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Part 16: Thelyron Hashnitor MUST DIE... again

Chapter 12 - Thelyron Hashnitor MUST DIE... again

Music - "Halls Beneath the Ground"
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"What's your name?" I asked, trying to be friendly.

"Are you a dullard? I said that... I WAS BUSY!" The skeleton snapped.

Compared to the others I'd encountered, this skeleton was a LOT friendlier than everything else, so I persisted.

"What was your name again?" I said, smiling pleasantly.

The skeleton's red points contracted, giving the impression of it narrowing its eyes. "Don't irritate me, you insidious trickster! My name is Desmond. Now let me continue my studies.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

Desmond slapped his club into his hand in exasperation. "For Cull's sake! You, stranger, are getting on my nerves. I am TRYING to work out how to revive Thelyron!

So he is still dead. Then what's causing the problem with Mardaneus... unless... Maybe his spirit is somehow stuck inside Mardaneus. If I help complete the ritual, maybe I can get that crazy necromancer back in his own body - and out of Mardaneus's.
So what seems to be the problem?

"What are your instructions?" I asked.

"Very simple. To resurrect Thelryon, several levers have to be moved in the correct order. It's my job to move the lever of flesh," Desmond said, in the patient manner of one who was instructing a rather slow child.

"Could you show it to me?" I asked

I didn't think it was possible for a skeleton to sigh without lungs, but somehow Desmond managed.

"Do I have a choice?" he snapped. "You seem to take pleasure in harassing me, so we'd better get over with it. Come on, follow me."

"Excellent," I smiled.

Video - Should have checked the warranty

I followed Desmond past a tomb in the center of the room. It was surrounded with four pillars inscribed with dozens and dozens of runes in a complicated pattern. I doubted I could make heads or tails of them even if I had all my memories back.

He led me to a large stone column in the southeastern part of the room. There was a lever which Desmond pulled. There was a distinct chime that echoed throughout the room.

Then I heard another chime from the northeastern part of the room, and then... nothing else happened. I looked expectantly at Desmond. He just stared back. "That's it, that's as far as we can get," he said

There was a brief moment of silence.

"Look. I've got a lot of work to do. I don't need an idiot wandering 'round my room asking foolish questions," Desmond said curtly.

"Tell you what. If I figure out the problem, I'll call your name, and then you pull your lever, OK?" I said.

"Fine, whatever. Just go away and let me think," Desmond said.

I left Desmond to his musings and wandered through the room. I saw another skeleton. It was nice to see a friendly face... well, for something that didn't have a face, it at least looked friendly.

"Hello?" I asked cautiously.

Yes, it's a hard world, so I can always use a healing potion.
Excellent! Here you are. I hope the potion will help you.

The potion was bigger and of higher quality than the usual ones I'd been finding down here.

Greetings, Stan. What are you doing down here?
Well, I spent my life in a small abbey before I fell from one of the parapets. It was a very windy day, as I recall... I was resurrected by master Thelryon.

"About the Game" posted:

There's nothing to be gained by refusing any of the skeleton's gifts. Besides - free stuff! If you tell Stan you fear it might be a poison, he drinks it himself and says that it didn't kill him, so it wasn't poison. Then he laughs. All undead are immune to poison.

In the north-eastern corner was another one of the special columns, with another special lever. I greeted the skeleton manning it.

Hello, friend.

Yes, thank you!
Here you are. Enjoy! I'll see if I can find more gold coins, since you're interested. You know, it's always a pleasure to meet nice people.
Tell me, what kind of person were you in your former life?
I was a nobleman from Verdistis. I forget my full name... I worked with a scientist - I do remember that. Unfortunately, I got caught up in a conflict with the Assassin's Guild.
So, what happened next?

Ahhh... Did Thelyron give you instructions to resurrect him?
As a matter of fact he did. I have to wait until the lever of flesh is moved and the flesh chime sounds. Then, I'm supposed to pull the lever of aging. I have done it over and over, but without success.

I headed over to the northwestern corner and...

Ah. This would be the problem. I thought the skeletons were getting old, and here you go.

I decided to indulge my curiosity and visit the last corner. On the way I met yet another skeleton.


Yes, I can probably sell this ironware to some shopkeeper.

That was actually a rude thing to say out loud, but he didn't mind. I suppose being dead mellows some people out.

So you are pleased with my gift? That's marvelous! Perhaps I can find a nice two-handed sword for you? Stay close. I'll see what I can do.
What's your name?
I'm Celdur the weapon smith. There's all kind of weapons lying around in these catacombs. Say, you haven't seen my sword lying around somewhere in those piles of junk?
Sword? Actually, no. Lots of axes, but no swords. I'll see you later.

There was another special column and another attending skeleton in the southwest corner.

Greetings. What be your name?
I am... was... Miranda, one of the servants of the Great Thelyron. I worked for more than twenty years for the man.
Please tell me more about Thelyron.
He was a necromancer of great power who lived in these catacombs. Now we're supposed to be trying to resurrect him.
Darling... you simply can't guess how dull it is down here. Imagine how wonderful it would be if Thelyron returned to our little group. He was a... pragmatic man, I'll admit, but sometimes he could be very humorous. I miss him...
I presume that he left instructions to help resurrect him.
Why yes! I need to wait for the lever of strength to be moved, hear the strength chime, and then I complete the sequence by moving the lever of life. It is so exciting! I just can't wait to see what happens!
You mean you've never moved the lever of life?
Of course not! First the lever of strength needs to be moved. Without that, the sequence is ineffective!
I see. Well, milady, I must take my leave of you now.
Please don't go away. I want to talk to you!
What do you want from me?
You know, I'm feeling rather lonely. I simply can't remember how long it's been since I walked to such a handsome young man! I wonder... I suppose you have a girlfriend at present?
Um... no?
Perhaps we could spend a night together in the Dwarven Bread Inn? Hmmm... Now that would be an experience for both of us!

Miranda's left eye-glow dimmed, then returned to normal.

Did it - I mean, she - just WINK at me?!
Damn it though! I don't think that I can leave this place... Oooo, I could stamp!
Yes... that's... too bad. Wellgottagoseeyoulater.

I left as fast as dignity would allow. My curiosity about speaking politely with the undead had entirely evaporated.

I examined the dagger Celdur had given me. It would probably fetch a few dollars, but nothing exceptional. I wasn't likely to use it for much else, Daggers weren't known as a wizard's weapon...

24 Declianum 1216 - 22 O'clock

The brawl between the gang working for the thug known as Mickey and the gang run by the man named Simmons was fierce. The fighting was getting a lot more violent than the occasional ones at the taverns up near the university. Maybe I shouldn't have come here. I hid under the table and hoped not to be seen.

Nearby, a thug with a club had pushed a thug with a dagger backwards onto a table. The dagger-thug snarled and tried to take a swipe from his semi-prone position, but the club-thug simply smacked his arm with the club, making a loud popping sound as the bone broke. The dagger flew from his hand and skipped across the floor, where it spun to a stop underneath my table. The now-unarmed thug bellowed in pain and clutched his broken arm. The club wielding thug raised his club up, and I turned away. The painful cries of the unarmed thug were cut short forever with a wet crunch.

I'm in trouble. I don't think the Watch comes in to break these up.

The dead thug wouldn't need his dagger anymore, so I picked it up. Maybe I was just scared, but the weapon felt comfortable in my hand, as if it belonged there.

I got into position. "DESMOND? PULL YOUR LEVER!" I shouted across the room.

I heard a chime coming from Desmond's corner, then one from Horace's corner. I pulled my lever, a third chime came, and then I heard a fourth chime come from Miranda's corner.

The powerful magic which had been saturating my senses suddenly was discharged as the ritual drained the mystic power.

Video - Thelyron Returns

Our master has returned!
Ohhh Master... finally you are with us once again!
Oh my sweet minions... I knew you could bring me back!

The atmosphere here suddenly seemed to get cold... the same unnatural, malevolent cold I had felt in Zombie Jake's cellar. It was something evil that I was sensing. The undead necromancer turned his horrible eyes upon me.

He's probably off trying to milk a tree, for all I know. So you're responsible for his mad behaviour?
Why him?

"Well, I'm off..." I said hopefully.

All right. Thank you... I guess.

I started to head off at a fast walk.

I will NOT run. I will NOT run...
I knew I should have run.
What's wrong?
Are you all right? Err... do you want me to bring you a healer?
NOT MORTAL PAIN... oh no... please... stranger... help me... kill me... please... and kill my servants... this is not meant to be! I didn't know... please?
I resurrected you, and now you want me to kill you?
Slay me... please! I cannot endure this... and, I beg you... kill my poor servants... I didn't know! They deserve peace... not this... abomination! How could I have known? Mardaneus! You were right! YOU WERE RIGHT!
If I kill you, will you haunt Mardaneus again?
No... this will be... MUST be a final end!
I do pity you, horror that you are. Prepare yourself!

I killed the creature with a single strike.

But when he died, all his stored energy released itself with unfortunate consequences. Energy enveloped the five friendly skeletons...

...But most importantly, about two dozen other skeletons materialized from gods-know-where. I noticed that many of them were rather large, and none were looking too happy.

There I was, standing over the freshly re-deadified master of these skeletons, staff in my hand. I smiled, trying to look friendly.

Our master has been killed! Me must avenge him! Come my brothers - ATTACK!
Wait! It's not what you think! Horace? Miranda? Tell them!

For whatever reason, they no longer seemed to recognize me, and with a heavy heart our short-lived friendship came to an end as they surrounded me, weapons raised. Skeletal Conjurers materialized in more and more.

I was boxed in; it was too late to run.

Next Time: Fresh Air and Blood

Behind the Scenes

Map of the Ritual Room:

When I was writing this, Chapter 13 used to be part of this chapter as well, but 12 and 13 have a different feel, it would have been cramming two separate ideas into one chapter, making it feel too long. And I had been considering using this particular cliffhanger for a while anyway.

Once you enter this room, the door locks behind you. You cannot use magic or attack the skeletons here until you solve the puzzle. You probably also cannot teleport out with the pyramid.

I didn't add anything of substance to any of the skeletons' dialogue. This is pretty much all in-game. Yes, including the girl skeleton that tries to hit on you. I did add some of Celdur's additional lines into the LP, but they are all from the game.

I don't remember if we meet the scientist that Horace mentioned, but as for the other person...

In a refreshing twist, Thelyron will not fight you at all. You'd think that if you refuse to kill him, he would attack you and force your hand. Instead he threatens to haunt Mardaneus for eternity of you don't kill him, and you're only left with the option to attack.

The next update will have a subtitled (out-of-character) video showing off the combat. It won't exactly match the screenshots, because I took them at different times. And next update, we leave the Aleroth cataombs behind for good, and Aleroth soon after that. Three updates until the main quest starts.

What's fake in this update?