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Part 39: Fake update #7: Quest for The Treasure, Part 1

Fake update #7: Quest for The Treasure, Part 1

I've decided that given Jeremiah's origins, and his primary goal, he's not going to be motivated by profit, so he'd see a long complicated quest for treasure as a distraction from his important goals. But me, the person playing the game, I'm certainly interested.

The quest begins like all others, by exploring...

In the southwest part of the initial map is a cave. It is south of the Poor Quarter graveyard and north of the Archer's Guild.

Inside are a bunch of small spiders, a few large spiders...

...and one REALLY big spider. It's like level 23 or 27 or something, I think. It fires Elemental Bolts.

Elemental Bolt
- This spell fires a slow-moving ball of fire and lightning which homes in on the target. It can be outrun by the player and it will eventually dissipate. At Rank 1 it does 10-70 fire and lightning damage for 15 magic, at Rank 5 it does 30-144 fire and lightning damage for 23 magic.

I don't use this because honestly, it's just a variation on Elemental Hail, and because of a glitch with the spellbooks, no Elemental Bolt spellbooks can be found. If I'm going to pump points into an Multi-Elemental Damage spell which can't be found in spellbooks, I may as well save the points for Elemental Strike, which is better. Despite being called fire and lightning damage, Spellshield doesn't seem to be depleted by it.

Anyway, kill the spiders and there's something on the blood-stained altar.

It looks like a piece of a map. Picking it up (picking up ANY of the pieces) activates a quest...

The map is weightless, so feel free to carry it around forever. Activating the quest gives us dialogue options with certain people, even without the map in your inventory. This is why I'm posting this update now, next update we'll get the second piece of the map behind the scenes.

Even if you know exactly where to go, the quest can't be completed until we have all four pieces, so there's no point in rushing things. Besides, I have 40 good reasons why I should wait to do this quest.

This is in its own update because there was no way to get here in my narrative. But the rest of the map pieces can be found in the behind the scenes parts of other updates.