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Part 32: Bonus Video 01 - Multiplayer

Secret Level 03 - Asteroid Robot Factory -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Bonus Video 01 - Multiplayer -- Blip.TV Polsy YouTube Download

Featured music for Secret Level 03 -- "Blow the Man Down", "That One Song From Black and White", "Drunken Sailor", "Haul Away for Rosie", and "Rio Grande" as performed by our very own UZworm

Featured music for Multiplayer -- "Firece Blaze" and "Stage 2 Boss" from Gradius Ultimate Collection by Konami, "Trebuchet" from Trebuchet by George Hrab, "Titans" from Gradius IV Original Soundtrack by Konami, "The Ytse Jam" from When Dream and Day Unite by Dream Theater, "Hydrazine" from The Infidel Guy Show by Waffles, "Teto Ran" from Gradius V Soundtracks by Konami, "Frozen Sky" from Mirror of Madness by Norther, "Out of the Fire (Kane's Theme)" from Life Is Killing Me (Two Disc Edition) by Type O Negative, "Sexy Bacon Bikini" by UZworm, and "That Certain Female" by Charlie Feathers

And here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for. The moment when we finally lose it all and become a band of pirates terrorizing the outer solar system.

This mine features every robot in the game except for the boss robots. As the level name suggests, there are plenty of robot generators around to make sure that you will not enjoy your stay in this mine.

Included in today's update is our first bonus video of three, the multiplayer video. I'm sorry that a multiplayer event could not be organized, but here's a taste of what it entails. Because UZ was unavailable, the video features SeriousSirrus, Major_JF, his little brother Minor_JF (Tigerruss), and myself. We played through a collection of levels called Chaos with a win condition of first person with ten kills in the mine blows the reactor and we proceed to the next mine. Unless a certain jack ass decides to blow the reactor before anyone can accumulate ten kills. This video also features the premier of UZworm's hit single, "Sexy Bacon Bikini." We hope you enjoy it.