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Part 91: Fake Update #17 - Orc Camp

Fake Update #17 - Orc Camp

Music - "Stronghold of the Orcs"
Download (Thanks to Grawl)

Here's a close-up of the orc camp, which is smack right up against the right-hand corner edge of the Ferol map. It's got a lot of tents, and more importantly...'s got a LOT of orcs. I enlarged the map to emphasize it. That's a LOT of red dots. Thankfully, they don't all come at once because of their limited hearing ranges, but it's still a lot of work clearing them all out.

Here is Baluk, an Orc shaman and chief of the camp. He spots you if you get too close to the entrance of his huge tent (even if you're invisible).

He's not much of a threat. He hasn't even got 1500 HP, for crying out loud. His greatest strength is that he is not weak to elemental attacks. But he doesn't resist them either.

Video: Orc takedown

Here's a video where I clear the camp out. I use Skeletal Wall, Death Knight, Banish, Polymorph, and some other spells, but after a bit, I give up and go back to using Hell Spikes because it casts very fast, does a lot of damage and has an area effect. After the battle at the teleporter there's not a lot left to show off, so

I open the fight by summoning a Skeletal wall, Death Knight, and a rat (not pictured).

They make a decent distraction at least. When fighting orcs, you should remember to ALWAYS target the War drummers first above all else. When they hit their drums, it's an instant full heal for themselves and all other orcs nearby - which can be unfortunate if you're fighting a miniboss with 1-2000 HP.

You shouldn't rely on your summons to kill for you, though.

Burning Wall is great.

Banish is not. Even though this summoned Orc is a pathetic level 9, has -66 Spiritual Resistance, and should theoretically be one-shot by Banish, he only took 66 damage. Now that I think about it, I think that there's a time limit for how long Banish will one-shot new summons. If so, it's not a long one.

This is why Banish sucks. It's not even a one-shot kill on summons, and enemy summoners tend to bring in more summons all the time, so there's not point in switching spells to try and kill the summons when the summoner will just bring in more, and the summons will take more damage from your useful spells.

Your summons coalesce from dust in the air into the entity.

While my summons keep the orcs distracted, Polymorph wreaks havoc in the ranks. Because of the orcs negative spiritual resistance, it's a guaranteed one-shot.

Baluk hasn't helped out in the fight yet (and he still won't). He's not worth much more experience than the standard orc.

Baluk drops a platinum key. I'll show you what that's for in a minute.

There are too many orcs for single-target spells like Meteorstrike and Lightning to be much use, even though they're very powerful.

This is why Hell Spikes are awesome once you can max them out at level 25.

Note the Orc Teleporter in the background. It's the only one in the game, like the Lizard and Imp ones. It's here not so much for transportation as it is for ease of hauling loot away - and this place is a HUGE source of loot. If you're diligent about picking up and selling everything, you can make hundreds of thousands of gold. The gold actually does come in handy later (for me at least).

So there's a teleporter, but where's the scroll to activate it? Go back to the orc chief's tent. There are 4 locked chests there.

The key Baluk dropped opens the lower left one. Inside is a key. Follow the chests in a line, each containing the key to the next until the fourth...

I'm sure that the sequence of keys is intended to make it so you can't just run in, grab the scroll and teleport out. Only two more teleporters to activate.

Other things of note in the Orc camp


Don't ask for the recipe.

Here's the tenth and final part of the "Dreaming Gem" adventure. I should get around to posting the rest of that story.

A battering ram.

They have lots of weapons and armor racks which usually have at least one random piece of gear.

Here are some screenshots showing the kill count.

Kill total from the camp:

70 Elite Crossbow Orcs
38 Elite Orcs
13 Elite Orc Chiefs.
5 Giant Heavy Orcs
29 Heavy Orc Archers
34 Heavy Orc Warriors
11 Heavy Wardrummers
1 Orc Shaman (Baluk the warchief)
40 Orc Veterans
241 orcs killed in total

It may be off by a little bit, I'm not sure if it counts the orcs I polymorphed but didn't kill.