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Part 8: tumblr.txt

Update 8: tumblr.txt

Right folks, we've got a long update today, so let's just get into it.

Maybe this time we'll make meaningful progr-Hey, wait! Yeti! What the fuck is this title?

Click for music!

Kite: Sepikmon, I got your Sepik Mask!

Sepikmon: WOW! Thanks!

There's this awkward pause where nobody moves or does anything.

Sepikmon: Uh-uhm... can you look the other way?
Kite: Oh... ah... all right.

Clearly, Sepikmon is naked.


Or he's wearing a paper bag over his head.

Clearly he was rated a 3/10

Sepikmon: This paper bag just didn't cut it!

Sepikmon is actually a monkey with a boomerang. It's... Well, I understand why Etemon said he and Sepikmon were the same type of Digimon.

This update's already too weird for me.

About fucking time, game.

Sepikmon: I'll give this to you!
Kite: Huh?! What's this Smelly Herb?
Sepikmon: Zanbamon hates the smell of Smelly Herb! It's great. He'll run away for sure!
Kite: Really? Thanks, you're a life saver!
Sepikmon: You too. Good luck!

So, wait. The key to defeating this massive plot-armor Zanbamon is to... wave a smelly thing in his face? This is stupid.

I literally groaned out loud when I read that dialogue exchange.

Click for music!

Everything about this is stupid.

Kite: Hey Zanbamon! I'm going to go thru this time!
Zanbamon: Ha, ha, ha, ha! You just don't give up, do you? No matter how hard you try, you just can't win!
Kite: We'll see about that. Look at what I've got!

The game proceedes to... not change sprite animations in the slightest. C'mon, game, you were doing so well at the start.

Because time and budget didn't allow for an additional animation on flow-stopping, gametime padding nonsense.

Zanbamon: I-I can't take it! All right, I'll back down this time! ...But I won't forget this kid![sic]

commas are hard

He walks away, and despite being able to see the next turn, he disappears. Sure, why not.

Kite: Oh yeah! Now I can go!

Anyway, now that we've opened up the path, we can continue! So many new sights to take a look at!

Like, uh, the screaming souls of the eternally damned...

Hey look, it's my basement.

Let's move on! So, the darkened area of the Jungle Grave actually has different encounters than the light-colored area. (As a side note, Musyamon will no longer spawn now that we've chased off Zanbamon. It's not a bad idea to fight a couple dudes in there, if only because the encounter rate here is pretty high.

As for the new encounters on the darkened area:

Name: DemiDevimon
Level: Rookie
Location: Asuka South - Jungle Grave (In The Dark)

Drops: Dark Power 1

3 STR, 2 DEF, 4 SPR, 4 WIS, 3 SPD,

EXP:39, BIT: 80

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: Energy Suck (Magic)

Name: Bakemon
Level: Champion
Location: Asuka South - Jungle Grave (In The Dark)

Drops: None

4 STR, 4 DEF, 3 SPR, 2 WIS, 5 SPD,

EXP: 46, BIT: 90

Regular Attack: Dark Elemental
Technique: None

Those teeth, wow. Neither of them is really threatening at this point. It might be a good idea to get a few Dark Power 1s from DemiDevimon, because we don't really have any good way of dealing Dark damage short of grinding up Digitamamon to get access to a few of his Techs.

Moving on, we finally get to see why this place is called the Jungle Grave.

yeti pls y u typo

no idea wat u talking about

Spooky scary skeletons
Send shivers down your spine

I'm, like, 90% sure that those paper dolls on the ground are supposed to be Shikigami. Also, that abandoned house? It'll randomly light up. I think it's supposed to lightning, though it almost looks like someone's flicking on all the lights and then flicking them off again.

Shrieking skulls will shock your souls
Seal your doom tonight

That little bridge down at the bottom of the screenshot? It leads to the bridge at the end of the first dead-end. If that stupid thing hadn't snapped, we'd be able to skip a third of the level.

Trollish Game Designers

I am angry, so I'm going to take it out on this tree.

Kite used Headbutt!

Basically, I managed to find a good image of the Cardmon with two booster packs. Honestly, you never really need to duel trainers for cards. Just beat up Cardmon a bunch and there you go. That being said, I still refuse to do the stupid card game.

Yeti will do it some other time, folks. Right now, we've got padding as it is.

A hole pretending to be a goal at the end of a knoll.

Spooky scary skeletons
Speak with such a screech

And with the second evil eye gate, we've made it through Jungle Grave. It wasn't terrible, since the DemiDevimon and Bakemon could be wiped out in one attack, but I'd like a change in scenery.

Click for music!

A change like Phoenix Bay. It's, uh, greener, at least.

Out of the grave and into the creepy forest.

But a new area means new encounters! Well, 'new'.

Name: Apemon
Level: Champion
Location: Asuka South - Phoenix Bay, Ether Jungle

Drops: Wind Power 1

2 STR, 2 DEF, 3 SPR, 3 WIS, 5 SPD,

EXP: 50, BIT: 190

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: None

I think you already used that one.

Name: RedVegimon
Level: Champion
Location: Asuka South - Phoenix Bay, Ether Jungle, Kicking Forest

Drops: None

3 STR, 3 DEF, 3 SPR, 3 WIS, 4 SPD,

EXP: 45, BIT: 90

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: None

We can also run into wild Woodmon. By and large, though, everything is weak to Fire. Why it's like that in a swamp, where things are usually surrounded by water, I don't know.

We can fish, but it's still just Seadramon and 1-Pack Cardmon.

This tree fauna is dumb. We got a bright, multi-fruit bearing tree on one side of the road, and a dead tree on the other. Wat.

The early parts of the area are linear (and very wild), but as we progress things open up and get a little more civilized. These are actual, real bridges, not just rotting planks of wood thrown across two deltas.

Oh no, barrels. Whatever will we do?

There's even some signs of human life! Boats and cargo means that there's someone to send boats and cargo to, after all.

According to the sign, Suzaku City is to the north while Ether Jungle is to the west. Right now, Ether Jungle is still technically out of our wheelhouse, so we'll just be heading to Suzaku City.

(I'd also like to draw your attention to the first few digits of pi. It's dumb and stupid and I love it )

Is this info for a later puzzle. I feel like it's important.

Uh-oh, more numbers. Annoying puzzle detected.

Ooh, fancy!


Click for music!

Hooray, we finally made it to the second city! It's a pretty neat one, too. I always like this kind of look, with the whole 'sitting on top of the water' thing.

This makes the second area that I really like from this game.

Tamer Alice: ...if it's... ...Digimon Battle...

Girl, what is WRONG with you?

But enough gawking at the scenery. We have fighting to do.

...Oh, fuck off, game.

She also has a pair of Dokugumon. They die real quick. (They look so dumb when they enter the battle, holy crap.)

OK, THAT is funny.

No, we cheated and used a teleportation item. Don't tell anyone.

On the other side of the platform, there's this guy.

Strongman Kyle: I guess you're better than you look.

Immediately north of the entrance is the Armory; it has some new stuff, and I take the chance to upgrade Patamon's weaponry since there's still no two-handed weapon for the flying rat. It only ups attack by about 10, though, so not much.

The east side of town has all the other shops, as well as the Divermon for opening cards and the Piximon if we had any new Digivolutions or Techs. Since I haven't unlocked anything new, there's no real reason to drop by - I did anyway, just to load Frost Cutter from Dinohumon and have access to it for Kotemon.

The west side is actually progress.

Woman: Hey you... you over there!
Kite: Uummmm, who... me?

No, Carrot Top

Woman: Hi, I'm Lisa. Nice to meet you! What's your name?
Kite: Oh, um, it's Kite...

But before we can do anything, we're accosted by Lisa. I don't know what the heck is up with this cutscene, honestly.

Lisa: By the way Kite, have you seen a cute green Digimon?
Kite: Um, ah, is that Monmon or Terriermon?
Lisa: Well... umm, I don't know. What do you think it is Kite?
Kite:, ???
Lisa: ...I know, it's Ogremon! It has to be!

Because this woman is clearly insane.

Huh??? Is she... What. Huh?

We'll see Ogremon later this update, actually. Suffice to say, she's got a screw loose.

Lisa: Nice talking to you, Kite.

I don't know. She's weird.

Click for music (I like the Inn theme, okay?)

The building she was standing in front of was the Inn. I take the opportunity to rest up.

Because look here, it's Suzaku Hall.

Lena: It's been a while. I wonder why he came back?

Clearly, Lucky Mouse has been here before. I wonder what he's up to, anyway?

SWATing Twitch streamers.

The inside of Suzaku Hall is lush and green. It kinda has a tropical flair - fitting for the South Sector city in the middle of a jungle, I suppose.

That's eerily hypnotic.

"Come dance with us, Kite."

Patamon: They're trying to become the Server Dancing Queens!

See that girl, watch that- NO FUCK THIS! I'm not quoting that song!

Renamon: ...Not until I know you're worthy to take this passage.

Renamon won't let us pass just yet, though I don't particularly care right now.

Can we punch this guy

That's because the Suzaku Leader is right here! Normally, I'd grind for a little bit before challenging her, but I have the Counter Crest, so fuck your difficulty curve.

Suzaku Leader: So, what, are you ready to step into my arena?
Kite: Yeah, of course!
Suzaku Leader: My, you sound really confident! But don't underestimate me because I'm a girl!


oh no a girl whatever will we do

Click for music!


Suzaku Leader, like the Seiryu Leader, has three members in her team. Her initial Digimon is a Woodmon, which is super weak to Fire. However, Angewomon doesn't have any Fire techs, so a regular old slugfest it is.

That being said, after my first attack Suzaku Leader switches out Woodmon for RedVegiemon. Also weak to Fire, but against Angewomon is just a tedious hit-me-hit-you. Fortunately, I'll win that fight; Angewomon A) can heal, and B) has the Counter Crest, so any damage I take gets reflected back. I also have an Ice Power 1 accessory on her, so that ups the damage a little tiny bit.

Suzaku Leader's signature digimon, coming out after I beat up Woodmon and RedVegiemon, is a really fat toad.

Name: ShogunGekomon
Level: Ultimate

Drops: Chaos Wave

3 STR, 3 DEF, 4 SPR, 4 WIS, 3 SPD,

EXP: 101, BIT: 490

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: Confuse Gas (Magic, Chance of Confuse)

Again, the stupid toad refuses to use Confuse Gas. I'm never going to be confused, I think. This is the main reason I attached the Ice Power to Angewomon's attack, to take advantage of the Ice weakness. Honestly, Angewomon was probably my worst choice to fight Suzaku Leader, since she can't take advantage of any of the weaknesses.

But fuck weaknesses, I've got Counter Crest.


Suzaku Leader: Oh well. What's your name?
Kite: It's Kite!
Suzaku Leader: That's a cool name!

Better name than Giver, at any rate.

Shows how much you know. There were a few votes for the name in the thread.

Suzaku Leader: OK, I'll give you this.
Kite: Yeah! I got the Suzaku Badge! Next I need to get the Byakko Badge.

Suzaku Leader: There's only one way to go there. You have to call Submarimon. Ask around in this sector for information about it. That's the only clue I can give you. Well, good luck.

I smell a fetch quest. It smells disgusting.

Shit, we need Surf.

Well, nothing to do but get started. Maybe the Inn will have some information? I doubt it, since that's where we needed to go the last time, but it's a place to start. Besides, I want to rest up after that fight.

Oh no, no, no, WHAT NOW.

Oh no, our friends who I've forgotten about!

Kail: Hey Kite! Good timing. We've been here a while. Why don't we go back?
Kite: Yeah, I've beaten Seiryu and Suzaku Leader, so that's good for now. But what about Teddy? We have to find Teddy!
Kail: Teddy is fine. He's in Asuka City's Administration Center. When I saw him last, that's where he said he was going.
Kite: Oh, OK. Then let's hurry back to Asuka City!

Fuck, do I have to walk all the way back for the fourth goddamn time?

Wait, we're going BACK!? WHY!? To find Teddy? JUST USE THE BUILT-IN PRIVATE MESSAGING SYSTEM! Doesn't this MMO have one? Type /w in chat, you fucks!

Click for ambience!

Oh, that's nice. The game just fades to black and cutscene-teleports me.

Not when you realize that you'll have to make your way back on your own.

That's, um. That's a lot of people. What are you all doing?

Maniac Phillip: Hey, what's up? I've been waiting for a while now!
Lazy Fei Fong Wong: When can we go back?
Tamer Service: Sorry, there are still no details.

did none of you listen to the announcement earlier. WE CAN'T LEAVE. For that matter, Kite, Kail, why are you even here?

I wonder how much time has passed in-game between the announcement and right now. Apparently not much given Kite hasn't had to go home yet, but long enough that he would have traveled to another sector and took down a Gym Leader?

There's a PA sound notification over the loudspeakers, and everyone starts freaking out.

No shit, idiot, they're gonna be talking about the fact that everything is fucked!

Worker Jeff: She's a woman?! I didn't know that!
Miss Misha: She's cool! I want to be just like her!

Ah, SHIT! I see the title's meaning now. Yeti, WHY!?

Game Master: The maintenance to the Matrix Chamber will take a little more time. Please be patient until the system is fixed.

That's... that's it? You're not even... God, this really is an MMO. The admins are terrible at their jobs, and their announcements say nothing and mean even less.

Lazy Alan: What? That's it!?
Worker Jeff: Well there's nothing we can do about it.
Energetic Yuki: Yeay!
[sic] Then I can play a little longer!


I'm not sure what's worse. When this game doesn't do story progression, or when it does.

Kail: We can't go back to the Real World!
Kite: Hmmm, I wonder if this is Lucky Mouse's fault?
Kail: Lucky Mouse!? ...hey, what do you mean by that?
Kite: I don't know the details, but Teddy said that Lucky Mouse appeared.

Kail's really bad at being subtle. We'll see more about that later.

Kail: ...Is Teddy looking for something at the Administration Center? ...hey Kite. Let's go look for Teddy! I have something I want to ask him!
Kite: OK, then let's go into the center now!

I STILL don't get why we aren't using the fucking PM system!

Y'know, this didn't actually work the first time I tried it, so why would I expect anything different?

DO Guard: Sorry, only authorized personnel are allowed beyond this point!

Again, Kite and Kail just mosey on out without putting up any kind of argument.

Which means putting up with 2 Loading Screens.

Kite: There has to be some way...
Kail: ...well, no use pouting about it here. Let's split up and check things out. Talk to people in the city.
Kite: OK, I will!

Kail wanders off somewhere.

Kite: I'm starting to get worried about Teddy.

Alright! We have control again.

This is Gilligan's Island right now. Yeti, this might just be a better title for this update.

Click for music!

I immediately head off to an auction. This one starts as soon as we have control, and it ends REALLY soon, so it's best to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

: This Monmon exclusive shield will start at 800 BIT!

This shield is a little bit pricier, at 1600 BIT, but it's still a bargain. Plus, I have the money for it.

Click for Lamb Chop!

There's a bunch of changed dialog from the NPCs in town, but it all boils down to 'I dunno how to get into the Admin Center but I've seen Digimon wander in all the time.' People that have more than two working brain cells (i.e. people that aren't Giver) might be able to figure out the solution, but we need to set the correct story flag.

Trying really hard with those third-rate insults, aren't you, Yeti.

Master John: Only staff can go inside the Center. Also, lost Digimon without a partner can enter too.

For some reason, Master John is the only NPC that actually matters. Not that I'm complaining, since I love the music.

Oh boy, did we ever!

Kail: ...what?! If we're lost Digimon, we can go inside the Center?! There was an old couple who were looking for a way to become Digimon. Maybe we should ask them... they'll might know something![sic]

Game, stop having text errors. Anyway, let's go chat with those old people down by the tree to see if they -

Oh no.

Ohhhhhh no.


Grandma Beth: This Agumon Suit is great! Do you like it? Etemon gave it to us.
Jake: Look at us! We're Digimon! My dream has come true!

...This will only end in disaster. Well, let's go talk to Etemon - last time we saw him, he was in the sewers.


Hm? Etemon isn't here, and now there's this jerk in his place.

Mischievous Mat: Etemon? Ah... I don't know. There was no one here when I came. Heh heh heh. Well, go away and don't bother me!

His name is Mischievous Mat. Clearly, he is on the up and up and we should take his word at face value.


Sorry, Kail, we couldn't do anything. Looks like we have to just give up on Teddy, write him off for lost, and continue conquering Asuka Server.

Kail: ...what?! There was a man instead of Etemon? What're you doing?! He's Etemon!
Kail: ...don't you get it? He used an Etemon Suit! If you ask him, I'm sure he'll tell you about Digimon suits! Well, good luck. I'll wait at the Underground Path!

What?! Our good trustworthy pal Mischievous Mat... lied to us?


Say it ain't so!

Mischievous Mat: I told you the Etemon you're looking for isn't here.
Kite: Well, of course not, because you are the Etemon.

Again with Kite's patented method of getting criminals to confess. 'It was you! I have no proof, or anything, but it was you!'

Mischievous Mat: ...What?!
Kite: I know your game. You were wearing the Etemon Suit back there!
Mischievous Mat: .........Ah, you found out? That sucks! Hey, just don't tell anyone, OK? I'll give you this in return!

I despise everyone involved in this comedy of errors.

Please no, game. Don't do this to me. No spirit animals, please. I'll even stop the Pokemon jokes.

Mischievous Mat: This is a secret, between you and me, all right?!

Fortunately, true to her word Kail meets us here.

Kail: So how do we change into Digimon?
Kite: Hey! Take a look at what I got!
Kail: Perfect, with these it should be no problem. We'll put on the Agumon Suits and look for Teddy!

And now we're Digimonkin.

Only one thing for it, then

Kite: ...How's this? Now I look like a Digimon!

Unfortunately, we're not the fabulous pink Agumon, we're the blue one.

Kail: Be quiet! Keep your mouth shut! We don't want them to know that we're not Digimon!
Kite: Oh... ah, that's true. I understand...
Kail: ...I've got something I want to look into, so I'll go on ahead. Kite, you keep looking for Teddy. As soon as I'm done, I'll catch up with you!
Kite: Oh, OK, but be careful.
Kail: Don't worry, I'm not like you!

With that , Kail just strolls into the Admin Center. After a few seconds, she doesn't leave, so I guess her disguise worked.

Kite: What's up with Kail? She's been weird since we got here... Oh well, I have to find Teddy!

DO Guard: Sorry, only authorized personnel beyond... what, a Digimon again?!
Kite: Umm, yeah. ...I'm... ...a lost Digimon!
DO Guard: First that pink Agumon and now you... You can pass, but don't be getting in everyone's way.

This Center -- which allows only unowned Digimon -- can't even tell if it's humans in a suit or an actual Digimon? WHAT!? Are we sure this is an MMO?

We can't explore everywhere, thanks to the guard blocking us. (Also our arms flap as we run and it's absolutely fantastic)

There's only one real way to go.

Alright, this is pretty neat, I'll give them that.

Yeti, I can't handle this nonsense. Kill me, please. I know you want to.

Yes, naturally, but this way you suffer first.

This is off to the corner, but ideally you'll have outgrown the 500 healing it provides, either through having a better source of your own (Patamon or Kotemon) or by purchasing Super Charges.

Doesn't the orb over our head give away our identity as a player character?

Nope, since the orb is only visible to us. There was some throwaway line in the first update about that, but the long and short of it is that thing is invisible to everyone else in the world.

Yes, because it's not like Digimon are thinking creatures or anything. Christ.


Subtlety, thy name is 'giant pink Agumon in the middle of the hall'.

Kite: Huh? Hey Kail, are you done?
Kail: Uh, Um...
[sic] yeah. So did you find Teddy?
Kite: No, I couldn't find him anywhere.
Kail: too. I looked everywhere... He did say he was going to the Admin Center...
Kite: ...I wonder how far inside Teddy is...
Kail: ......don't you have a feeling that he's inside here?

No. Why would we have that feeling? That's ridiculous.

Wait, how do we even know Teddy is here? We just know that he was going to the Admin Center. What if he got turned away!?

Kite: Hmm... won't know 'til we look.
Kail: Gee thanks! All right, let's go in then!

This is the Master Room and oh god those are guards this was a terrible idea.

Kail: It's the Game Master. Let's hide!


I ask this every update.

Game Master: We can't proceed with our plans!
: ...I'm sorry. We are intensifying our search.
DO Guard: We will find him. It's just a matter of time!

This is their idea of hiding, by the way.

Getting caught in 3..2..1

Needless to say, it, uh, it ends poorly.

Kite: Ooops! They've found us!

Very poorly.

Punch the guard by the door and run! Nevermind, they're probably super strong. Fucking town guards are OP.

Corporate espionage, what else?

Kite: Uh... uh... we're looking for our friend Teddy.

Kite: "So we dressed up as Digimon and infiltrated the one place we have no reason to believe he was able to make it into! "

Game Master: ...Oh, I see. I'm sorry for surprising you. I am worried about your friend too. Lucky Mouse must have him hostage.
Kite: Lucky Mouse?!
Game Master: He is an awful man. He is trying to destroy Digimon Online! He's the reason why we are having problems with the system!

Gee, Lucky Mouse seems like he's trying to do... something awful


Kite: I can't believe Lucky Mouse!
Kail: .......

Kail is having none of this shit, but Kite's eating it up with a spoon. He was actually doing the 'shake arms in anger' animation from the beginning of the game.

Game Master: Everyone in our staff is looking for Lucky Mouse right now. ...oh, I know! Can you help us?
Kite: Of course! Leave it to us!
Game Master: Thank you. I'm counting on you. We heard he went towards West Sector!

What a coincidence. Man, it would really suck for Teddy if Lucky Mouse's hideout was in North Sector, or in a different Server altogether.

Kail: Sorry. I just remembered I've got to go...

Kail books it.

Hooray, there's someone who's intelligent in the group.

Kite: ...Huh? What's up with Kail? Oh, well. I've got Digimon that I can count on! OK, guys! We're going to West Sector!

Well, actually, not yet.

That's because there's ANOTHER auction! That's right, the gap between the two is literally 'get the Agumon suits and talk to the Game Master'. Hope you had enough money.

: This Veemon exclusive shield will start at 800 BIT!

This one's also worth 1600 BIT.

Anyway, before we head off to South Sector and start asking around for how to get to West Sector, we've got a few changes to Central and East Sectors.

First, now that our combined Rookie level is between 45 and 60, this DRI agent shows up.

DRI Michael: Where's my precious Taomon?
DRI Michael: You've got a great Renamon. I hope she becomes Taomon.

If we'd started with the Maniac pack, we would get the sidequest here to beat Taomon, and our reward would be Renamon as our partner.

DRI Kazuki: I'm Kazuki, researcher on MagnaAngemon!
DRI Kazuki: I hope Patamon can digivolve to MagnaAngemon. Well, good luck!

And this guy would give us the quest for MagnaAngemon to get Patamon as our partner if we'd chosen the Power pack. I won't be showing these fights, if only because the Ultimates in question are both located in the West Server, and I don't feel like going through the plot two more times. If we'd picked one of the other packs, then sure, I'd have sat through the plot again, but since Balanced Pack has both Renamon and Patamon, I'd have to do two more playthroughs.

Lazy fuck.

Also, now that we've beaten Suzaku Leader the encounters have changed a little bit.

Name: Shellmon
Level: Champion
Location: Asuka South - South Cape
Asuka Central - Shell Beach, Plug Cape

Fishing: Asuka South - South Cape

Drops: Water Chip

3 STR, 3 DEF, 3 SPR, 3 WIS, 3 SPD,

EXP: 91, BIT: 180

Regular Attack: Water Element
Technique: None

Name: Flymon
Level: Champion
Location: Asuka East - Wire Forest West
Asuka Central - Wire Forest Entrance

Kicking Trees: Asuka South - Jungle Grave, Phoenix Bay

Drops: None

3 STR, 2 DEF, 3 SPR, 3 WIS, 4 SPD,

EXP: 66, BIT: 130

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: None

This guy starts showing up in Wire Forest West and Entrance. Not hard, especially with a Wind Tech like Air Blast.

Name: Kokatorimon
Level: Champion
Location: Asuka East - Wire Forest East, Protocol Forest

Drops: None

3 STR, 3 DEF, 2 SPR, 3 WIS, 4 SPD,

EXP: 96, BIT: 160

Regular Attack: No Element
Technique: None

This walking fried snack has also started appearing in Wire Forest East and Protocol Forest. Goburimon have also infested the Wire Forest East, so we'll be fighting them there as well.

Other changes include: Seadramon now spawning as a random encounter in Divermon's Lake, and RedVegiemon now spawning as a random encounter in Kicking Forest.

More importantly, we've progressed far enough through the story that some of these people will fight us!

Tamer Catherine: Ooi! I'm Catherine from Sydney! Let's Digimon Battle now... but go easy on me.

Oh god, an Aussie. Nooooo.

Well, you've probably got a pretty good team, since you wouldn't fight us for a while. (I'm not sure if it's plot progression, or if it's total Charisma, but before Catherine would only Card Battle.)

What the fuck, game.

Clearly this is right around Yeti's expected skill level.

(She has two Kunemon and a Dokugumon. This is insulting.)

Tamer Lucia is also in the list of people that will now fite me.

Goburimon isn't threatening.

And this is Ogremon! The 'cute' Digimon Lisa was looking for.


It's totes cute, dude.

This guy is the third and final new fighter.

He opens his line-up with a Crabmon that is promptly deshelled.

Dance, dance, dance!

Holy shit, this thing is win.

He also has a Gekomon. That died in one shot, so didn't confuse me.

Finally, now that we have the Counter Crest we can reliably kill Divermon; they attack all of once before trying to run, and before we just didn't have the ability to do enough damage unless we got super lucky, and the Divermon would run more often than not. So, I grinded off them for a long while.

Grinding results:
Patamon: Lv. 16 -> Lv. 20
-Patamon unlocked MagnaAngemon digivolution (Patamon Lv. 20)
-Angewomon: Lv. 26 -> Lv. 40
--Angewomon learned Anti-Paralysis (Lv. 30)
--Angewomon can Load Antidote (Lv. 35)
--Patamon unlocked Rosemon digivolution (Patamon Lv. 15, Angewomon Lv. 40)

Renamon: Lv. 17 -> Lv. 20
-Renamon unlocked Taomon digivolution (Renamon Lv. 20)
-Growlmon: Lv. 10 -> Lv. 25
--Growlmon can Load Double Guard (Lv. 15)
--Growlmon learned Picking Claw (Lv. 25)

Kotemon: Lv. 17 -> Lv. 20
-Kotemon unlocked Kyukimon digivolution (Kotemon Lv. 20)
-Dinohumon: Lv. 54 -> Lv. 81
--Dinohumon learned Lizard Dance (Dinohumon Lv. 60)
--Dinohumon can Load Small Heal (Dinohumon Lv. 75)

Whoo boy, that's a lot of stuff. First off, Angewomon hit Lv. 40, so we unlocked Rosemon. She's our first technical Mega digivolution, and the numbers show it. She's hitting about on par with Dinohumon and Growlmon, even without the two-handed weapon. Rosemon won't be learning too many attack Techs, but she'll be a good support (most of her Techs remove ailments from her allies).

Renamon finally reached level 20 and unlocked Taomon. Fortunately, Growlmon reached Lv. 25 at the exact same time, which means I got everything I needed out of that Digivolution branch. Picking Claw was my goal all along, and now Renamon will be comfortable in her natural Digivolution tree.

Kotemon (since he doesn't actually have any interesting Digivolutions) stayed in Dinohumon the entire time the other two were doing other things, and it shows; Dinohumon was the first to learn the Signature Move that all Digimon get eventually. It's a four-hit combo that does regular damage. So, since Dinohumon hit for about 250 a shot, Lizard Dance did just under 1000 damage to a poor unsuspecting Divermon. I also can Load Small Heal, which means that even if when I replaced Patamon with a better 'mon, I won't lose access to at least SOME heals. He also unlocked Kyukimon, which is basically a scythe weasel. It's pretty neat, and we'll see it next time.