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by Star Man

Part 2: Level 02

Featured Music - Level 02

Turnabout Bore gets its name because the layout of the mine is a figure eight:

This image also illustrates what the Full Map does. The areas that are drawn with blue wire frame are areas that I have not explored. The biggest advantage that the Full Map provides is that you can locate all of the secret rooms that contain items or alternate pathways. This is best way that you would determine where the door to the helix cannon is; however, even without the full map, enough of the map would be drawn to help you find your way to it as well.

Two new robots are introduced in this mine. The first is:

Smelters are armed with a phoenix cannon. The phoenix cannon's shots will ricochet off of walls two times before dissipating. This makes smelters annoying because avoiding their fire is never simple.

Although the smelter is used as the model for this proximity bomb-laying counterpart, smelters are not the only robot used. Robots like this will come in a variety of textures that are the same as those found on walls throughout the mine and several different robots are used for this purpose. Some of them will lay smart mines instead, but only in specific mines.