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by ZiegeDame

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Original Thread: Demon: The Descent - Harvesting Hipsters for Spare Parts



What is Demon: The Descent?

Demon: The Descent is a pen and paper RPG by Onyx Path Publishing. As for what it's about, I have shamelessly stolen the following from the World of Drakness thread:

Mors Rattus posted:

Once upon a time, before man existed, there was a machine. This machine has been around for all of human civilization, but we can't see it. It hides itself in the world, both natural and man-made. It acts for a purpose, bringing forth terrible and glorious machine-angels, in order to fulfill arcane conditions needed to produce what it needs and to put it together the right way. We don't know what it needs, or why it needs it. It would be wrong to say it wants, because it does not think. It would be wrong to say it is malevolent, because it does not feel. It would be wrong to say it plans, because it is not a person. But it changes the world, and its changes are according to some design that no one could ever hope to understand. Its changes are not kind, though they can be positive. They are terrible, though not always to the people near them. The God-Machine takes what it needs, with neither remorse nor pity, and produces horrors and wonders with neither hatred nor pride.

Its angels have minds. They are, to an extent, people. They need this to fulfill their missions. These strange machine-angels are made for a purpose, each and every one. They are sent out into the world to do things, to kill things, to move things. They are the God-Machine's most trusted servants, and even they have no idea why they do what they do. But sometimes, they begin to question. Or they grow too attached, too emotional. And when this happens, an angel Falls. It cloaks itself in humanity, hiding among the masses - a machine-demon living in constant fear of its god. Not that the God-Machine hates demons - it just doesn't waste tools. A demon that is caught will be reformatted, remade into an angel once more, without true free will, without true emotion, without all of the new freedoms it has suddenly gained.

Freedom is terrifying, for a demon, but not as terrifying as losing it. And so demons pretend to be human, they bargain for souls to gain new identities to hide in. They dodge angels, track down secrets, prepare plans, and when they must, they fight, using all the terrible powers their creator gave them in order to protect themselves. Being a demon is a life of constant paranoia behind a face that was never yours. To survive, you will need to do terrible things - but it's up to you to decide which, and why. Maybe you want to tear down the God-Machine. Maybe you just want to be safe. Maybe you want to enjoy all that your new life has given you. And maybe you want to fix God, to make it something less terrible.

What matters is that you can't really trust anyone but yourself. The God-Machine is everywhere, though it is not infallible. Your fellow demons can help you, but you can never tell if they lie - and they can't tell if you do. What are you going to do with your new life?

Does This Have Anything to do With That Vampire Game?

Yes and no. Vampire: The Masquerade (and Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines, which you should go play if you haven't already) is part of the old (or Classic) World of Darkness games from White Wolf. White Wolf was bought out by CCP (the Eve Online people) in 2006 back when there were some people that believed the WoD would actually happen. White Wolf no longer produces any games, but licenses out the IP to other publishers, like Onyx Path (where much of the old White Wolf writing staff works.) Demon is part of the Second Edition of the New World of Darkness lines. So if you played Bloodlines (seriously go do that, this thread will be here when you get back) you'll recognize similar mechanical elements such as stats that range from 1 to 5 and lead to rolling fistfuls of ten sided dice, but setting wise they have nothing in common.

So What's the Deal With This Thread?

Demon is one of my favorite new game lines in years. It is an amazing game, but most people don't know about it unless they're already active World of Darkness fans. So I figured I'd round a few of those people who have never heard of it and bumble our way through it for the amusement of strangers on the internet.

The Cast

Maximillian Bryce a.k.a. Mr. Banks (Played by Davin_Valkri)
Millionaire philanthropist who dreams of building a better world, free from the God-machine's influence.

Bob Rickard a.k.a. Faolin (Played by Phil)
Ex-bodyguard turned mall cop looking for a purpose to fill the void of his failed mission and lost love.

Zane Allen a.k.a. Hype (Played by Addie)
Portland hipster with orders to be surrounded by other oblivious, self-absorbed assholes, and keep them that way. Looking to not die because oh god what did I do, I was drunk I didn't mean to fall I swear.


Episode 1 - Role Models
Episode 2 - Not a Win Day Part a Part b
Episode 3 - Chowederheads Part a Part b
Episode 4 - Oscar the Grouch Part a Part b Part c
Episode 5 - How Bad Can it Get? Part a Part b Part c
Episode 6 - Gathering Intel Part a Part b
Episode 7 - My Fetish Part a Part b Part c
Eipsode 8 - God-sized Allen Wrench Part a Part b Part c Part d
Episode 9 - Debrief

(Disclaimer: This is my first time working with any sort of audio production, so the first episode may sound a little rough. It gets better as it goes along.)
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