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Part 114: The Breaking of the Black Ring - Part 2

Chapter 83 - The Breaking of the Black Ring - Part 2

Music - "Voin"
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This fortress' theme-coloured crystal was green.

Video: Gargoyle Horde

The elf Cornelius was lurking in the northwestern-most corner.

Video: BOSS - Cornelius

All right. Go ahead. Freeze me again. Try it.

He scowled. We both knew that wouldn't work on the Divine One.

"About the Game" posted:

Cornelius is much like Moriendor. He has the same skill-set, the same lack of resistances, and Moriendor's portrait is in this act, for some reason, just Cornelius's portrait except with a red cloak instead of green (even though Moriendor used to have a unique portrait and he didn't look like Cornelius).

Cornelius fights us on his own with no helpful allies. He has Blind Rank 5 and Hell Spikes Rank 5, so you won't be able to see him. Luckily, Hell Spikes doesn't need a target.

The elf cast a spell, and suddenly everything went dark. I couldn't see!

But I could hear his footsteps just fine. I pounded spikes into where he was again and again, despite my blindness.

He eventually had to cast a healing spell on himself. It gave away his position even more.

The blindness wore off, and I wasn't going to give him enough time to concentrate on re-casting it.

Are you not paying attention or something? 'Cause I kinda... am.

The path to the fifth and final fortress was populated by Death Knights, instead of the usual Gargoyles. This one's crystals were orange.

Josephina awaited in the center.

Video: BOSS - Josephina

How much trouble I'VE put YOU through?! What about how much trouble YOU'VE put ME THROUGH?

"About the Game" posted:

Just like before, Josephina is by far and away the most dangerous boss.She's on her own this time, and the room is much larger, and her stats are almost the same - save a much larger health pool, but all that means is that she's merely a TOUGH boss, not a super-dangerous boss.

She still summons Death Knights, she still blinds you, and she casts Rank 5 Hell Spikes which will wreck your day. I have over 1350 HP, and look how fast she drains it. There's not really a lot you can do about this either. I think that the shield she uses keeps the Hell Spikes from stunning her.

The Blind spell she uses on you forces you into using Hell Spikes mostly. The biggest difference in this fight compared to last time is that I have a bigger HP and Mana pool, although I don't know if there is an HP pool big enough to safely deal with Josephina.

I asked the Gods for their blessings while Josephina summoned a Death Knight. And then she Blinded me.

Things were NOT going as planned.

I had to heal up at once.

It didn't help for long. I popped a Restoration potion - a rare occurrence since becoming the Divine One.

I might not be able to see her, but I could sense her magical shield, and I homed in on it.

You've achieved the privilege of getting killed by me.
No... *gasp* we've... delayed you... *gasp* ... The ritual should be nearly complete by now... we've won... Aahhhhhhhhhhhh...

The self-satisfied grin she wore on her face chilled my blood cold.

I hurried toward the ritual site. With his inner circle dead, I could hear the words of the ritual if I focused.

It was still going on. I wasn't too late.

I shattered the wall of black crystal easily.

Video: Lightning Cascade 3

Out of my way!!

Another wall shattered.

Damnit! Hurry up and die!

I could hear the words of ritual. I wasn't too late.


The fourth wall of spikes shattered.

And the fifth. The Demon of Lies' fortress was just ahead.

I could hear the words of the ritual still.


And then suddenly, nothing! The silence that came was jarring. The ritual was completed.
I stretched out my mind and I saw.

Video: Too Late (Voice Acting) IMPORTANT

The baby... Suddenly it all became horrifyingly clear...

There wasn't a kind bone in Iona's body, so why was Jenna still alive?

They kept her alive until now for some reason, didn't they?
Will they really keep her alive once they're done with me? They'll never let her leave here alive.

I could tell that Jenna wasn't telling me the whole story. She held her arms close to her body and rubbed her left wrist nervously. It was then that I finally realized what was different about her. I saw that she wasn't in the same shape as when I'd seen her months ago. There was a very slight, but noticeable bulge in her mid-section.

"Jenna? Are you... are you pregnant?" I asked incredulously.

She looked down and nodded, "I-It's Richard's baby. We..." A tear carved a channel down her dirt-streaked face.

"Jenna, it's all right. It's going to be fine," I said.

Here, my Divinity. Take this as well.

He also handed me a dagger. It looked very interesting. It had an ornate red handle with a gold skull at the end, and a finger-guard shaped like a gold fang. The blade itself was wavy. It looked more ornamental than functional, though.

What's this for? You just gave me a sword to replace the dagger, and then you gave me another dagger?
Oh no, that's not to fight with. It's for... it's for protection. It's inscribed with many powerful runes of protection. In case of dire need, you may have a use for it, although I hope that does not come to pass.

I looked at Zandalor. There was something odd about his words. But I wasn't interested in sending time puzzling over the cryptic words of the old wizard.

Zandalor, you bastard, YOU BASTARD!!! You knew this could happen, and you didn't tell me! YOU KNEW!!!