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Part 8: Lifestyles of the Rich and Demonic.

Chapter 6: Lifestyles of the Rich and Demonic.

Last time on Let's Play Disgaea, we learned all about Master/Pupil. This time, we're going to go beat someone up and take his stuff. First, though, let's take care of a few things.

Etna's Diary 3: Celestial Visitor
A funny angel arrived from Celesita recently...
She has orders from the Seraph to assassinate the King...
But, the King died 2 years ago... What a bonehead...
Anyway, if she gets in my way, I'll have to get rid of her...

Okay, so now let's go talk to the Dimensional Gatekeeper.

I have located the richest demon in the vicinity.
But due to a barrier, I cannot open a gate there.
So, what can we do?
You need a key.
A key...?
Yes. In order to open a closed gate, you must fulfill a specific condition.
The condition for this gate is that you must be equipped with an item that is level 10 or higher.
The Prince has to equip it?
This gate key stuff is pretty picky.
You must enter the Item World in order to level up an item.
Let me warn you that the Item World for a highly ranked item has many strong enemies.
My advice is to start with a common sword to avoid getting in over your head.
Please be careful, Prince.

Okay, so the Item World. I'll go into much more detail on it in a later update, but here's basically how it works: You choose an item in your inventory to enter. Item world maps are randomly generated with random enemies. The level of the enemies depends on the rank (and therefore power) of the item and its level. Random maps in the Item World all have a Dimensional Gate on them. You can complete the maps by clearing all the enemies (which yields the items on the Bonus Meter) or by entering the gate (which does not). Often there are Gatekeepers on the Dimensional Gate. These enemies will not move off the gate, but fist skills can move them. Every 10 levels there is an item boss (a General, King, or God, depending on the level). Basically, an items' stats go up every level it gains, with an extra large increase for killing the bosses. The only ways to leave the item world are to clear a 10th level or to use a Mr. Gency's Exit (think about the name for a while and you'll see the pun).

Okay, so I'm going to be up front and admit the screenshots of the Item World trip for some reason didn't work. Suffice it to say I'm the proud owner of a level 10 Common Sword, which I equip to break the seal and go to Dinero Palace.

Map 1: Gaudy Entrance

The Brawlers at the Gaudy Entrance have a variety of weapons, ranging from fists to bows to axes to a staff (the user of which has an offensive spell, for what little good it does her). Pretty easy stuff, although the axe brawler has a decent amount of Hp. This is a pretty decent map to go back and level on because the brawlers are pretty easy to kill.

Map 2: Golden Courtyard

...So, this place belongs to an ex-vassal.
Hmhmhm... This'll be fun!!
Hey, Prinnies! This is for your paychecks! You better work hard!!
Prinny Squad: Aye, aye, dood!
Netherworld Prinnies are a lot different than Celestial Prinnies...
In Celestia, Prinnies cook, clean, and do the laundry.
But they're all the same on the inside.
On the inside? What do you mean?
You're an angel, and you don't know these things?
Prinnies have human souls inside them.
Most of 'em were pretty worthless in their past lives, like murderers or thieves.
They work as Prinnies in the Netherworld and Celestia to atone for their sins.
In Celestia, they do good deeds for free.
In the Netherworld, they do ultra-hard labor for less than minimum wage.

I see.
But, why do they work for money in the Netherworld?
You've never heard the saying, "money makes the Netherworld go round"?
...? I don't get it. Is money that important?
Of course it is! Geez, you Celestians...
Look, there's nothin' more important than money, in this world or any other!
Of course there is! Love and friendship and...
What good is that stuff?
Is your head full of flowers or something?
Yes, I love flowers.
Oh geez... Your head IS full of flowers.

Okay, so this map is a little trickier than the last. We're separated from half the enemies by a blue line of Geo Panels with the effect "No Entry" which means just that, we can't move or throw through it. Luckily, the Symbol generating it is in easy reach, so we just kill it and move on to the rest of the enemies. The manticore on this map is reasonably tough but not too bad.

Map 3: Flashy Passage

Hmph. Not even.
I was ready to dethrone him myself, but he went and croaked on his own.
Hey Prince, can I have it?
Sure, go ahead.
...Come to think of it, how did he pass away?
Choked on a black pretzel.
The Overlord of the Netherworld died by choking on a pretzel?
Well, it happened... so I guess anything's possible.
*sigh* And this was the person I was ordered to assassinate...?

So yeah, the King died choking on a pretzel. Which is much more interesting than the map, honestly. There's a whole bunch of level 4 brawlers, a level 10 pugilist with a spear, and a few brawlers with bows on the other side of a gap you'd have to go through their field of fire to get to. But honestly, the only thing that's even a small threat is the pugilist. Oh, before we move on to the last map, let's welcome our newest unlocked classes:

Archers are good with bows, which is hardly surprising. Ronin have very high Atk and are good with many melee weapons. They're probably the best melee class in the game if you discount a certain class, which I do because that class is lame and I refuse to dirty myself with them.

Well, now it's time to end this Episode with a delightful new boss!

Map 4: Lavish Hall

The Lavish Hall

Who's there!?$
Hmhmhm... Don't tell me you've forgotten me.
...Who are you?$
Laharl!! The heir to the throne!! King Krichevskoy's son!!!!!
...Oh yeah$ *snort*
Ever since the King died, I knew I was forgetting something... Ahhhh, so it was you, Prince$
You call yourself a vassal!?
You know how demons are. You always say not to be so picky about the details.
I'm not a detail!
Oh, don't be so self-centered.
I'm glad you helped refresh my memory$ It was nagging me like a fish bone stuck in my throat$ *snort*
F,Fish bone!? You...!
...Well, what do you want?$
Whaddya mean, what do I want? Now that my old man's dead, I'm the Netherworld's next Overlord!
I'm taking back everything that's mine... And the rest of your fortune, too!
Don't push your luck$ *snort* Just because you're the King's son, it doesn't mean you can do whatever you want$
Its strength that counts in the Netherworld$ If you want what is now mine, you'll have to take it by force$
That's exactly what I had in mind!
Enough talk; let's go!!
(Fighting over money and power...
Were the angels right about demons...?
If they really are evil, then...)

Okay, so there's a video up with the drama scenes and fight with Hoggmeiser, but let me just go over a few things the video probably doesn't really make clear. That line of brawlers, the 'Wall of Meat', do not move or attack, they only support and counterattack. They just block your movement until they're dead. The two pugilists with spears are pretty fast, so it's easy to lure them away from Hoggmeiser, at which point you gang up on him and take him out. It might take some grinding, but it's not really that hard.

Well then, I'll just finish you off now.
(How cruel... Not only is he taking his money, but his life, too...
I can't let this happen!
If worse comes to worse, I'll stop him with my own two hands.)

Let go. I won't go easy on you just because you're a kid.
...Hey, kid. Why are you risking your life for this greedy pig?
You wanna die?
Don't you understand, Laharl?
This is love.
Here we go again...
Love, love, love. Is that all you've got in your puny little head? You damn Love Freak!
You can call me what you want. But, why is it that you refuse to believe in love?
You reject it because you're afraid of it! Isn't that right?

What do you think of me? Do you love me?
...No, I hate you.
Hm... A typical answer for a demon.
Which is fine, for now. But, one day...

(What was he trying to tell me that time?
...Hmph, this is stupid. Why am I even thinking about this?
It's all that Love Freak's fault...!)
...Forget it. I've wasted enough of my time.
Huh? You're not going to finish him?
It wouldn't make me any richer.
Alright, start taking the good stuff!
...But make sure you leave some behind for them.

Master Lamington, I finally understand.
Those words you spoke to me...

The angels told me that the demons are all evil. Is that true?
What do you think?
Hmmmm... I've never met one, so I don't know.
Listen carefully, Flonne. There is no such thing as absolute evil or absolute good.
The angels assume that they are good and the demons are evil. That is an unfortunate misconception.
Demons do have love. The angels... and in fact, most demons, just do not realize it.
If we can guide them... If we can make them see, then one day...

...but I have great hope that he will learn to love.
So, Master Lamington...
...please forgive my digression.

Hoggmeiser's actually not terrible, although he's kind of slow and that can be a liability. You can't recruit monsters of the type he is until you can clear pretty decent leveled item world levels, though, because that's the only place they show up.

So, with that, Episode 3 is complete. Next, on Disgaea...

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