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Part 16: Let's Play The Aftermath

Let's Play The Aftermath

Attention all pilots: this thing is evil, and that's why we named it after the devil. Get it?

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Lots of systems turning red. Not sure about Regulus there, if they were thinking it was somehow connected to the others.

Let's meet the Typhon, Flail and Interceptor

The Typhon is big and funny looking. As far as I remember, you never fight against one in the main campaign of either FS1 or 2. It's just not memorable? So... that's all.

So, the Flail's a pretty situation-specific weapon, which generally means I don't like to bring it. However, as seen in this level, it is definitely useful, with a bit longer range than the Avenger, letting you get some shield damage in before you're close enough for other weapons. It is easily better than its FS2 replacement, the Morning Star, which I would have forgotten had the Wiki not pointed this out specifically as something everyone forgets. I'm actually not 100% sure that it does have the knock-around effect of the Morning Star, now that I think about it... Sorry if that was a lie.

Despite being the very first aspect seeking missile, it is one of the best in FS1. You could go through the rest of the game with the Avenger, Interceptor, and Fury with no trouble. It locks on in very little time, and can take out most fighters in one shot if both missiles hit. Though I earlier claimed aspect missiles are best at long range, that is yet another FS2 mindset I'm in, because some of the best aspects in that game really are long range. The Interceptor, however, works just fine anywhere past about 200m, and can take out a fleeing ship easily, as seen in this level.

Finally, the last 3 cutscene descriptions I haven't yet shown:

For those of you wondering if I forgot to be looking for any more concept art since the Apollo, yes, I totally did. There's a few more of ships we've already met, and I'll catch up on them next time, since this post is getting long.