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Part 77: The Cursed Church

Chapter 57 - The Cursed Church

Music - "Forsaken by the Gods"
Download (Thanks to Grawl)

This music is only used for this church, nowhere else in the game.

Previously on Divine Divinity:

Just call me Jeremiah.
Jeremiah? I knew an old hermit named Jeremiah. He lived up near that damned abbey, I can't imagine why. I suppose it's because he didn't care much for people, and no one went near that place. Livin' there's probably what made his heart give in.

That abbey to the north is cursed. It's no coincidence that people are avoiding that place like the plague, but just lately it's got much worse - the curse is spreading!

My name is Jeremiah, so now I'm not a stranger. Dull soldiers, awful barracks? You seem to be out of place here.
My name is Gareth. Oh, indeed, I am out of place. I was a fool to enroll in the army. I really want to leave, but I can not. I signed up for a twenty-five year-long service in the army. There is no way I can leave, not without being hung as a traitor, anyway! I might have a plan that can get me out of here. But there is a problem... I am missing something.
What is it you need?
I have heard of the existence of Feign Death potions. When one drinks such a potion, he temporarily goes into a deep sleep, deep enough to make others think that this person is dead! Now if I could get such a potion, I could get out of the army that way! By using the potion, the other soldiers will think I'm dead! Dead soldiers get thrown on a cart which drives them outside of the barracks.
You want me to get a Feign Death potion? Where can I find one?
Alas I do not know. But perhaps you might one day come across one and then bring it to me? I must be with my Isolde again, please!

I say slay this inept coward! The price of failure should be death!

Chapter 57 - The Cursed Church

I opened the door to see what the hell was going on.

Video: Ghost attack

What's with the ghosts in the church?

The monk exploded in a shower of red. Something caught me on the shoulder with a wet splat.

Sheloi! Correction: What's with the insanely dangerous ghosts in the church?

The priest made a beeline for the confessional. The ghosts turned their wrath on me.

That takes care of that. Now where's that priest gotten off to?

OK, now THAT should be the last of them.

I opened the confessional, but it was empty. Then I spotted a ring on a square section of the floor. A trap-door!

"About the Game" posted:

I love XP Bombs. They give you 10 times the experience you'd usually get. But they're rare and unpredictable.

You could come here at any time after crossing the bridge into the Farmlands. But if you do this after you get kicked out of Stormfist, you get bonus dialogue!

I recognized him immediately. He'd given me a very negative first impression.

Stranger?! I am no stranger to you! You are that damn priest who wanted my head cut off in Stormfist Castle!
Hmmph, now I recognize you... You nearly got Duke Janus killed by your incompetence.
This one's got his mind made up, no point in arguing.
Incompetence? Hardly... I just didn't feel like protecting that pain-in-the-rear end Duke!
Oh really? I'll have you know that little pain-in-the-rear end is the only hope for us to survive! Janus is the Divine One!
No, more like the opposite of the Divine One. But I doubt this conversation will go anywhere productive.
What is this place?
You are in the secret library of this Church, nobody knows of it! So I would appreciate you keep silent about it...
Actually, this is perfect. I came here to ask you if I could look through some of the documents here!
Absolutely not!! ... Err... why?
I'm... doing research! On ancient holy artifacts. It's for a book! I've heard about the legendary Holy Weapons, a Sword, a Dagger and an Amulet which when brought together in a certain place.
I've heard the legends, but I'm afraid that I don't know anything specific about them.
Could I look through some of the books to see?
No! Only high-ranking members of the Church have the right.
Suit yourself. What is going on here, again? With the ghosts killing people and such?

Theofolous sighed.

It all started a few days ago... The howling, the ghostly appearances... And now Father Danos was killed, where will this all end?
You mentioned howling? Can you explain this to me?
We often hear screams of pure pain. It is awful! I will never forget the first time I heard it! I nearly jumped out of my robe, I was horrified!
You said something about ghostly appearances... Can you give me some more information?
Yes, ghosts appearing out of nowhere to haunt us! Oh, why are they doing this to us?
What can you tell me about Father Danos?
Father Danos? He was a good worker, always performed his tasks on time. Not like that boy Vinny that has been with us for some time. I don't know what we will do with him.
Who is this Vinny?
Vinny is a boy we took into our church some time ago, he doesn't have any family and was wandering the streets of Rivertown for quite some time. He doesn't have any manners; it will take us a long time to get the boy back on track!
Do you have any idea what is causing the events here?
The only thing I can come up with is desecration of this holy church! But I don't see how! We have been performing the rituals every day as they have been performed for the past hundreds of years. I have been studying the books here to see if we aren't forgetting something, but I can't find anything!
If I can solve your problem, will you let me read the books in your library?

Theofolous looked rather pained. But finally he sighed and nodded.

Yes... We can't have ghosts killing people, we'll lose all our parishioners! If you can find a way to appease them, then I will grant you full access to the library.
It's a deal. I'll go investigate. Wait here.
All right! But be careful! Strange things are happening here!

I climbed the ladder and left the confessional.

Video: Does the wine taste funny to anyone else?

I saw a young boy walk up to the wine chest and...

Oh, that is just disgusting!

My voice echoed well in the cathedral. The boy was startled by the sound and ran off.

WHAT!? But... VINNY!!! Now it is clear to me, all this time the little miscreant has been peeing in the mass wine. Of course the spirits that live in this place got enraged by this act of pure desecration!

And yes, as promised, you may look through the library. But please, the secrets documented there are confidential! Don't share them with anyone!
What is it you do here?
I run this church, every day I perform rituals to honor the gods. Apart from that I also sell all sorts of potions, my hobby is brewing them.

For some reason, I remembered about Gareth, and the potion I couldn't find at the Alchemist. It was worth a try.

You don't happen to have a feign death potion, do you?
Hmmm, as a matter of fact I do... But it's not cheap! It will cost you 2500 gold.
That's a really expensive potion. But then again, Janus was a generous employer. Specifically, his treasure room was.
All right then, here is the money for the feign death potion.
Here you go, but be careful with that! It is dangerous stuff!
Do you know where Vinny went?
He probably is roaming the streets of Rivertown again, if you really want to find that miscreant, I suggest you look in the poor area, that's where I found him.

"About the Game" posted:

This is a secret library, and there are many unique books which are only found here (and in the Cursed Abbey). They're pretty amusing, so here you go.

It took hours of tedious reading, and it was all for nothing. I didn't find anything helpful.

Was your search successful?
I'm afraid not. But thanks for helping. You wouldn't happen to know anywhere else I might find some information on that, do you?

Theofolous hesitated.

Well, yes... but...
But what?
It's extremely dangerous. There should be some older materials in the Abbey to the south.
You mean, the Cursed Abbey?
Yes. But I don't think you should go just to write a book. There are plenty of other things I could tell you about the history of the church and its holy artifacts; you don't need to risk death.
Thanks for you offer, but I'll chance it.
But I don't even know if the book you are looking for even exists!
I know. Thanks for your help.

I followed the less-traveled trail from the sign. It led to a dilapidated cabin. It seemed like no one had maintained it well in years.

I knocked on the door, no one answered. It was firmly locked. I walked around the side and saw a grave.

Hey... he had the same name as I did. Funny coincidence. I think I remember that Farmer Finn mentioning him. Poor old guy. I wonder what ever happened to make him want to live all alone out here for the remainder of his days. Eh, it doesn't matter. "Feel free to look around?" That's as clear an invitation as I've ever heard.

I went back out front. The door was still locked.

I wonder where that old Jeremiah fella would keep a spare key?

I looked over and saw the pile of hay.

Naah, he wouldn't...

He did. That was lucky.

There wasn't anything of apparent interest at first glance.

But I moved a package aside, and found a key.

This isn't for that empty chest, and there isn't anything else here which opens, so what is this for?

I moved around all the other packages, looked under the tables, and finally under the bed.

Aha! A hatch!

I shoved the bed off the hatch. It was locked, but my silver key opened it up.

But instead of the fabled treasure, all that was in there was a plain golden ring, and a magical one.

I left Jeremiah's cabin behind, locking the door behind me and tossing the key back into the haystack, and then I headed for the Cursed Abbey itself.

"About the Game" posted:

This is the only other unique magical ring in the game. It's at best a Rank 3 magic item, which means fewer modifiers. It took a painfully long time and many reloads to get this. It's another piece of my final gear.

The other prize from Old Jeremiah's cabin is in fact the bed! It's moveable, and it's weightless. We can (and will) put it into our backpack (inventory) and take it with us. We can even use it WHILE it is in our backpack! As I mentioned back in the first few updates, resting gives us a full heal and mana restore, but we need to wait a while between rests.

Screw. That.

Next Time: The Cursed Abbey

Behind the Scenes

After this update, I decided that since I wasn't going to use this dagger in the end-game, I may as well put two silver charms into it. I added a +8 Agility and a +8 Intelligence charm.

I've gotten more screenshots for the endgame, I am very near the end of the game. I also got most or all of the screenshots I'll need for the special update coming up soon.

What I've done with the portable bed, is make up a little base in the Council of Seven. I've moved all my stuff in, except for what I left in Aleroth, I'll go back there and get it later. At that base, I have everything I need. Unfortunately, the health and mana shrines there don't recharge, I think that's because I return there too often.

Here's the roof of the Church of the Seven Gods.

I was bored the other day, so I made these:

What's fake in this update?