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Part 11: The Crazy Labyrinth

The Crazy Labyrinth

Glazius posted:

Let's head for the Underground! It's where all adventure game heroes worth their salt go.

Bruceski posted:

I'm with the Egg. If there's one thing I know, it's that there is always treasure behind waterfalls.

Sockser posted:

As a pretentious college hipster, it's only appropriate that I vote for underground.

RBA Starblade posted:

If this is anything like Castlevania then the most powerful stuff in the game is behind that waterfall, so let's go there.

Hmph. Nobody ever listens to my advice!
That's because your advice is wrong, and often ends up with boring results.
Fine! Go explore the underground. See if I care.
Okay. be right back.

It's a video update! Click!

(Viddler backup here!)

See? My way resulted in progress.
Progress?! All you got was a rusty old piece of junk! What're you going to do with that?!
I'm sure I'll think of something. Or, you know, your much-wiser friends of yours will.

It's over to you guys!

We now have access to:
- Free Acme Bird Seed (For any birds we may come across!)
- A Plastic Raincoat (For any rain we may come across!)
- Can of Insecticide (For any spiders we may come across!)
- A Clove of Garlic (For any bats we may come across!)
- Empty Potion Bottle
- A Miners Hard Hat
- Ghost Hunter's Laser
- A Leprechaun's Wig
- A Rusty Old Pick

Backlog for future updates:
- Using the ghost hunter's laser on the ghost
- Pretending to be a Leprechaun Adding the wig to the cauldron

Any suggestions or ideas on how to progress? Do tell!