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Part 13: Let's play The Darkness and the Light

Let's play The Darkness and the Light

You'd think I was doing something wrong...

Or use the official Viddler player or the
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(Ok, so I was doing a lot of things wrong, but that wasn't one of them).

At some point in the near future, I'm going to go back and make a failure video of the alternate debriefings and in-flight messages you get for doing things wrong in all the levels so far. This one has already gotten that out of the way, since at 2% health, I figured that was a better option than just dying.

I love the "Oh, and the cargo is useless to us (but is very important to everyone else)." that was clearly thrown in at the last minute when some tester wondered why we wouldn't just capture the cargo.

Let's meet the Anubis, Cain, and the campaign menu

These fighters aren't that hard, but putting shields on them in this level made them a decent challenge. They also feel a bit more maneuverable than the Apollo.

Even the weakest Shivan cruiser (and how would we know that at this point?) is the toughest enemy we've seen yet - nothing else has been rated a class B threat, and you can see why from this mission. It may have taken the Taranis ages to take out another cruiser, but it can tear up any fighter that gets too close to it. I don't want to speak "from the future" too much, but I really didn't remember how deadly the Cain was at this point, because eventually it's Fenris-level easy.

Also, kinda odd Command wouldn't tell us "oh yeah, there's a Shivan cruiser in the area causing trouble" ahead of time, when we've never even seen one before.

The campaign menu.

The last main menu section, to select the campaign. The Great War is the only one included in the game, but if you installed user-made maps, they'd be here.