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by BioEnchanted

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Original Thread: No Country for Old Dogs: The Life and Times of Jake (Dog's Life LP, PS2)



Let's Play: Dog's Life (PS2)

What is this game?

This game is an action adventure game released on the PS2 in ~2003. It is a simple collectathon with some mechanics in common with an (albeit simplified) version of Banjo Kazooie.
The Primary collectible is bones, that make you better at stuff than other characters the more you get. Similar to other games of it's ilk the trigger for Jake's quest and the beginning of his Heroes Journey is his crush, Daisy, being kidnapped.

Why this game?

I chose this game because it has a lot of charm. It has a very relaxed, cartoony atmosphere, yet most of the locaitons feel very genuine and lived in, with the architecture being generically familiar enough you could see yourself finding yourself in an area that looked very similar, despite the gamey nature of some aspects of the environments. The characters, while stereotypical, have some charm too in how they interact and I love how the cars animate in the later areas, they have a lot of exaggeration that really brings them to life.

How will the LP be structured?

There will be one video clearing out each level of the game, with one exception in the middle due to a special case that we will get to in due time. Most of the exploration for the 50 purple scents will be kept unless there is an extended period of time where I get lost finding one of them (which does happen, the raw footage is all recorded and mostly competent gameplay), and any outright failures will be edited out unless interesting or illustrative.

This will be a 100% LP collecting all 125 bones, with optional videos showing off the three radio broadcasts throughout the game (They can be funny and contain some foreshadowing)

Characters met so far:
Jake: The main character of this game, Jake has accomplished very little. However he is finally spurred into action when his crush, Daisy, is Dognapped.

Daisy: The smartest dog in Clarksville, Daisy has no time for Jake's nonsense in normal circumstances. However upon getting captured by the Dogcatchers, Daisy is surprised when Jake finally shows some initiative and sticks his neck out to try to save her. Now she bides her time, waiting for Jake to catch up with her captors and set her free.

Dwayne: One of the Dogcatchers who kidnapped Daisy. An ex-biker with a gentle temperament. Why did they take her? Where is their ultimate destination? Could it be the mysterious Lake Minniwawa that they were arguing about?

Wayne: One of the Dogcatchers who kidnapped Dairy. Displays a severe dog allergy and has a highly strung personality, with no time for frivolities.

Loretta "Miss Peaches" Chickenmeat: The mastermind behind the dognapping. Appears to be severely canophobic while having a serious infatuation with cats. Owner of the Catfood Cannery in Boom City, and employer of Wayne and Dwayne.


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