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Part 14: Dungeons of Broken Valley North

Broken Valley Dungeons

Bonus: Arben Re-Fight
Jackson Dungeon
Lost Cave
Church Catacombs

Music: Mission

This plays in Broken Valley north after you’ve wiped out the goblins.

Music: Sunflower

This plays inside Derk’s house after Dana moves in.

Music: Ominous Surroundings

This is dungeon music, it plays in all three of these dungeons.

Dungeon Update 01 – Broken Valley North

Video: Jackson Dungeon

Here is the location of this dungeon on the map.

Music: Ominous Surroundings

This is a basically just a small storage cave near Jackson’s farm with about three live skeletons.

Battle Rage Level 1 increases damage by 20%, so my 8-11 Unarmed damage is 10-13 under its effect. Two updates ago, I was doing 1-1 damage.

A treasure chest teases, but the door is broken. How to get to it?

The key for the chest rests on a table nearby, but the way to actually reach the chest is not as obvious. This chest, like most others only contains random loot: Gold, potions, alchemy/enchanting equipment, equipment. Consider all chests to be random unless I specify.

Secrets in this game are actually hidden very well. Can you spot the button in that shot?


Press the button and the wall fades away. ( How do you make it re-appear, when you’re done, though?)

The arrow is pointing to a book by that closet. And what’s inside it?

Map of the dungeon’s interior.

Video: Lost Cave

This is beside the Chapel Teleporter shrine.

This is a goblin lair which has a history. You can also find some Droxlerite Ore deposits in here.

Low level goblins. I guess I should have done this earlier, but whatever.

There’s a key on a goblin chair. It opens a door at the bottom of some stairs.

Inside is a chest containing the first piece of the Wild Dweller’s set for Rangers. The Wild Dwellers set is rather obnoxious to put together, because one piece is in a death trap, and the final piece is found after Broken Valley. I’ll wear this hat for the +2 Vitality when the next part of Broken Valley opens up.

Elvish Tales

With the mention of the Dark Forest being hit hard by the great war, and this book, it seems that the elvish race is fucked, and possibly extinct. This is unfortunate, because it reduces the scope of the game world which existed within Divine Divinity. That game had seven races, this game only has three – Humans, Goblins, and Imps, and the last two practically don’t count for purposes of conversation.

I also have to wonder who wrote that book, if all the elves were slain. It was unlikely to be the goblins.

This book also holds a clue for those who pay attention. This is not mere flavour text.

In the room is a throne. Stand in front of it and don’t move. Fifteen seconds later…

A jewellery box appears. It only has one thing inside.

The Amulet of Slantwig has +1 to Polymorph, although some other reports think that it's +1 to a random skill. For me it's always been Polymorph... both times I found it. This is not particularly helpful, though, so this is going to be sold.

The map of the Lost Cave.

Church Catacombs

This dungeon is only open if you talk to the drunken soldiers after they get kicked out of the Black Boar. If you sent them on a punitive mission, it’s still possible, but tricky, and it’ll have to wait until later.

(Merrill) Thanks for not ratting on us back in the tavern, Slayer!
(Yara) I often enjoy a few ales myself, so I wasn’t going to completely ruin things for you!
Very decent of you, Slayer. Very decent indeed! To repay you, I’ll share some information. You know the graveyard near the chapel? There’s a hatch there that leads to a crypt. We know the Lieutenant uses it for storage. He often forgets to lock up, so you’re bound to find something there that you’ll get some ready money for!

Louis’s Stash

This quest is just to tell the player to go dungeon crawling for loot and money. Recover the Power Belt and you complete the Louis’s Stash quest. Then, after you’ve taken everything, you can tell Louis that the drunks told you about his private stash and he’ll send them on the punitive mission anyway.

From this note, it seems that Louis has protected his stash well, though.

Video: Chapel Crypt

This is the largest of the non-quest dungeons in this area. The gate to the left is locked, but a switch on the far wall opens it.

See that stack of boxes? Smash them and a switch is revealed.

It opens up a secret room with two chests.

One enemy is this level 5 Skeletal mage. Kill him and he drops a key.

It unlocks the room at the end where Louis’s real stash is.

Pick up that “Power Belt” and the quest is complete.

Quest Reward: 600 XP, 150 gold. Bonus Chosen: 300 XP

The power belt gives +1 to Evade, which is nice, because that grants a 10% chance melee attacks will miss. We can’t put points into that skill until Level 10, but we can wear the belt earlier then that.

The Map of the Church Catacombs.

As promised, here is the Arben re-fight (both of them), and this update is on the three mini-dungeons.

I’ve recorded the next two or three chapters, which include the main plot starting up again, big-time. I’ll try and see if I can do the next two chapters in one chapter to get to the main plot sooner.

Bonus: Arben Re-Fight
Jackson Dungeon
Lost Cave
Church Catacombs

A book on dealing with Troll encounters can also be found in the Barracks.

Dealing with Trolls

Ominous Surroundings