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Part 108: Cathedral of the Gods

Chapter 79 - Cathedral of the Gods

Adrift... semi-conscious...

My spirit was in a place different from the Lands of the Dead. Different from the Hall of Echoes... more of a cathedral than a vale of shadows...

...There was no air and no sound, but there was the illusion of sound - trickling water...

I was in a state of complete and total peace... a state impossible to achieve by any mortal still wrap'd in a prison of flesh...

I had no desire to move.

This is it, Jeremiah. The place where the Seven Gods will find you.
I know.
This is also the end of our time together.
It is?
I am the Divine Being. I was created by the Gods for a purpose. The first part was to find the next Divine One, and shield them as best I could until they arrived at this place...
And you did. You saved my life when all was lost. You gave me nudges at the right time to put me on the path I was meant to take.
That part of my task is done. But one last thing remains. I am the Divine Being.
Yes, you said that.
The power of the Divine One is inside me... it is me.
I don't understand.
When the gods complete their blessing, I will be absorbed by you, completely.
What do you mean?
I will cease to exist.
You'll die?
No, Jeremiah. I will become an inseparable part of you, down to the most basic level. But as a personality who can speak to you... I will be gone, yes.
I... I ... you'll be gone?
I'll be alone again? Inside my head?
Yes, Jeremiah.

After all this time, the concept of being alone suddenly felt wrong.

I've spent nearly my entire life without you in my head. I should be used to that. But as strange as it may sound... I... I'll miss you.
Thank you. But do not mourn. I knew that this would be my inescapable destiny from the moment the Gods created me. But more than that, it will be the fulfillment of my purpose, my reason for existing.
Will it hurt when you die?
No... if anything, it will be an expression of pure joy!
Well... I'm glad.
Do you feel that? They come! Jeremiah, they come!

"About the Game" posted:

You can watch the rest of this update in video.

Video: The Blessing of the Seven Gods

I could feel it.

The Gods were here.

They were all around me. I couldn't understand the precise words they were saying... but I understood their feelings. They told me not to be frightened. Everything would be all right.

One reached into well, I suppose, its heart, and pulled out a fragment, brilliantly shining.

It slammed the fragment into me, filling me with power.

The other gods followed suit.

I think it was the Orc god Vrogir who right-hooked his power into me.

All the power sent my spirit spinning gently.


The equivalent of time passed by as the energy settled down and I was reborn.

The new knowledge... the insights... indescribable... But most importantly... I knew the way back!

It was no beacon or call which drew me, I just KNEW! As I flew away, I got one last impression from the Gods. It told me farewell, with me went all their hopes.

I emerged back into the real world, and suddenly, I was overwhelmed with sensation. Gradually, they sorted themselves out into distinct, separate sensations. I felt pressure, and remembered that I had skin. I heard the sound of rushing wind and remembered that I had ears. I was blind until I remembered that I had eyes, and I opened them to see a bright blur.

When my eyes adjusted, I saw that I was high over a vast expanse of desert wasteland, which was rapidly approaching me. My whole body was tingling, supercharged with energy, and I remembered that I had a body.

The energy started to fade as the desert wasteland continued heading toward me. Then I remembered about gravity.

Hold on... no, no no... I'm not flying, I'm FALLING!

I frantically looked around... there was nothing but desert in ever-...there! Far off in the distance, I saw what looked like a huge oasis surrounding a lake. Closer in the direction of the lake there were white things that could have been houses. But what I saw below me was just a bunch of hard-packed sand and unfriendly-looking rocks, rushing up incredibly fast to-

And I remembered pain.

Actually, it barely hurt at all, considering that a fall from that height should have killed me many times over.

The tingling faded away completely. That energy must have been what protected me.

Except I didn't know how to move - I tried thinking about moving, but nothing happened.

That was alright. I decided that I was fine with not moving for a while, and I remembered sleep.

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Behind the Scenes

You know how for a while I've been hinting, and outright saying that the last act of the game will be in the catacombs of Stormfist Castle? Well, this does not appear to be anywhere near Stormfist Castle, so all bets are off.

(not a spoiler, go ahead and read:)  Yes, it does appear that the Divine One's emergent form in the cathedral of the Gods does appear to be female.  No, I don't know why, and no, that does not carry over into the real world.

What's fake in this update?