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Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

by theamazingchris

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Original Thread: The Most Disco Thing You Will Ever See: Let's Play Disco Elysium Final Cut



Hi! Thanks for checking out my Let's Play of Disco Elysium - The Final Cut. This is my first attempt to do an LP, so I wanted to do it by playing a game I really like with a friend to help me along. I'm going to try and show as much of the game as I can, especially the voice acting that comes with the Final Cut edition. As a result, this is gonna be a very slow-paced LP, where I take direction from my friend, Tyler, who is going in blind. So if a chill experience where we slowly soak up what this game has to offer is up your alley, welcome aboard.

If you'd prefer a more experienced LPer taking this game up in screenshot format, please do check out Arist's playthrough in the LP Archive. It's incredibly done and inspired me to buy and start playing this game in the first place.

After we reach a conclusion, I plan on taking the game back up and showing some of the stuff we missed one way or another, so stick around for that!

Please tag spoilers up until we reach the end. After that, fair game. Also, here's your content warning; this game has a lot of potential triggers. These include drug abuse, suicide, rape, racism, homophobia, and more. These are for the most part textual, but nevertheless, you have been warned.

Updates Wednesday, sometimes on Sunday. Revachol forever.

Here's the YouTube playlist of all episodes. Individual episode links will follow.

Day 1
Episode 1: Feuding With My Limbic System
Episode 2: An Immense Gold and Orange Soul
Episode 3: Dick Mullen Would Never Lose His Badge
Episode 4: Little Imagination and Nothing to Do
Episode 5: Nine Hundred Famous Cops, None of Them Real
Episode 6: A Tiny, Party-Eyed, Drunken Baby of a Man
Episode 7: Singing into the Popophone
Episode 8: Hot Mug and Racist Mug
Episode 9: Given with Resentment
Episode 10: Hooked on Snitching
Episode 11: Crying and Convulsing
Episode 12: We Are Very Smart and Intelligent
Episode 13: The Ham Sandwich Race
Episode 14: I'm Guessing This Is Bad
Episode 15: This Grotesque, Duplicitous World
Episode 16: We're All in Hell
Episode 17: Harry Dat Boi
Episode 18: Stooges of the Bourgeoisie
Episode 19: A Disco Holdover
Episode 20: Bloated Corpse of a Drunk

Day 2
Episode 21: The Big Man with the Gun
Episode 22: Everything's Cool
Episode 23: Steal from Bono
Episode 24: Copporooni Roonie
Episode 25: Merchant First, Moralist Second
Episode 26: A Strangling-Based Culture
Episode 27: For the Rest of My Life
Episode 28: The Working Class is a Polycule
Episode 29: Tracts and Wakes and Waterways
Episode 30: That's Police Work, Baby
Episode 31: Tyler Wastes the Sacred Gift of Speech
Episode 32: John Madden
Episode 33: Fuck the System
Episode 34: Segue
Episode 35: Exorcising Their Demons
Episode 36: Roll the Bones
Episode 37: Does Glock Make Muzzleloaders?
Episode 38: Ze Price Stabilité
Episode 39: Smelled Like Betrayal

Day 3
Episode 40: Just One Cryptid
Episode 41: I DROVE MY CAR INTO THE SEA????!?!?!?!?!!!??!!!!
Episode 42: Tequila Sunset
Episode 43: Parthonosis
Episode 44: Wompty-Dompty-Daddy-Dom Centre
Episode 45: Contact Mike
Episode 46:A Major Eyck Head
Episode 47: The Swallow
Episode 48: Ringo Starr's Feet
Episode 49: When Was the Last Time This World Had Anything New to Say?
Episode 50: Mega Sad
Episode 51: The Smallest Church in Saint-Saëns
Episode 52: We Are Heroes

Day 4
Chapter 53: Oink Oink
Chapter 54: Pretty Sure They're Social Democrats
Episode 55: Firefighters are Very Cool
Episode 56: Still on the Boat
Episode 57: Human Can-Opener
Episode 58: Welcome to Disco Elysium
Episode 59: Don't Panic, It's Beautiful
Episode 60: The Art of Physical Displacement
Episode 61: The Instigator
Episode 62: Welcome to the Fucking Reckoning

Day 6
Episode 63: Bust a Move
Episode 64: Disco Inferno
Episode 65: The Greatest Innocence
Episode 66: The Deserter, Part 1
Episode 67: The Deserter, Part 2
Episode 68: The Insulindian Phasmid
Episode 69: Detective Kuuno de Ruyter
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