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Descent II

by Star Man

Part 26: Level 21

Featured music - "The Power of Independent Trucking", "The Model", "Bad Penny", "L Dopa", "Precious Thing", "Columbian Necktie", and "Kitty Empire" from Songs About Fucking by Big Black.

The walls are lined with mint ice cream, watermelon, and cat puke.

It's the final tileset of worlds! And with Puuma Sphere comes a few new robots. And I have no idea which one I hate the most.

The boarshed is capable of launching plasma cannon bolts at you and smart missiles. Fight the boarshed from as far away as you can or somewhere that is full of obstacles so you can avoid the smart missile bomblets easily.

Remember the platfrom robot from Descent 1? The one that could shoot three concussion missiles at you at a high rate? It's back with a whole new look, and it has a new trick. Upon destruction, spiders will usually create...

The green version of the red hornet. I can't tell if these are able to deal more damage or fire more often. They are all equally annoying and infuriating. This robot drops guided missiles, which are a great way to deal with boarsheds, spiders, and other spawn from afar.