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Part 11: Let's play The Hammer and the Anvil

Let's play The Hammer and the Anvil

Dammit, Beta 1! I know you really wanted to be featured in the video link icon today, but it wasn't worth dying for!

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If you're wondering, no, I don't think there is any scripted feature that would keep you from saving the Andromeda and all the cargo. If you flew the Valkyrie, and timed it right, it is probably doable. However, the level is written assuming you do not - not even any bonus points for saving it.

We haven't moved today, but I've updated the map a little. Took the Bastion off for now, since we aren't going to be kept up to date with its every move until we meet it again. Cargo made it to Ribos. This level explicitly shows a Beta Cygni - Ribos jump node, where the canon map doesn't have one, so I "penciled" one in. The node map really didn't become a stable entity until FS2.

You may have also noticed a rather major error in the briefing, saying we're escorting the cargo to Beta Cygni, when everything else says that's where we already are, and the node is labeled as Ribos in-level.

Let's meet the Basilisk, Avenger, and the opening screen

One new Shivan fighter in the database today, the Basilisk.

Personally, I find the Basilisk to be one of the easiest Shivan ships to kill. I can't define exactly why, but it's really easy to hit.

Our new weapon, the Avenger:

Kinda written from a late-game standpoint, calling it a poor choice against shields, but as it says, it is far better than the ML-16, making it the best weapon right now. After it gets through the shield, it can take out a fighter in about 4-5 hits.

Last, another in my menu bits series, the opening login screen.

If you're wondering, the Shivans as a species are still not listed in the database, since no one has ever seen one outside a ship...