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Original Thread: Revenge Solves Everything Only If It Is Convenient - Let's Play Dishonored



Empress dead, princess kidnapped and us stuck right in the middle of it. Revolution is oncoming as the throne is quickly filled by the very men who arranged the assassination and kidnapping. But what if I told you the revolution could be thwarted and the rightful heir to the throne restored in under an hour? I'm sure Corvo is thrilled. It will be a short painful journey filled with levitation, plenty of teleporting and half-assed assassinations. All in the name of Corvo's burning desire for revenge as long as it is convenient.

The LP

Dishonored allows for many different playstyles, stealth only, action runs, magic and no magic. Unfair made a very in-depth series on Dishonored and showed off many of the small details that makes Dishonored so fun to play through for the first time. But what about every other time? I have beaten Dishonored more times than I can count and still love to play through it, sometimes several times in one day. I want to show Dishonored for what makes it so much fun for me. By using speedrun routes and strategies I plan to show off the often hilarious chaos that ensues in the name of trying to beat the game with reckless abandon while still giving it a Dishonored feel. Because this means some levels will be going by so quickly, I have decided against my usual informative LP style as it would essentially turn into a speedrun walkthrough. I have instead opted for a Freeman's Mind narrative from Corvo's perspective to showcase the insanity of a story done as quickly as possible. Of course I will be slowing it down a bit to keep the LP from lasting only 40 minutes, I want to show off what makes the game fun for me not break a world record.


Given that I typically LP in a more informative style, this is far from my usual style of commentary (and seems to be fairly rare for LPs in general). Let me know what you think. I'm working hard to make it entertaining and I'll keep doing my best to improve.


Fan Stuff

What Corvo doesn't realize is that over the years many prototypes of The Heart have been made to appeal to a wider range of audiences. Perhaps he should look into getting an upgrade.
We have those appealing to the very young

Those that appeal to those looking for a hip retro feel

And it's even been in in popular media across the nation

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