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Original Thread: Swords, guns, and demonic monsters. Let's play Devil May Cry! [Video LP]


This LP is also available on the Internet Archive! Some video LPs are kindly hosted by the folks on This means the original source videos will always be available for download or watching, even if the original video hosts are no longer available!


Devil May Cry, developed by Capcom and released on the PlayStation 2 in 2001, is an action title focusing on devils/demons. The protagonist is Dante, a half-human/half-devil character, who has a flair for combat and a love for killing other demons. The game became an instant hit due to its style and involving combat, and spawned its own franchise, including 3 sequels to this day.

From the game's back cover:


The eternal battle between good and evil has spilled on to the remote island of Mallet. Two millennia after the all-powerful Devil Prince, Mundus, was defeated and banished by the heroic Devil-Knight Sparda, the all-powerful lord of the underworld is again readying his army of darkness to invade the Earth.

But one man is ready to stand against him: Dante - Sparda's half-human, half-demon son and a specialist in the field of the supernatural. Equipped with the same deadly combat skills as his father and with mysterious powers inherited through the inhuman blood in his veins, Dante is all that stands between all of mankind and demonic conquest and slavery.

The Videos

This LP is done on Dante Must Die! difficulty, using a new Dante.

Mission 1: Curse of the Bloody Puppets - Trying to survive a brutal beginning.
Mission 2: Judge of Death - No more sniper-cheesing - now we have a REAL weapon.
Mission 3: Destroyer of Ardor - OH GOD A SPIDER.
Mission 4: Black Knight - The action-packed gauntlet of pain.
Mission 5: Guiding of the Soul - Picking a fight for fun and profit.
Mission 6: Evil of the Waterways - A quick romp in the sewers.
Mission 7: Holding the Key of Ardor - Oh god it just gets worse.
Mission 8: The Legendary Knight Returns - What is up with all the SPIDERS?!
Mission 9: New Strength - Tired of the sword? Time for an important new weapon!
Mission 10: Canyon of Mist - This place is misty and evil. Let's play with monsters.
Mission 11: Fate - Followed by a familiar foe.
Mission 12: Ghost Ship - You're kidding, right? Right?
Mission 13: Abyss - Escape sequence? More like vacation!
Mission 14: Deep Darkness and Towering Mountains - THE SHADOWS. THEY HAUNT ME.
Mission 15: Wheel of Destiny - The road to the coliseum.
Mission 16: Nightmare of Darkness - Back to the castle!

Mission 17: Parted Memento - Stop following us, damn it!
Mission 17 Beginning - This includes everything in the Mission until the boss, after which, you can choose...
Mission 17 Endings: (only one is successful)
Ending A
Ending B
Ending C
Ending D
Ending E
Ending F
This should hopefully give you an idea of how intense and adrenaline-rushing this game can be.

If you don't want to bother with this, though, just watch:
Mission 17 (Regular Version)

Mission 18: Spirit Stone, "Elixir" - ...Why?
Mission 19: Enter the Corrupted World - Oh god I feel sick.
Mission 20: Showdown with Nightmare - The Mission title says it all.
Mission 21: Living Cave - OH GOD WHERE ARE WE?

Mission 22: Legendary Battle - FUCK YOU MUNDUS!
Mission 22: Legendary Battle (Extended Pain Edition) - This version includes all deaths from that particular recording session, along with extremely bitter commentary, which pretty much consists of me bitching endlessly about the fight. WARNING: May make you hate yourself, me, this game, and life.
Mission 22: Legendary Battle (Regular Version) - This version is edited like previous videos, and the commentary for the Mundus 2 section is rerecorded to be more informative.

Mission 23: Mother's Guide - The finale! Lots of cutscenes with a little gameplay thrown in.

Blooper Reel - See the true ferocity of this game as I die many, many times, in horrible, horrible ways! (50 minutes of mistakes and pain!)

King of Hell picture - Your reward if you manage to get an S-rank on every Mission (I didn't, fuck that).
Picture 1
Picture 2

Bonus video! Mission 1 WITHOUT Biplane Sniper Cheesing - Me trying to do Mission 1 without sniping from on top of the biplane. Contains all recorded deaths and excessive use of fast-forwarding (everything after my first two deaths is fast-forwarded). WARNING: CONTAINS AGONY
Bonus video! Mission 1 with Legendary Dark Knight - A quick play of Mission 1 with the Legendary Dark Knight, both to show what he's like and to show how much easier Mission 1 is with Trigger.
Bonus video! Mission 22 with Items - A revisit of Mission 22, with massive overuse of items just for fun! Just how powerful ARE the items? Find out as we tear apart Mundus!

Current Weapons

~Devil Arms~
Devil Arms are our melee weapons. They're called Devil Arms because we tap into them to access our more demonic powers.

Force Edge - A memento from our father, Sparda. While it does have his power sealed inside it, we cannot access it, so it is merely an ordinary sword to us.

Alastor - A blade of questionable origin, emitting demonic electricity. After proving to it that we can take its best shot, it has succumb to our control, and we may use its power to tap into our demon self. Alastor is a fast weapon, making us more maneuverable.

Ifrit - A pair of flaming gauntlets, filled with raw power. It originally tried to burn us alive, but being part-Devil, we survived the experience and now wield it as our own. It's slower than Alastor, but it hits harder.

Sparda - The true form of Force Edge, it's filled with the raw power of Sparda. While it is currently unable to perform any advanced techniques, it is the strongest sword by far.

We can sheath our sword and pull out our guns in a heartbeat, and we're going to need to with the horrors we'll be facing.

Ebony & Ivory - Our carefully-made handguns, which we have lovingly given names to. Ebony & Ivory are fast and versatile, even giving us the ability to defy physics by hovering in the air while firing.

Shotgun - A lucky find, this Shotgun carries a nice punch. Its spread makes it especially effective against certain enemies.

Grenadegun - Luckily for us, this thing still works. Explosive, destructive, and great for knocking enemies off-balance or blowing them apart completely.

Needlegun - Our only defense underwater, this weapon shoots rather painful needles. Sadly, it cannot be used on land, but it serves its purpose.

Nightmare Beta - A strange weapon formed in the Underworld. It feeds off of demon energy, and thus consumes our Devil Trigger upon firing. It fires high-powered beams that have the ability to bounce off of walls.

Random Stuff

Thanks to Evil Tim:

My thoughts on Mission 22:

Resources used for this LP

Sternn's 100% DMD speed run (Grab the .mkv format files here for an audio commentary track)
Joch's awesome 100% DMD challenge (Special Bonus S-ranks on every Mission with a fresh character)
Amazing Japanese guy minimalist DMD speed run (If anyone knows the link to this, please let me know so I can add it, as I can't find it again)

Devil's Lair (web site) - DMC1 Boss Strategies section (Site has mostly DMC3 stuff, including a great Jump-Cancelling tutorial, but also has very in-depth DMC1 boss strategies written by the above Joch)
Phantom Babies (forum) (For any questions I couldn't find answers for anywhere else)

I'm sorry mate... but those were the last ones.

The thread's done. No more videos.

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