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Part 118: Epilogue - ...if all are to be saved.

Epilogue - Behind the Scenes

Previously, on Divine Divinity:

9 Sembten, 1218

The quaking stopped as energy streamed from a hard-to-notice gem in the base of each of the Dragon statues into a set of matching hard-to notice gems on the statue of Mardaneus.

The statue of Mardaneus lifted off of the foundation, hovered for a second…

Video - First statue in orbit

…then it shot up and southeast at an incredible pace, accompanied by a sound like a thunderclap, drawn out to unnatural length. The statue continued accelerating until it was a dot in the sky, and then I even lost sight of the dot!

As the sound of the statue's flight gradually faded with distance, Lanilor hurriedly rushed up.

My word! That's quite a sight!
Indeed! For the life of me, I can't remember ever seeing anything like it.

20 Sembten, 1218

Bah! What a bunch of worthless tripe! Why did I buy this new book? "True Tales" my arse!

The man walked away, leaving his book behind on a table. Curiosity got the better of me. I had to see for myself what was so bad about the book. The book was very new, the pages were crisp and unstained and you could still faintly smell the ink.

If only he knew…

22 Sembten 1218

There were two guards standing near each other, watching the night sky, instead of the ground.

Hail, Lord Protector!
Lord Protector, Hail!

The guards saluted, and then quickly turned their eyes heavenward once again.

What are you staring at?
We're watchin' for the sky man.
The sky man. Haven't you seen him? He goes flying overhead the dukedom each night.
Sometimes twoice.
(whispering) I think he's a wizard.
Some of the lads are thinking of pitchin' in for a spyglass, so's we can see …im closer-like.
Shh! …ere he comes!

I looked up too, and sure enough, there was something moving among the stars. I strained my eyes trying to get a better look as it passed by overhead.

It was the statue of Mardaneus, formerly of Aleroth. I watched with the guards as it silently flew out of sight.

7 Apirus, 1219

I took a few steps away from the orcs, and then I stopped and looked up at the sky.

Navigating by the stars is all well and good if you know where you are and where you're going. I know neither and can't see very well. Too bad there isn't a moon up. ... wait… wasn't a moon almost full just before the ritual?

I shook the confusion off.

No, I'm not going to wander off at night, with who knows what out there, not even knowing where the hell I'm going.

As I lowered my gaze from the stars, I saw something shoot by overhead in my peripheral vision. I looked back up, but it was moving too fast to identify. I had a nagging feeling of familiarity, though.

And now, the conclusion:

9 Apirus, 1218

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