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Part 34: Fake update #6: A Tour of the Battlefield

Fake update #6: A Tour of the Battlefield

I've already shown the most interesting features of the Battlefield, now I'll show off the rest.

Here's a map to start off with.

Just off the edge to the west is the front lines village with Captain Mitox. Just off the edge to the north is the Dwarven Bread Inn. There is more to the map east and south, but this was the best view of everything.

There are Portal Stones (Teleporters without the requirement for a race's scroll) in the Northwestern and Northeastern parts of the map which connect to each other. This lets you travel from the Dwarven Bread Inn to the Dwarven Forest quickly. Just to the northwest of the Dwarven Forest portal stone is the Dwarven Forest Teleport platform. That one is just there to help move the player around faster to unload their loot.

Here are some of the various skirmishes on the map.

This one seems to tell the tale of a mage who took down three orcs before being felled by an arrow.

It's hard to tell, but that's a human-style tent, so I think this used to be a human or dwarven outpost before it was overrun.

The north mineshaft exit is the site of a small orc camp

There's an abandoned cart of coffins by the roadside heading up to the Dwarven Bread Inn. I don't know if they're new or if it was the cargo of grave robbers. Could be either.

This caravan didn't make it out in time.

The center-east part of the map consists of the Dwarven Woods. It sounds odd I know to think of a forest in Dwarven lands which is pristine and untouched, but here it is. There's a couple of interesting things in it, but it's generally just a place to fight orcs and wolves. I'll show off most of the woods in a later fake update, we won't be visiting the woods officially.

Here's a small orc campfire on the edge of the woods. The tent contained 3 spider mines, if you're curious.

And lastly, here's an easter egg...

In case you didn't know (like me), this is a reference to Drizzt Do'urden, a dark elf character in several D&D based books and games (Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate), who dual wields scimitars. His best friend is Cattie Brie.