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Part 112: Patriarch

Chapter 82 - Patriarch

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Previously on Divine Divinity:

I know that you are a warrior of integrity, so as a reward I will tell you of the Dragon Armor. My guards have informed me that you have a piece of the set already.
What can you tell me about the Dragon Armor?
Ah, the Dragon Armor. Well, tales tell that Dwarven smiths crafted it during the Age of Chaos with the help of the human Anarond, a paladin in the League of Seven in the war against the creatures of Chaos. When Anarond slew the mighty dragon, Stis'rumbcunark, the other dragons vowed to cease battle and leave, on condition that the Dragon Armor be dismantled and spread across the world. And so it was done.

Chapter 82 - Patriarch

8 Apirus 1219

As I hurried across the wastes, I finally saw them with my own eyes. The demons. There were hundreds of them, scattered between here and the distant green trees surrounding the Black Lake oasis. They were protecting the area around the Black Lake. My new powers wouldn't be able to dispatch them instantly like with the imps.

But being a wizard teaches you that when the hammer fails, try another tool.

There were so many, so many.

What was it like, I wonder, for those soldiers in Ferol, on the front lines, watching the silent army of death approach, knowing how hopeless the battle was. What were they thinking?

A sudden gout of magical flame appeared around me. It could have roasted an ordinary man in his own armour, making a fine pre-packaged and pre-heated meal for some demon.

But I was no ordinary man. The fire was blazing hot, but I could have sat down and peacefully meditated in it for hours without worry. Instead I just walked out of it.

"About the Game" posted:

Some of the demons can cast the Divine skill Scorch. By now I've filled my armor with gold charms to raise all my resistances to 100 or greater, so I am utterly immune to elemental damage.

Scorch, like Hell Spikes, is "sticky", by which I mean it slows your movement for a little bit, which makes getting OUT of the danger zone harder and more dangerous.

Unfortunately, the demons are also highly resistant, so Hell Spikes are the best weapon here. The BEST-CASE pattern from here on out is enemies who have negative resistances to one type of damage, and 100 resistance to the other three.

Those soldiers. Were they hoping to buy just a few hours more for their families to escape? Did they figure that it was better to go down fighting, with wounds in their front, rather than fleeing with wounds in their back?

But a new horror approached, so I put aside my morbid thoughts of hopeless battles lost long ago.

This one was especially dangerous - it had the strength and skill of no less than six lesser demons.

I had wanted to conserve my energies as much as possible, but threats needed to be met with the appropriate level of force. It would be probably be less taxing to hit the huge demon with a lot of energy at once. I remembered the dwarvish curses spell I had learned.

"About the Game" posted:

There are also some scattered mini-bosses like Sand Horror's and Sand Devils, as well as Red Dragonriders. Some of those types are immune to everything, so you have to make your own weakness.

I blasted away the beast's protection - although that wouldn't last for very long. But I didn't need very long.

Because I only needed to hit him once.

The demon shrieked in surprise and disintegrated. I didn't take time to admire my victory. It was less than worthless. My real enemy was time. The more enemies I defeated, the closer I was to failing my goal. I reached out my mind, trying to sense where the dragon was.

I sensed a powerful presence north-east. Very powerful, and ancient, I thought. I headed that direction at once.

On the way, I encountered more demons. But I realized that there was a way to get time n my side after all - by creating a Temporal Storm to slow it to a crawl for my enemies.

Another dangerous-looking demon approached.

I didn't let this one get close either. I continued onward.

Father had a particularly extensive library for a former mercenary. A typical mercenary barely knows how to read, and only just enough to get by with simple contracts. Father was different, and he made sure that Jenna and I wouldn't turn out that way, either. Some of the books had been collected over many years. I had vivid memories of one in particular, and adventure story. It was special because it had illustrations. One particular image stayed with me. It was that of a huge dragon.

That memory had surfaced for obvious reasons. There was a huge dragon up ahead, a dead ringer for the picture.

Video: Patriarch, Lord of the Dragons

Flerrr... Flix! Go Far!
Far Away! Yes! Flix!
Flix flo flax! Other place!
Flo flay! Away!
You want me to leave? ME?! You dare suggest...
Blix! Is not us!
Nix nix nix! Is dark mistresses!
We like big dragon! Yes! Flix!
Flox! We love VERY big dragon... but dark mistresses hate, understand? Pleease?
I see. And they sent you as their messengers, did they? Didn't have the guts to come themselves?
Flix flix! Dragon wise! VERY wise. Umm... what dragon think?
Dragon think "I'm staying right here." What do you say to that?
Flixaflox and cat buttocks! Imps was afraid Dragon would say that...
Flo flay. Imps dead meat now, either way.
Flohfloh. This real trouble. Mistresses say dragon no go, imps have to kill bad-breath lizard. No offence.
Nix blix! This imp think dragon too big and mistresses far away.
Flex. This imp see other imps' point...
Flih. This imp say all imps go now!
Hiyaaa! Far from dark mistresses! Far from dragons! Let's go find rat for lunch! Hiyaaa!

The imps teleported away. The next instant, my heart leapt into my mouth as suddenly the dragon charged at me, moving faster than I thought something that size could move. It stopped just as quickly a few feet away.

As the Divine One, I was far more powerful than as a mere wizard. I had dispatched dozens of fearsome demons straight from hell in short order. But I knew well that there were limits to my power. There were still many beings who could squash me like a bug, and the huge black dragon before me had an unmistakable aura of power. I would have to choose my words carefully.

Oh mighty dragon, I have journeyed far to find thee.
Ah, thy tongue remembers the proper manner and form. It has been too long since I last had a civilized conversation. Although your manner of dress does NOT show respect?
I beg thy pardon, oh mighty dragon, but I do not understand.
You are wearing the Dragon Armor! I find it hard to believe that you are ignorant of the history of your special armor, Divinity! During the age of Chaos, the paladin Anarond used that armor to slay the dragon Stis'rumbcunark, who was allied with the forces of chaos. The other dragons serving chaos agreed to leave the battle, under the condition that the armor was disassembled and scattered.
And it was done so. But now I have need of it.
Do you? They say that the Heart of the Dragon can absorb the fire of a dragon's breath. Have you come here to test that, Divinity?

The dragon did not look happy - or the least bit scared. I dropped to one knee and looked down, showing submission.

Nay! I humbly come to you seeking friendship, not bloodshed, oh mighty dragon!
Hmmm... What is it thou requires of me, Divinity?

I got back up.

I have need of thy great lore, magnificent one.
Thou knowest that what I can give, cannot be given freely.
I would not presume so, your magnificence. Name thy price.

Wrong choice of words. There was an unpleasant rumble.

You dare to treat me like some lowly haggler, Divinity?
Forgive the ignorant words of my foolish tongue mighty one, I meant no disrespect.

The rumble subsided.

Thou art forgiven, Divinity. I shall be mindful that thou art a mere human hatchling and lack wisdom. I shall therefore tolerate thine ignorance, as long as thou doest remember thy place.
Your wisdom shines brilliantly mighty one. I humbly seek direction.
Humble? Are thou not a Divinity? Does't thou not have pride?
Right, a careful line. I can't be too arrogant, and I can't be too humble.
Again, they wisdom shines brightly and my ignorancei s revealed. Might I offer thee a gift?

What I was about to do was dangerous, but if Zandalor was right, this might be the best way.

How to become a living ghost.

With great effort, I was able to keep my face neutral and avoid smiling, which would surely have gotten me into trouble.

Alas, I fear that I do not have anything else which you desire. I shall leave thy glorious presence now and leave thee to thy rest. Perhaps we shall meet again?

There was too much eagerness in my voice. I had given up too easily. The dragon noticed that. There was a warning rumble.

I believe thou have tricked me, Divinity. I have no wish to speak with thee further.

However, he made no hostile moves, so I left at once, heading for the green trees, which were not that far away.

The surroundings were a nice change from the desert sands, but the demons were not.

But I was growing more powerful by the minute. My endurance was inhuman, and my reservoirs of magic were expanding, seemingly without end.

At last I reached the edge of the lake. I didn't want to go near it. There was a strong aura of dark magic around it. Swimming in it would be lethal, even to me. Nor would taking a boat across - even if I could find one - mitigate the effects. But this is why I had learned the spell.


It felt familiar, being incorporeal, like it felt when I was in the Lands of the Dead. I moved around with the power of thought.

I floated over the black, silent lake towards the island in center.

"About the Game" posted:

If you touch some of the puddles on the western part, you lose a bit of health. This spell is the only way to cross. Be especially cautious on the island, because if you get too close to the water there, you don't just lose a little health, you instantly drop dead, just as if you change back into human form over the water.

The foul lake was still and quite. Nothing lived in it, nothing moved except other spirits trapped around here. They paid me no heed.

I reached the island, which was good, because I couldn't hold the transformation any longer.

The island was full of Ghosts and horrible demons.

And then it was full of silence again.

I looked at the entrance to the dungeon, carved in the shape of a snake's head. I climbed into the mouth of the viper and found a teleporter pad. Without a moment's hesitation, I stepped into it and was whisked away.

Next Time: The Breaking of the Black Ring

Behind the Scenes

The Map:

I found a super-unique Morningstar weapon at that point in the desert. I don't feel like tracking down a screenshot.

Also I noted the location of a pocket canyon which holds FOUR Blue Dragonriders. They're very dangerous unless like me, you have maxed elemental resistances, in which case they are completely harmless. There's also a smaller island in the lake where someone has made a camp, although I don't know who or how they lived long enough to do so.

The next update is going to be HUGE. It's the third-last in the story, and I'll try and do as little of the dungeon as possible. But even cutting out everything non-essential, it's more than 60 screenshots, and there's no point in breaking it up in the middle. So I INSIST on a new page before posting that. It's for your own good. I repeat: Because the next update is the size of at least two regular updates, I'm not posting that until I have a new page. I've done the writing, but I still need to sort through some of the videos.

This is going to be the last update with a Behind the Scenes section as part of the post. The last ones are important enough that I want you to go out cold, without the decompression of a BtS section. The Behind the Scenes stuff will be posted separately later.

Alternate options with the Patriarch

You have multiple options when talking with the Patriarch. You can take them all, this quest is designed so that you can't fail permanently. You will have to start over if you say the wrong things, though.

You have to help me!
I have to, do I? Thy tone lacks respect, human. If thou cannot talk in a civilized manner, this conversation is at an end.
I am the Divinity. You are the one who will show respect!
Divine thou may be, but thou art lacking in wisdom and experience, and I do not have time to teach a human hatchling!

What is it thou requires of me, Divinity?
I seek to learn a spell.
Such a tone will not get you the lore thou seeks from me, hatchling.
I shall leave thy glorious presence now and leave thee to thy rest. Perhaps we shall meet again?

Why, the privilege of teaching me!
Thou art too presumptuous. I shall have none of this... be gone!

All my Gold.
I have no need of Gold. Whatever Gold thou have is a mere drop compared to my hoard of that metal.
It must be impressive since I have 1.35 million gold.

All that I possess.
Ha! What need have I of thy worldly possessions? Thou insults me. Here, have this axe and understand I really don't care.
This is the best wrong option to pick, because he gives you a free super-unique axe.

Look at that: SIX weapon modifiers, all of them rank 4 or 5. O f course the stats on yours will be random.

Kill Count: The Desert

There is nothing to do in the desert except to kill things. So I did.

What's fake in this update?