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Part 75: No Sanctuary

Chapter 55 - No Sanctuary

Music - "Whispers from a Council Past"
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I didn't waste my energy trying to struggle.

Godsdamnit, I'm sick and tired of being on the losing end of these magical traps. This is the third one in three days. Can you get out, Zandalor?
No! There's too much power.
Is it hopeless, then?
Nay... I think there is a chance, at least for one of us to break free.
What can we do?
I can sense your mystic aura, young one. Did you receive magical training somewhere?
I did...
Don't you see? The demoness is maintaining two cages. Even for someone of her power...
Of course! How could I forget! It takes exponentially more power and concentration to maintain two separate fields...
So she has to remain focused to keep the cages up. If we try escaping, it will increase the strain on the cages, possibly enough to set us both free. We must expend our energy at the same time. You have a power in you, Jeremiah. You are stronger then you know, more powerful that that demon. The vile Succubus cannot keep us both contained if we push together
Alright. When you are ready
On the count of three... two... one... NOW

Zandalor and I strained with our wills against the bonds of the cage. The cages glowed brightly, and then they began to flicker and dim. Soon both cages were badly flickering and nearing collapse - as were we. Suddenly, my cage vanished and I sprawled out on the floor, breathing heavily from the exertion.

We did it! We're free! I said, breathing heavily.
Just you, I'm afraid.

I opened my eyes. Zandalor's cage was still around him, glowing strongly.

I don't understand, it was working
Oh, it did work, young one! As I suspected, the Succubus could not maintain both cages, so at the last second she decided to release...
... the weaker of her foes. Yes, I see. I just need a moment to catch my breath before I go face... her.

I was tired from the effort and drank a potion.

Can't you break the spell that's holding you? She's been weakened now, yes?
No, damn it, I can't break loose! I'm trapped like a rabbit in a snare. The more I try to shatter my bonds, the tighter they grip me! That demon couldn't hold both of us, so she let you go and tightened her grip on me.
Maybe I can free you.
It's no use. Besides, I've been in the catacombs under Stormfist for more than a week with little sleep. Even if I were free, it's questionable how much use I would be in a fight. You must face her alone. Do it quickly, while she is still tired.
Can you still cast magic?

Certainly not against my prison, nor can I use any powerful spells aimed beyond its bounds. When the succubus attacked I cast a bolt of lightning at her, but the spell was negated by the cage. But perhaps I can still perform a shorter-range spell. Let me try a healing spell on you. Shez ban allavere!

I felt the energy flow over me.

Ahhh, yes! At least your healing spells still work.
Good luck, Jeremiah. You must prevail. We will need this place if we are to have any chance at stopping the Black Ring... and, there is nowhere else to run.

Thankfully, I once again had the ability to use my magic, so I left the Singing Blade behind and switched to my dagger and shield.

I walked through the circular archway into a truly magnificent room. My boots echoed on the floor. The chamber was huge, every surface was smooth. I had no idea how the ceiling was staying up without any supporting columns.

Your talents were wasted on wizardry. Maybe you should have become an architect instead. By the way, while you were admiring the ceiling, a bunch of undead have come to murder us.

"About the Game" posted:

There are Ghosts, Liches, and Mummies in this level. Mummies are a new enemy type which are mostly found on this level, and one other level. All of these enemies are weak to fire, though, so there's not much strategy or thought required to deal with the enemies in this area.

The noise of fighting lured more mummies and ghosts from openings on the east and west walls.

I don't think the Succubus is this way, but she's going to be enough trouble that I can't afford to be attacked from behind.

That seems to be the last of them from the wings.

I returned to the main room.

Something seems to be blocking the use of this teleporter. Well, at least I think so. I don't recognize the symbol. Maybe it needs a special scroll.

"About the Game" posted:

Actually, Any of the scrolls from any of the seven races will activate the teleporter. Once the Succubus is dead, of course. No running away. At least this upcoming boss fight doesn't force mages to fight half-crippled.

The door at the north end seemed to be important. It was flanked with bronze plaques with writing in Old Rivellon Runes.

I sensed the presence of the demoness ahead.

Ahh... better. Now I feel recharged for a fight.

As soon as I entered, I was swarmed by hordes of mummies. There were plenty of pillars in this room; they might prove useful for cover if needed. Domating the center of the room was a large gong. Behind it was the Succubus, who was watching me with an amused smile on her face.

Damnit, she just wants me to wear myself out on these undead.

It didn't work. As the last of them fell, I felt stronger and fitter than ever.

I approached the center of the room.

BOSS: Succubus

You've failed, demoness. It's over. Leave now, and I may spare your life.
You? Spare ME?! Ha ha ha ha ha! Come closer.

I felt myself moving closer, against the will and commands of my mind. I struggled, but step by step, my feet moved of their own accord.

Ddd... damn it!
Such a pity. Such a waste... a strong body, but a weak mind. I'm sure I can find some use for you, though.

The Succubus prepared to give her dangerous, lethal kiss. At the last moment, my will overpowered her command. I was free!

What? Stop!

I had to stop to prepare my next spell.

Goodbye, Marked One.


I summoned a wall of skeletons to hold the demoness off for a minute. I wouldn't need more.

I had spent hours studying various monsters and creatures when I was a student wizard. I remembered that a succubus...

...had no resistances whatsoever to Elemental magic.

I kept pouring the magic fire and lightning down until she shrieked, collapsed, and melted into a small puddle.

You have defeated the Succubus! The holy ground of the Council of Seven has been cleansed! Well done! Well done!
Thank you, Zandalor. It was simple enough. But what are we supposed to do now?
Now I need to re-establish the protection which was broken, and make it stronger than it was before. This place will be our sanctuary and refuge. Here, we start planning our counter-attack.
Counter attack?
Against Janus, Iona, and the Black Ring, who have made a nest underneath Stormfist Castle.
That reminds me... Zandalor, when I was in Iona's dungeon, she told me that the Mark I bear on my wrist is a death sentence.

"Ahhh... It certainly is as far as the Black Ring are concerned," he said evasively.

After all the trouble I'd been through looking for him and his answers, I wasn't going to let him get away with that crap anymore.

She also said that even you would see the truth in that. What's going on Zandalor, I want answers.
Well... technically, um.. for your destiny to be fulfilled... I'm going to have to kill you, Jeremiah.


I drew my blade and backed away from Zandalor.

"What are you talking about?"

"Calm yourself! I mean you no harm. ... Well, alright, yes I will have to kill you, but you should be fine."

I suspect that my expression could not have been any stranger at that moment even if Zandalor were to suddenly grow three multi-coloured heads, sprout butterfly wings, and fly around the room singing obscene limericks in Elvish,

I had more than I could bear. I dropped to my knees, my dagger falling from my numb fingers. I held my head in my hands and shouted, "In the name of Duna, Rhalic, Amadia, and all the rest, will someone please, TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!"

Next Time: Act 4 - Council
Next Time: Answers

Behind the Scenes

This concludes "Act 3". Next update, a bunch of talking, and we get our next main quest goals.

Originally, this was intended to be the first part of "Act 4", because once you enter the Council you can't leave until the Succubus is dead, but I decided to end an act with a boss fight instead of starting with one.

I intended to only put points into Skeletal Wall just to get screenshots of this. But I forgot to reload from before the fight, and instead I continued, so I ended up keeping the Skeletal wall points.

Zereth posted:

Oh yeah this thread, I should catch up on-

Man, Zandalor, you KNOW the admins can't catch everybody's parachute accounts all the time!

Damn you.

Because of that post, I had to spend an hour working on THIS.

What's fake in this update?

Here's the original video for what happens when you teleport to the Council.