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Part 34: Initiate Trials

Chapter 23 – Initiate Trials

Chapter 23

Welcome to Act 2. This act is going to be about half as long as Act 1 was, mostly due to the relative lack of side quests and exploring. This act is mostly the main quest. I did consider making the start of Act 2 the point after Talana gives you the Dragon powers, but I decided against it, for these reasons:

Most of what you did in the second half of Act 1 were quests you got before that point, only a handful of quests started or could be started after you meet Talana. And it is this point here where you are officially no longer a Slayer, and you are clearly only doing Dragon Initiate things.

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Excerpt from “The Last of the Dragon Knights”, by ZixZax the Almost-Wise:
The Temple Door had barely closed behind the Dragon Knight when the wizard Zandalor teleported in to congratulate the young initiate.

Music: Here be Zandalor

Congratulations, my friend! You have made it farther than Damian would have ever expected I venture to say!
What? All the Dragon Knight did was go see Lovis, then get into the temple. It was hardly a monumental task, and it took her two days to do it.
But I knew there would be no stopping you, as I knew the same of the Divine when I first met him: still a confused adventurer, not unlike yourself, who suddenly became the very protagonist of a great drama – the outcome of which has yet to be written.

At least now we know what kind of tale we would like this to be. Succeed and it shall be an epic, fail, and it shall be a tragedy.
No, old man, the only possible outcome is what you would consider a tragedy. The Dragon Knight will not succeed.
You are the hero, Damian the villain, and Lord Lovis told you who shall be the dues ex machine. Ygerna we shall strive to resurrect, so that her life will be the Damned One’s death.

There is poetry in that, don’t you think? The stuff of legends. And we are getting closer. Think an fight your way through this temple and you will reach Sentinel Island. Then comes the Battle Tower, your Dragonhood and so… Damian’s inevitable defeat!
You’ve grown arrogant and foolish in your old age, Zandalor. It will be your downfall, and the downfall of all you strive to protect.
“Paper Trail” complete! Quest Rewards: 1800 XP, 700 Gold. Bonuses Chosen: 800 XP, 350 Gold.

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what Zandalor is doing, because he doesn’t seem to be helping us in our quest. In actuality, later on he will do something which will save us a lot of time.

Also, we didn’t get another main quest, so for the moment we are completely questless.

(Dragon Initiate Yara) The door is locked.

(Maxos Book) You are here, Initiate, to prove your worth. You seek to be complete, whereas now you are broken.
Hmmm… Is it a riddle? Some of these vases look broken, but this one… Aha!

Three more doors, three more books, oh, and a teleporter shrine.

This temple isn’t big, but teleporter shrines have thoughtfully been provided in the two key locations.

The Dragon is wise, a sage among the ignorant. He knows not all that glitters is gold.

The doors opened.


Too bad I’m probably not supposed to touch it.

Hmmm… This?

(Talana) To resist temptation is wisdom, Maxos seems to say. Then, by the same token, every priest is wise. Are you as sceptical as I am?

The Dragon is perceptive, his eyes alert as his mind. Only he discerns a difference in a mirror.
This one won’t win any prizes for perceptiveness, that’s for certain.


The difference was a fleck of dust when I ran the trials, but you did well enough for an impromptu Dragon Initiate.

The Dragon is as agile as he is strong. Before the wings comes the feline leap.

Good kitty!
You’re certainly acting like her pet cat, Dragon Knight.

A teleporter in the main chamber had activated.

Next Time: The Eternal Maze! Plus we meet a new “friend”!

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Chapter 23

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Total Bunnies Killed: 4. I’m going to just drop this counter for Act 2. No bunnies here.

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