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Part 93: Fake Update #18 - Verdistis Sewers

Fake Update #18 - Verdistis Sewers

Music - "Those Who Roam in the Sewers"
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The sewer levels in this game are large, dark, tedious to navigate and full of enemies. They are also thankfully almost entirely optional - especially if you join the Thieves Guild.

Speaking of which, here's the map of the Verdistis sewers which can be found in the Thieves Guild:

Here are two more maps, one without labels for clarity, one with labels.

There are several entrances to the Verdistis Sewers, but only two are on the world map of the city, on the northwest corner of the park, and just south-east of the park.

The southeastern entrance is more convenient, because...

Just a few steps to the west is the teleporter.

And to the east...

Is a sewer well, in a room full of dead bodies. The player character will comment that he/she smells poison as soon as they enter the room. That is a warning, because touching the well releases some nasty poison. But poison in this game is weak and non-threatening. Your reward for this danger -a whopping 10,000 gold, the most in a single pile in the entire game.

However, there is one minor problem with the southeastern entrance.

The Lizard Fanatics (the orange ones) are a particular nuisance, because they hurl grenades which do fire damage and stagger you.

It might be more prudent to enter via the northeastern entrance.

It's much quieter.

In addition to normal fighting Lizards are Lizard Mages. They cast Withering Curse on us, Restoration on themselves, and they have a surprisingly painful melee attack which seems to be a bite. Withering Curse is dangerous because of the fire damage from the Fanatics.

I found this spellbook hidden somewhere. Well, it's not really a spellbook, it's just a background object which can't be picked up or used. It's a Banish spellbook, and I have maxed Banish from spellbooks anyway.

In the southwestern area, is a sealed room. You can see that there's something inside, but how to get there? It's easy.

Toss a teleporter stone through the grate. The only annoying thing is having to go put it back after you've looted the random stuff which may not even be in there. On this occasion I didn't find anything worthwhile.

The Assassins' Double-Secret Base

One thing which is slightly unusual is that while the entire upper third of the map is occupied by Assassins, that does not include the areas between their sewer lair, and their entrance to their guild.

It's quite a long walk from there through lizard-filled territory to here.

The assassin areas are rather orderly, which is nice. Most enemies are the weak assassins, but there are grenade-throwing Rogues who have lots of health and function as mini-bosses, and female assassins (same model as Penumbra)

There's lots of loot to be found in the Assassins' area. This magical, yet worthless axe will still sell for a lot. Go figure. Yes, magical modifiers can be negative, but it's very rare.

Located in the assassins areas are weapons and armor. The armor of Brachus Stormcaller is medium armor.

Also in the assassin's are as is a two-handed axe called Vulcan.

But that's not the real prize.

Quest For the Treasure, Part 4

In the far north-eastern room is this dead body. When you search it, you find...

Only one more piece to get. It's actually really easy to get, but it's out of the way... kind-of. I'll show that off on an upcoming main quest event.

Here are the other two maps, by the way:

Only the first part of the map is missing, so we could actually find our way there now... if not for the fact that we are blocked from entering until we find all four pieces. But I'm not going to go there for a while anyway.