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Part 98: Fake Update #20 - Massacre in the Dark Forest

Fake Update #20 - Massacre in the Dark Forest

Previously, we encountered a talking sword.

The Sword in the Stone

You win by defeating the thing and replacing the sword back in the stone. But, what if you run away or keep the sword?

VIDEO: Card-Carrying Evil

I decided to teleport away. The next time you return to the Dark Woods, though...

Evil? What do you mean?
Is it not obvious? Somebody, or something, has slaughtered these men...
But who did it?
I sense a presence of pure evil close by. It's so intense, so overwhelming. It sickens me to the bones. No living thing can be the source of this foul and evil aura.
I hope it has nothing to do with this sword.
What have you done human!? You have released the evil from its prison within the stone! This massacre here is only the beginning. Soon, all inhabitants of the forest will lie dead.
What can I do now?
You have a few options in this conversation.
The sword was the lock of the trap for this evil ghost. You will now have to defeat it to force it to return to its prison. Then you must quickly put the sword back into the stone and it will again be trapped.
Since we're initiating a massacre, I'm choosing the evil option.
No! I wish to keep the sword!
Then you leave me no choice, human. This menace cannot remain free, it must be imprisoned again.
And now you have to fight him. He's level 47 with about 1500 HP, but he does low damage with his bow.

"About the Game" posted:

This is your warning. If you don't do as the elf says, everyone in the dark forest except Bronthion will die.

Many people want to keep the sword anyway, but they wait until later to take it. That's not really needed, as if you're willing to reload repeatedly, there are many other random two-handed swords with good stats as well.

Anyway, let's ignore the elf. Leave the forest and come back, and check on the Elven village.

I already got Bronthion to the council, which is why he's not here.

The Warrior's Guild gets emptied out as well, but those guys don't leave bodies behind, so there's no point in showing that off.

Bronthion has a couple of things to say about this.

I'd like to learn more about your village and its people.

That's all that's different, he insists that we still have to go return the stolen elven relics before he joins the council, even though he's the only elf alive in the village.