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Part 12: Secret Level 01 - Asteroid Secret Base

Secret Level 01 - Asteroid Secret Base -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Featured music -- "Primitive Rage" from the Descent Redbook Soundtrack and Title Theme

It's secret level time! Secret levels hold tons of powerful weapons, but are also the homes of many powerful robots. Such as this fucker:

SUPER HULK SHIT SHIT SHIT! Actually, it's much more tame than the super hulk, if you can believe that. The purple ones are armed with fusion cannons. We will not be seeing one of these monsters again for a long time. Like the Red Hulks, I'm not sure what the name of this robot is. The name I've seen the most is Miniboss, so I'll stick with that one.

Another one that's a real doozy is this guy:

If you thought Class 1 Drillers were a pain in the ass, then meet the cloaked version. Strangely, they give you fewer points. This one does not move around very much, unlike its original version which will chase you once it detects you.

There are two other robots that will make appearances later in the game that are seen in this mine, but they have proper briefings. But for serious, we're headed to Jupiter this time.