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Part 7: Group A

And now for something a bit different, with special guest star Bobbin Threadbare. To be honest, this video was surprisingly short and I hadn't done co-commentary in a while when we did this, so expect improvements next time.

Group A is interesting for a number of reasons, what with starting out as the awkward middle child when Group B was the star of the FIA rally circuits and then coming into its own once people started dying. It's also the first time you get to purchase a Subaru in this game, so that's something. The cars overall are slower than Group Bs, more predictable. In a way it's a nice breather after all the insanity of Group B. There's still not exactly a Group N category in Dirt Rally, though its successor Group R4 is there in its place.

I'm not sure how to feel about the Monaco rally stages. The lower parts are incredibly narrow with a tiny margin for error, and you're on tarmac. The upper parts actually have wider roads but it gets even easier to fall off. I do love drifting through hairpins in quick succession, I feel incredibly stylish doing so, so that's something.