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Part 27: Fake Update #3 - Fight Night in the Dwarven Bread Inn

Fake Update #3 - Fight Night in the Dwarven Bread Inn

Alternate Title: "Th' fu'st rul' o' fi'ht cl'b ish we dunt ta'k ab't fi'ht cl'b... bec'ush it hu'ts to ta'k"

Music - "Drunk With Dwarven Mirth"
Download (Thanks to Grawl)

"About the Game" posted:

This is the music I should have been using in the Dwarven Bread Inn all along. I changed it in the real Chapter 21.

I didn't see Zandalor anywhere, so I decided to look around and talk to people. A blonde woman who looked sad caught my eye.

You look troubled, what is the matter?
Oh, it is my boyfriend Christopher... He's got this crazy idea that he should beat Burleigh in the bar's fight. I don't know what came over him!
What can you tell me about this bar fight?
It is a cruel game, people fight Burleigh for money. He is a very strong guy, I don't think anyone can beat him! The ring is in the tavern's basement.

I talked to someone else.

Thanks for your time.

I found the basement.

There was a fight just about to start.

Right! Let the fight begin!

The big man ruthlessly pounded his opponent, it was hard to watch, I could see why Silvana didn't like it. Finally, the smaller man gave up.

I talked to him afterwards.

Who is Silvana?
Silvana is my love.
Are you Christopher?
Yes, how did you know?
Nevermind, continue.
If I could prove to Silvana that I am strong, she would forever be mine! I tried to beat Burleigh, but I am too weak. Silvana will never be mine.
What can you tell me about Burleigh?
Burleigh is that big brute over there in the ring. He is the unbeaten champion, I tried to fight him but he is just too strong...
How can I fight Burleigh?
Go and talk to Sean, he handles all the fights. As to how you should beat him I can't give you any advice!

I talked to Sean.

Hmmm... if he owns the place, maybe he knows something about Zandalor.
I'm looking for Zandalor, he said I would meet him here. He is an old wizard.
Yes, he was here a few days ago, but he already left. I saw him talking a lot to some heavily armoured guy though, he is still upstairs. Maybe he knows where Zandalor went.
The armoured guy?
Yes. His name is Water or something.
What can you tell me about this tavern?
Well, I've been running this place since my father's death four years ago. We've build up quite a reputation for good beer and savage fistfights over in our battle bit yonder. The fights that is, not the beer.
I'd like to learn more about this bar fight.
So you want to fight against Bruiser Burleigh? Aye, the customers would live that. All you've got to do is pay be an entrance fee of 500 gold - just to keep out the riff-raff, you understand - and climb into the pit. The rest is up to you... and Burleigh, of course. Oh, and if you win, you get 2000 gold!
This is pathetic! With all the trouble in the world, and a war about to start, you're outing on blood sports to please the mob!
It's all in fun, my friend. Nobody's supposed to get hurt... Well, at least not badly hurt. Anyway, the whole region's proud of Bruiser Burleigh's unbroken record of victories in the pit. Even the veteran Captain Mitox got off lightly with a broken nose!

I had no interest in participating in such savagery, so I returned upstairs.

I talked to Christopher, he thinks you will love him more if he beats Burleigh.
What? But that is ridiculous! I don't care about such things... I just don't want to see him harmed.

"About the Game" posted:

There are two very different choices here. One is the nice thing to do. The other - if RPG tradition holds true, will send Christopher back in the ring to prove his manhood get brutally beaten for our amusement. Let's be nice first...

I talked to Silvana, she says you are a fool to try and prove yourself by fighting this brute. She says she loves you anyway, she doesn't care whether you beat this Burleigh fellow or not!
What? Is this true? You mean Silvana doesn't care whether I am strong or weak? If so, she must be quite upset with me, I have to go talk to her!

I followed him upstairs.

Thank you for bringing Christopher to his senses! I want you to have these healing potions I bought in case Christopher got hurt!
You have my thanks, Sir! You were right about Silvana, to think I nearly lost her because I wanted to prove myself against Burleigh...

"About the Game" posted:

For helping, we get 3 minor healing potions. Doing this doesn't net us any experience at all, by the way.

What happens if we lied to Christopher?

I talked to Silvana, she thinks you are a loser if you can't beat Burleigh. She wants a man who is strong, and you obviously aren't!
Here it comes, he's going to call for a rematch... this should be GOOD...
What? If that's how she feels... I will go and talk to her immediately, she deserves better than me.


You! Why did you lie to me about Silvana? She says she doesn't want me to fight Burleigh. I don't want to talk to you anymore, you bastard!
Hey, you are the one that lied to Christopher! I don't care about how strong he is at all! I never want to see you again!

"About the Game" posted:

It feels refreshing that goading him into trying to fight doesn't work, and just backfires on you. But enough play, there's a Bruiser who needs beating!

Fighting Burleigh

Level 11 Jeremiah stands ZERO chance, so I'm bringing in a ringer: Level 28 Jeremiah! To make it fair, I am stripping him out of all his equipment (well, you need to for the fight). Here is Level 28 Jeremiah before pumping 30 points into Constitution, drinking all his Strength potions, and buffing his attributes with two Rank 5 spells.

Here's Level 28 Jeremiah AFTER doing that.

I think we're ready.

You lose all your inventory when going into the ring, but you can toss weapons in beforehand if you want to cheat. But I'll try this legit. Magic is also disabled there, which is why my shields vanished. Only the visual effect of the buffs vanished - not the buffs themselves.

Video - Jeremiah versus Burleigh

I BARELY had enough health to survive this. I was down to 33 HP at the end. One or two more hits and I'd have lost. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to do this in the real game. I won't have that much health "naked" because I spent all my spare attribute points on Intelligence after I determined that I wouldn't need the extra health.