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Digital: A Love Story

by Trin Tragula

Part 12

it's dark, raining, and the leaves certainly aren't done falling

Frantically, I tried everything I could think of. It didn't help. None of it helped. What was wrong with Amy? It was a full hour of worry later before I thought to try the dialer.

Thank the Lord, it still worked, somehow.

Of course LCL was still broken.

Sometimes Amy's screen was so riddled with interference that it was minutes before the garbage cleared.

I must have been close to something. I must have been. What did *Delphi know that was so important to protect? If they were AIs...

I couldn't take that thought any further. It was just too far outside my world to take it seriously.

Desperately trawling everywhere I knew for a cure, or help, or something, or anything.

The sun fell out of the sky, dinner came and went, Mama and Papa went to bed, and on I went.

And then I remembered Rocky. He seemed to know what he was talking about...

Yes! VRAM overflow! My thoughts exactly! Well, near enough.

Message to: Rocky

Thank you so much! VRAM overflow has been making my Amie virtually unusable! I've no idea how I started it...and no idea how to sort it out. Can you help? Please say you can help!

I was a nervous wreck. Pacing up and down in my room, jumping on the bed, jumping off. I tried to draw. It didn't help. I tried to read. I nearly threw the book out of the window. And then.

I could have kissed him. Whoever he was. It didn't matter. I bashed out some grandiose words of gratitude, and downloaded the attachment.

I said a quiet prayer. Do machines have souls? Do AIs have souls? Eventually I decided I'd let God work it out.

Please, Amy. Please be better.

You have to be.