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Original Thread: I'm in trouble! Please recommend this blind Demon's Souls LP!



From Software has made a name for themselves with their super popular Souls games; they're challenging, but ultimately fair RPGs that punish recklessness and reward careful and methodical play. Just recently, they released Dark Souls III, the grand finale of the Dark Souls subset of games, to much acclaim. Personally, I've played the shit out of all three Dark Souls games, but I haven't actually touched the others; namely, I haven't played Demon's Souls or Bloodborne. Let's fix... part of that.

This is a blind LP of Demon's Souls where I'm regularly joined by my friends liquidypoo and Casnorf and assorted others who appear sporadically. As of the writing of this post, I have at least half of the game recorded, but don't take that as an excuse to talk about anything not in an actual video. If you want to talk later things, take it to Games.

This LP was born from a Halloween stream idea where deaths would be met with liquidypoo reading a post from PYF Food Industry Horror Stories. Yes, it's kind of a dumb gimmick, but bear with us, it only lasts a few sessions and the main takeaway from that is that this LP is a mostly casual blind run. Because the LP itself is a series of streams, the audio and video aren't going to be as good as when mux everything together myself, but everything should still be good enough. The first nine or so sessions of this LP are essentially stream dumps, so the quality will be okay, but not great. Starting from session 10 and onwards, I learned how to use Elgato's fancy stream stuff which now lets me have a perfect quality capture with no commentary on top, so expect the videos to pick up in quality around there.

Of course, what kind of a Souls LP would this be without invasions? As of the writing of this OP, I am SL 61 and I have a stock of Stones of Ephemeral Eyes, so I'll be spending a good chunk of the rest of the playthrough in Body Form. I'll tweet out when I'm doing a stream and I'll post here in this thread when I'm going live, what level I'm currently at and where I'm planning on going so you know exactly where to get the drop on me. You can find my twitter here!

I think that about does it, so let's get things rolling and touch the demon inside.

Current status:
SL 73
Game complete!


Session 1 (featuring Demerine): Tutorial and World 1-1

Session 2: World 2-1 and a peek at 3-1

Session 3 (featuring Jobbo_Fett): World 4-1 and a peek at 4-2

Session 4 (featuring Jobbo_Fett): A peek at 4-2 and World 2-2

Session 5 (featuring Jobbo_Fett): A peek at 2-3 and World 1-2

Session 6 (featuring Jobbo_Fett and Demerine): World 5-1 and World 2-3

Session 7: World 3-1

Session 8 (featuring PoorlyWrittenNovel, Blastinus and FPZero): World 3-1 and a peek at 1-3

Session 9: World 4-2

Session 10: World 3-2 and World 3-3

Session 11 (featuring Artix and Nine-Gear Crow): World 5-2

Session 12 (featuring Jobbo_Fett): World 1-3 and a peek at 1-4

Session 13 (featuring Artix): World 1-4 and ending

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