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by AccountingNightmare

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Original Thread: Rev up that sword and body slam some demons! Let's finish Devil May Cry 4!



Devil May Cry 4, released in 2008, is the fourth in the (mostly) excellent stylish action series. The game has earned itself a fair bit of flak for introducing a new main character, and for having blatantly repeated levels and bosses later on. That's a shame, because despite these things, this game is awesome.

We play as newcomer Nero (and Dante for a bit later) and proceed to slice, shoot, punch, and body slam every demon we meet. The combat system in this game is deep, fluid, and most of all, fun. We start off with a pretty small move pool, but quickly gain access to a bunch of wonderful attacks. We also take on a load of interesting, varied enemies, and while there aren't as many bosses as in Devil May Cry 3, the bosses that are here are a blast to fight.

New to Devil May Cry? You can get a quick rundown on the story so far here:

You can also take a look at my LPs of the previous games in the series:
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You don't really need to be caught up on the story to enjoy these games, though, as the stories are really just an excuse for insane action. This game also focuses on a lot of new characters.

This LP is a continuation of my old abandoned thread from 2011. You can find the old thread here:

The Difficult Playthrough

We'll be playing the highest difficulty (Dante Must Die mode) with a newly created character (one with no upgrades). Along the way, we're going to find all Blue Orb Fragments, complete all Secret Missions, and max out our upgrades. We're also going for an S rank in every mission (except the first).

The Ridiculously Fun Playthrough

Welcome to Legendary Dark Knight mode! This mode is so insane, it has to be seen to be believed. For this playthrough, we'll be carving through TONS of enemies with Super costumes, and are using fully upgraded characters. These Missions are all done in one take, so you'll see me take lots of hits, and you may even see me die. Who knows?

These videos assume you've been watching the Difficult Playthrough, so cutscenes and puzzles are skipped.

Bonus Video

The Main Men


Nero is a member of a group of holy knights, the Order of the Sword. They worship the memory of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda and vow to protect the world from demons in his name. Nero's particularly good at this, preferring to work alone to make use of his strange powers.

His arm recently transformed into a demonic limb, known as the Devil Bringer. He has no idea why he has it, but he'll happily make use of its awesome strength to crush demons, even while he hides it in shame from those close to him. He's young, brash, and emotional, which can be both a strength and a weakness, particularly when his friend/love interest Kyrie is involved.

His playstyle is streamlined but still involving. He uses a mechanical sword - Red Queen - which can "rev up" to deal more damage with the right timing. His Devil Bringer arm can throw enemies around like ragdolls, and he can power his gun (Blue Rose) up with a demonically-charged shot that could shake the heavens.


One of the sons of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, Dante is half-demon and half-human. He runs a shop called Devil May Cry and hunts demons for a living - something he enjoys doing thoroughly.

Having been through a lot in his life, he's experienced, intimidating, and near-impossible to surprise (though it does still sometimes happen). Like Nero, he tends to be quite cocky, even in the face of gigantic fire-demons. Unlike Nero though, Dante can always back it up.

His playstyle is complex and rewarding. He gains access to a bunch of different weapons he can switch between at any time, and has a number of different fighting styles he can use for more variety and specialization. He doesn't get as many weapons or styles as in Devil May Cry 3, but this time he can swap fighting styles on the fly, giving him a truly mind-boggling amount of moves and an enormous skill-ceiling. Dante combo videos are truly a thing of beauty.
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