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Original Thread: It's Fantasmic, It's The Disney Games Megathread!



FANTASMIC EDIT: This has now become a full-blown Disney Games megathread, where we celebrate and Let's Play old Disney games from the land of yore. Back in the days before we had to deal with Final Fantasy OCs, hyper-complicated plots and hearing the word "heart" about 20 times in each sentence, we had games based on either movies, awesome series, or just plain ol' Mickey Mouse acid trips.

Everyone is invited to pull in an old Disney game up for the thread to enjoy, it can be a Mickey game, Donald game, movie-based game, whatever. For the sake of putting SOME sort of limit on this, I think it's fair that any game that takes more than 8 hours to finish should be excluded, such as Epic Mickey or Kingdom Hearts.
It's not that I don't like them or anything, I fucking love those games. It's just that shit is way too damn long to LP in a megathread, and should require its own thread of which there are plenty of. If you want to contest this rule however, or suggest a game that might be somehere on the line, feel free and we'll see how it goes!

These are the old days when games were short but sweet, or mild or bitter depending on your difficulty level. We also have the odd short game or remake that we may be LPing in here so that's fine too.

So let's get rollin' with some Silly Symphonies, folks!

Stop Taking The Mickey Out Of Me And Let's Play Mickey Mania!

COMPLETE [FinalGamer VLP] Back in the heydays of 1994, Traveller's Tales would not yet see the great success they had with their many Lego games and start pottering around with one or two Disney games. One such game was Mickey Mania, a game that people have a lot of mixed memories about. Not so much in terms of quality, but in terms of having four versions of the game that are just different ENOUGH to confuse people's memories.
So why don't we sort this out a little with some good old let's playing of an old Disney game, over three different ports?

So what are you planning to do exactly in this LP?
I'm going to cover Mickey Mania across three versions of the game and show how different each one is. The Sega Genesis, the Super NES, and the Sega CD versions because I can't play the PS1 version which is like an enhanced Sega CD port. I'm not going to say one or the other is better because they are all the same game, it's just they have some differences that are enough to note between them.

What can we talk about?!
Well these are some pretty odd cartoons we'll be going into so I guess we can also talk about Mickey and his lifelong career since the early days of monochrome. I love this game a lot, and even though it doesn't show too much in the early stages, things get crazier further down the line.

Are you gonna just do the same level over and over again in different ports?
Only if the level's really short. The first level will be, but later on I might change things up a little bit when they start to drag out. For the most part, I will be using the Sega CD version above all else to finish a level, and you will see why once we get to the end of it. So let's get to it!

Episode 1: Steamboat Willie (1928)

Episode 2: The Mad Doctor (1933)

Episode 3: Moose Hunters (1937)

Episode 4: The Lonesome Ghosts (1937)

Episode 5: Mickey and the Beanstalk (1947)

Episode 6: The Prince and the Pauper (1990)

Killrrhubarb's PS1 Reel
Steamboat Willie
The Mad Doctor
Moose Hunters
The Lonesome Ghosts
Mickey and the Beanstalk
The Prince and the Pauper

Mickey's Ultimate Challenge

Video with FinalGamer

COMPLETE [Mateo360 VLP] And now for the first addition to this being a Megathread

Let's Play Disney's Adventures in the Magic Kingdom!

COMPLETE [Choco1980 VLP] Among my many games I had as a tyke that I was in no way good at, this one probably vexed me the most, because I was almost good enough to do good in it. As far as I know it's Disney's first NES game, and it pits you, a random friend of Mickey with the task of collecting keys around the park at various rides. These rides are, of course, actually levels, but they all play a little or a lot different from each other, with JUST enough difficulty that you'll waste most of your lives/continues on one attraction, not having enough to catch up and get them all. There's a wide variety of playstyles, from bog standard racers, a very early QTE style game for the NES, platforming sections, and even a trivia challenge. Unfortunately, the trivia one is the only one without a time limit, and in many cases that limit is harsh. You don't have much time for exploring the levels, you have to hurry towards the goal and hope you don't get hit in the process.

But anyways, let's begin our journey with a brief tour of the park, including the attractions that you can't play in, and then move on to our first challenge:

Autopia (1/6)
Big Thunder Mountain (2/6)
The Haunted Mansion (3/6) (with bonus vignette)
Pirates of the Caribbean (4/6)
Space Mountain (5/6)
Trivia Game! (6/6)

While doing a little bit of research for the game, I found This incredibly informative interview with Darlene Lacy, former head of Disney's video game division, and liaison to Capcom about the game.

He has a Temper of Doom, it's Quackshot starring Donald Duck!

COMPLETE [FinalGamer VLP] Welcome to one of my favourite games on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, one of Donald's first ever games and undoubtedly one of his best where he becomes an asskicking Indiana Jones copy. You travel around the world shooting down baddies and rivals as you search for the lost treasure of King Garuzia, from Duckburg to beyond!
The game is basically an action platformer, standard Sega fare for the day and it was even bundled sometimes with Castle of Illusion as a two-fer. I'll be taking you through the game with Combat Lobster as he joins me for a rip-roaring plane crazy adventure in which we battle with bats, raid ancient tombs and make jokes about Donald's huge ass. I hope you're all ready to join me and Lobster in one of the most underrated games of the Genesis, because it's time to fly!

Let's Play The Lion King

COMPLETE [Silver Falcon LP] The year was 1994 (that's almost 20 years ago, kids. Feel old yet?!), following the release of Disney's mega blockbuster hit The Lion King, Westwood Studios released video games based on the movie! Two of them. (Well, there were also Gameboy and Gamegear versions but we're not talking about those.) And being these were the days when movie video games were actually... ya know... good! These games were really good! And also balls hard, but we'll get to that!

At the tender age of 10, I got the Genesis version for Christmas, and I was happy. Sometimes I'd rent the SNES version just because. But I beat both versions. Many times. I would spend weekends, summers, just playing this game over, and over, and over. I loved it so damn much.

I'm going to cover both versions, because while they are essentially the same game, there are subtle differences between them. In general, the Genesis version has (IMO) better graphics and better overall sound direction. The SNES version as superior music, though, vastly superior for the most part. And being how the music in the movie was fucking fantastic and definitely one of the best things about it, this is a major consideration!

My companions on this journey will be FinalGamer and Cichlidae, and that about covers it, I think! Let's jump right in!

Polsy version ================= Polsy version

Polsy version ================= Polsy version

Polsy version ================= Polsy version

Polsy version ================= Polsy version

Let's Play Mickey's Speedway USA For A Bit

COMPLETE [TheMcD VLP] Well, here goes nothing.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: These Fucking Races Man

An LPer's Life for Me! Let's Play Pinocchio!

COMPLETE [Combat Lobster VLP] Disney's Pinocchio is an adventure platformer developed as a co-production with Virgin Interactive and Disney Interactive for the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy in 1996. The game is an adaptation of the 1940 animated film of the same name.

Coming along for the ride is FinalGamer as we ask the hard-hitting questions about a wooden boy and his quest to become a 'real' boy; as well as finding out how much 'adventure', 'discovery', and 'humour' is crammed into 24 MB. (Seriously, why is this a bulletpoint on the back of the box?)

Level 1: An Actor's Life for Me

Levels 2 & 3: Lampside Seating and Marionette Show

Levels 4 & 5: Pleasure Island and Escape from Pleasure Island

Levels 6 & 7: Search for Monstro and FISH!

Levels 8 & 9: Inside Monstro and Escape from Montro

ALAKAZAM! Let's play World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck!

COMPLETE [FinalGamer/Silver Falcon VLP] In a land far far away, deep within the corner of a child's imagination, lies a world of illusion. A small world, yet one somehow grander than one could ever expect it to be in the most simple of times. Two magicians find themselves cast away into this far land of fantasy, ruled by a dark sorcerer who challenges them to solve his maze of illusions. But we are not able to fight alone, for the greatest of adventures begin and end with friendships!

Hello everybody, and welcome to our small but hopefully fun LP of World of Illusion, starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. It's a short game, one of many Sega/Disney collaborations that made many a child happy like the rest of the Illusion series despite having no connections to each other whatsoever. This game DOES however have a small sense of replay value involved with it, as you can play as either Mickey solo, Donald solo, or both of them together.

As a result, Silver Falcon and I shall take you together on our magical oddyssey through a dark sorcerer's land, showing you the different paths and wonders that lie beyond our 16-bit borders. I shall be taking you through the Mickey run, whilst Falcon shall guide you through the Donald run. Once we're done with that, we'll finish it together on a full co-op run.
I hope you all have fun joining us for this great adventure, so let's get to it!






Let's Try To Play BRAVE: the Game

FUCK THIS [Gameplusmeagan VLP]

Well, we played two episodes of "Brave" but it was pretty terrible and I was relegated to the "2nd-player-co-op-but-not-really" seat so two episodes is all you're gonna get:

Episode 1 -

Episode 2 -

Let's Play SNES Aladdin!

COMPLETE [Gameplusmeagan VLP]

Let's Play Aladdin GENESIS

[Shadow Hog VLP] Okay! Sorry I took so long in whipping this up, but it's finally time to play Disney's Aladdin for the Sega Genesis! Let Aces High, Mateo360 and I show you through the first three stages of the game:

(60fps version: Part 1 and Part 2)

Aah, Pixar. Their animated movies are the stuff of legends. Nearly every single one they've done has been a hit. So today's piece of film history focuses on the second film they ever made. While it might not have been as great as Toy Story, A Bug's Life was still a well received film and was quite a hit.

This is not what we have here today.

You see, if executives and producers think they have a hit on their hands, they'll squeeze it dry and get as much money from it as they can. So, seeing how well Toy Story did, there was quite a push for A Bug's Life to do just as well. And so, this game was commissioned to be released alongside the release of the film in 1998. Well, not exactly. The film was released November 25th 1998, while the game in North America was released November 18th 1998. It even features clips from the movie that you can watch in your own way and basically spoils the entire plot. Fantastic.

But what of the game itself? Well, it's bad. Movie based games are always made with the most popular genre at the time. So, a 3D platformer. With terrible controls. May god help us all. But not everything about the game is bad. The game looks okay and the music is excellent. But my word, do not play this game. Instead, let me and my friend Dirty Deeds Done play it for you.

Part 1: Aah, Ant Island. Aah, Ant Island. Aah,

Part 2: Under a Rubble of Words

Part 3: For the Minimap!

Part 4: A Samey City

Part 5: Square Peg in Fly Hole

Part 6: Clover Conundrum

Part 7: Getting Dizzy

Part 8: A Dreary Flight

Part 9: Grasshoppers Dead

Part 10: Bonus

Witness the terribleness that is Alice in Wonderland

[Killrrhubarb VLP]

Alice 01?

It's for the Gameboy Color, Killrrhubarb, not the Gameboy Advanced. Get your facts right!

To Infinity And Fuck-All Else: Let's Play Toy Story SNES!

COMPLETE [FinalGamer VLP] Hello everyone, and welcome back to another LP for the megathread! This time I'm taking on the Toy Story SNES game along with FreezingInferno, who I absconded withoffered to take along with me for the ride! Enjoy our chills and thrills that won't exist when we face:

All this AND MORE so join me and Freezing (and a special guest!) as we head on into the world of TOYS!

I Put On My Hat And Wizard Turban: Let's Play Mickey's Magical Quest

Mickey's Magical Quest was a seminal classic of Capcom's Disney games lineup, a game that while is very simplistic in both plot and length, had a very fun mechanic of changing costumes with different abilities. In some ways the game harkens to the design style of Demon's Crest in terms of gameplay, but either way is a very Capcom-style action platformer that, despite being very short, is also well-loved by SNES and Disney fans.

Joining with me is Silver Falcon who is also a fellow enthusiast of the game, as we take time out to explore and relive this wondrous game. Hope you all enjoy it!

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