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Part 70: Fake Update #14: The Rivertown Sewers

Fake Update #14: The Rivertown Sewers

For a place which seemingly hasn't invented firearms, The Dukedom of Ferol surprisingly has a VERY extensive underground sewer system.

Here's the part for Ferol. It stretches underground, from the Poor Quarter to Rivertown Market.

For comparison, here's a map showing the locations of the entrances above ground.

If you were to use your instincts, You might think that the way into Stormfist Castle would be in the northern part of the map, certainly north of the poor quarter.

Naturally, you'd be wrong. If you were to go into that direction, you'd get a nasty surprise. I'm sure that the Developers did this on purpose. They're not above pulling dick moves.

Here's the pathway which geographically matches, it seems to be importantly placed, and where you have a good chance of finding first - especially if you approach from the Verdistis sewers.

Here's where you end up. The execution and torture room, right beside that crack in the wall. That door-shaped thing is a wall. The too-small-looking crack which looks like every other non-interactive crack in a wall is the way out, but it's easy to panic and mis click. That's because you're not alone in this room.

Video - BOSS: The Executioner] (Voice acted line)

He's got about 1900 HP, and hits hard, but he is a human, so he has no resistances, making him easy to take down with some useful elemental attacks like Burning Wall. (more on that in a minute)

Nice Tattoo. I wish I'd thought of using Photoshop to double the size of images before, it might have helped with some things I wanted to do in the House of Madness.

Here's the entire execution area. Click the image for a larger size. The walls don't look like the room is tall enough for that gallows, though. Notice that I didn't color my mana bar grey - that's because there is no anti-magic field around here. You can cast all the spells you want. This is a clue that you're in the wrong place.

Here are some prison cells. I think that if you had turned Dorian the cow thief into Tom, you'd be able to find him in one of these, but I'm not going to check. Elrath certainly doesn't show up here, or ever again. I think that Iona might have followed through on her threat.

Here's a castle guard watching me. This door leads to stairs going up to somewhere, but it is completely unpickable.

The guard suggests that you're in Stormfist. While you should be, if you think about the geography, you are not.

This is a combination of two consecutive shots from my test run which was too funny to leave out.

Here's another nasty part. If you have the skill Wizard's Sight, you can reveal the area and see a stairwell going down. You can't get to it. It's just there to tease and mislead you.

The correct way, in defiance of all common sense, is to go SOUTHEAST from the poor quarter entrance. On the overworld map, at BEST, you'd end up in the barracks. This can be rationalized by having the Stormfist Catacombs be incredibly large and confusing (which they are, it's really tedious to navigate).

But let's back up for a minute. In a fake update, I showed off the Merchant's Guild quest where you went into the sewers. But that wasn't the first time I went down there.

Back in chapter 27, I bought a spider statue. I haven't used it in the narrative, but actually, I used it almost right away.

I can transform from human to spider right in front of enemies and they don't care. They treat me like a friendly until I change back. Buried zombies do pop up, but they don't attack.

There's a reason why I popped into the Rivertown sewers as soon as I got the spider statue. There are three spellbooks down here.

For Summon skeleton. This is a pretty worthless book, by the time you can get it, the skill is outdated and underpowered.

Not far from there is a lovely stash of potions and a Restoration skillbook. The book can't actually be walked to or picked up. But if you have two points into Telekinesis (which I had), you can use that to snatch it up. This is the third or fourth free Restoration skillpoint in the game.

Far in the Southeast is a treasure trove of all kinds of stuff, gathered by some Ghouls and Greater Ghouls. The prize is a Spellshield Skillbook.

More stuff, which can only be reached via Telekinesis.

A bunch of potions.

Another thing in the Rivertown Sewers is a well fill of goodies and fish. Probably a stash of the Lizard People's stuff. In addition to Spiders and Zombies, the sewers are full of Lizard people. Mostly, you'll find melee warriors and ranged assassins. There's an occasional Lizard mage as well. They're about level 21 or so. All of them are hostile and attack on sight. Goemoe is the ONLY friendly lizard in the entire game. The Verdistis Sewers have tougher versions, and include the explosive-flinging Fanatic.

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Behind the Scenes

I was planning on including the Verdistis Sewers under here as well, but I didn't do that one for like seven more levels and I have a different hat in my screenshots.