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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 18: Secret Level 04

Featured music - "Someday My Prince Will Come" from Portrait in Jazz by Bill Evans Trio, "Lazy Bird" from Blue Train by John Coltrane, and "Move" from Birth of the Cool by Miles Davis.

And now, it's time for the easiest level in FPS history. This secret level has only one enemy, the reactor, and some mines lying around.

There are two ways to clear this mine of its items. One is to destroy the reactor and race the countdown of 250 seconds (!) in order to open the locked doors on both sides of the mine. The other way is to shoot a guided missile through the grate of the left door and loop it around so that it hits the door from the inside. I recommend doing it this way because it makes the item gathering far less hectic, but it's not very difficult to do it with the countdown either. There will be the annoyance of the mine shaking and the lights flashing, but all you have to do is follow the arrows along the floors and walls and it will loop around. This is the only secret level in the game with hostages to rescue, and when you get there, it's going to look like a party.

You will also find your first earthshaker missile in the game and another one won't become available to you until level 17. Remember that I have this missile, because it will come into play later.