then.

Annihilation Record:

Annihilation count:29
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Battle Record:

2014/04/02/ 20:33:45
Demon King Chronicle

■Battle results
Save count:131
Steps taken:61424
Battle count:635
Max damage:479
Max damage taken:105
Items:54 Types 137 Items

■Treasure Chests
The Nest: 6/8
Demon King's Castle: 26/26
The Hamlet: 31/31
The Snow Fields: 20/20
The Dragon Mountain: 6/6
Sands of Remembrance: 26/26
The Tower: 11/11
The Seashore: 12/12
The Disease: 1/20
Unmapped area: 7/10

・Kelde Laude(3)
・Black Dress(2)
・Lucky Rabbit(3)
・Chatty Barber(3)
・I Believe I Can Fly!(3)

・Soul Shackles(3)
・Magnificent Zenith(3)
・Varnished Bird Wing(3)
・Bookworm Girl(0)

■Top 10 defeats
Green Mud Man(178)
Toothy Piranha(135)
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