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Part 46: Fake Update #9 - West/Southwest Ferol

Fake Update #9 - West/Southwest Ferol

Osmosisch posted:

Yeah, I was just thinking this would have been a lot more meaningful if you as a player actually gave a crap about any of those characters. I think the fact that it even reads like an important choice is a testament to how strongly the character of Jeremy is influencing the LP. So I think that has worked out well.

Thanks. That's good, this is one of the reasons why I wanted to do this as a narrative in the first place. If this scene works, then some later, more important scenes will probably also work. I hope.

Fake Update #9 - West/Southwest Ferol

From Homer's house, if you follow the road south, you'll pass by a tree which has a bottle of wine, a bucked of fruit, and this note. I believe it's a reference to Stephen King's "IT".

Further south, and west of the Poor Quarter is a bandit camp hidden in the woods. There's just random loot in their stuff, and no associated quests. Those woods are also filled with Orcs, but the bandits and orcs won't attack each other. Watch out though...

...Bandits can drop Trail Bombs as they chase you, and if you step on one with low health, it's time to reload. Points in "Evade Trap" will help you spot those, otherwise they're invisible.

South of the Tent Camp, and north of the house which had the robbers holding the family hostage, there's this book which I only found when making the LP.

And on the outskirts of the Poor Quarter graveyard, you see this scene. Looks like we've got some grave-robbers, Victor and Antoninette. She doesn't tell us much, she just tells us to talk to Victor.

What do you want, stranger? We've got little time.
What are you doing here?
None of your damn business!
Well, from where I'm standing, your activities look pretty illegal. Maybe I should tell the gravedigger about you.

Refreshingly, these guys don't have the stomach for a fight.

So now you know where all those skeletons in Aleroth came from...

Thelyron? Hmmm... I know that name somehow. You know, I think I killed him a while ago...
You've killed our employer? Oh sod it! That means we're out of business.
Bad luck guys. If I were you, I'd put everything back the way you found it before any relatives catch you mucking around with their lost loved-ones and plant you here too.

You get experience for telling them about Thelyron's demise (30,000 at my level), then they scram.

If you hadn't killed Thelyron, you've got a different option, but you get no experience from it.

You're delivering dead bodies to a necromancer? Don't you think there are enough undead creatures shambling around the world already?!

And you miss out on the experience for telling them Thelyron is dead.