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Original Thread: Doom 64: The Absolution - The Real Doom 3.



It's Doom 64! This is the true sequel to Doom II, released on April 1, 1997 exclusively for the Nintendo 64 console. It features a greatly improved game engine include colored lighting and room-over room, along with some new enemies and weapons and 32 totally new levels. And thanks to the Doom Depot team, Doom 64 has been faithfully recreated for the PC with The Absolution TC, which contains a handful of new levels and monsters to boot. This is the version I'll be playing, since it's just a hell of a lot easier to record. Plus, who doesn't want extra content?

I can't promise that I'll stick to any sort of strict schedule, but I'll try to update at least every other day. It should at least be more consistent than my Master Levels videos. Guest commentary is definitely possible later in the thread when I've run out of stuff to talk about. In addition, guests are welcome to post their own videos, though I'd ask that they're Doom 64-related, whether it's the game proper or user-created maps for the TC (but not the Outcast Levels because I'm probably going to do those myself). Classic Doom stuff belongs in deathz0r's The Dark Side of Doom thread, especially since as of this writing it's pretty dead.

Download the Doom 64 TC! - requires Doom2.wad.

Your fatigue was enormous, the price for encountering pure evil. Hell was a place no mortal was meant to experience. Stupid military doctors; their tests and treatments were of little help. In the end, what did it matter - it was all classified and sealed. The nightmares continued. Demons, so many demons; relentless, pouring through.

The planetary policy was clear. An absolute quarantine was guaranteed by apocalyptic levels of radiation. The empty dark corridors stand motionless, abandoned. The installations sealed.

A long forgotten relay satellite barely executing, decayed by years of bombarding neutrons, activates and sends its final message to Earth. The satellite's message was horrific - from the planetary void there came energy signatures unlike anything sampled before.

The classified archives are opened. The military episodes code named "DOOM" were not actually completed. A single entity with vast rejuvenation powers, masked by the extreme radiation levels, escaped detection. In its crippled state, it systematically altered decaying dead carnage back into corrupted living tissue.

The mutations are devastating. The demons have returned even stronger and more vicious than before. As the only experienced survivor of the DOOM episode, your commission is re-activated. Your assignment is clear: MERCILESS EXTERMINATION.


Zombieman: They look and act the same as always ? green hair, shitty aim, almost never a threat. They make up for it in sheer numbers, though. I think.

Shotgun Guy: Nope, that image isn?t a mistake. While sergeants were pretty distinct from zombies in Doom I and II, in Doom 64 they?re nearly identical save for a slightly greyer outfit. Good job, art guys. Other than that, they?re the same as always, making up for their low HP with their powerful shotgun blast.

Imp: Imps, too, are the same as always but are actually a lot less common than in past games. They hurl weak, slow-moving fireballs and go down with a single shotgun blast (two if you?re unlucky).

Nightmare Imp: The only new non-boss enemy appearing in Doom 64, they?re faster, partially invisible Imps that throw faster, more powerful blue fireballs. They?ve got the same amount of health as their vanilla brethren, though. Their purpose in the game seems to be to fill the low/mid-level gap left by the absence of the chaingunner and Revenant.

Demon: Again, Demons are the same as always, if a little more menacing looking. Their only method of attack is through biting, which makes them defenseless until they get up close. The introduction of the double chainsaw makes tearing through them even easier than before.

Spectre: Spectres are identical to Demons, with the added bonus of being partially invisible. In Doom 64, this means they?re simply translucent rather than having the cool light-distortion effect found in the original games.

Nightmare Spectre: Green versions of the Spectre with at least twice the health and the ability to bite twice as fast as before. Surprisingly, they don?t move any more quickly. Exclusive to the TC version of Doom 64.

Lost Soul: Lost Souls are still flying flaming skulls, but their behavior?s a bit different from past games. They only take one shotgun shell to kill now, but they?re also a lot more aggressive. They recover from their charging attack much more quickly than before, giving them more opportunities to attack ? groups will swarm around you like a school of piranhas and you?ll be dead before you can react.

Cacodemon: Although they look more like Doom II?s Pain Elementals now, they act pretty much identically to the tomatoes of old. Big, fireball-spitting floating heads ? now featuring arms!

Nightmare Cacodemon: Red, semi-transparent versions of the Cacodemon that move faster than the originals. They also spit fireballs a lot faster, and won?t stop until you?re out of their line of sight (like the Arachnotron). Exclusive to the TC version of Doom 64.

Hell Knight: One of the few enemies to not undergo a visual overhaul, the Hell Knight retains its firm mid-level enemy status and, due to the weaker Revenant?s absence, is more common than ever. They actually seem to be a bit weaker than before, as it?s now possible to kill them with just two rockets if you?re really lucky. All they?ve got is a fireball attack.

Baron of Hell: Hell Knights with twice the HP. Although their fireballs are red now, they seem to do the same amount of damage as the Hell Knights?, like in Doom II. They have the highest health of any non-boss monster.

Arachnotron: One of the only Doom 64 redesigns that?s better looking than the classic sprite. Arachnotrons now have two rapid-fire plasma cannons, making them twice as dangerous. With the absence of the Spider Mastermind, Arachnotrons are now orphaned which is a tragedy worthy of fan fiction.

Pain Elemental: Broken as fuck. In continuing the Doom 64 theme of doubling things, the Pain Elemental now has two mouths to spit Lost Souls from! That?s right, they spit two at once now! And they?ll keep doing it even when you?re not in their line of sight! This, coupled with the Lost Souls? new behavior, makes the Pain Elemental about a million times more annoying than before. Remember when you used to save the BFG for Cyberdemons and Masterminds? Now you?ve got to use them on these weak-ass fucks so you aren?t immediately raped. Terrific. At least they look cooler than before.

Mancubus: These new guys bear almost no resemblance to their Doom II counterparts aside from the dual flamethrowers. I mean, they?re not even that fat! Come on! Despite the appearance, their behavior?s pretty much identical. Deathz0r is disappointed by lack of ?titty-slapping.?

Cyberdemon: Making a few choice appearances throughout Doom 64 is our old friend the Cyberdemon ? looking a bit leaner and meaner than before, but he?s still the guy we know and love. He?s still the only enemy that can kill a powered-up marine in a single shot, and as such is a force to be reckoned with.

Motherdemon: What do you get when you combine a Revenant, an Arch-Vile and some sort of wingless rat-moth, and give it twice as much health as a Cyberdemon? Why, you get the Motherdemon! The final boss of the game, she boasts a wide array of attacks. She can launch four homing missiles at once, which are faster but have a slower turning radius than the more common variety found in traps. She can also create trails of fire that travel along the ground towards you, not unlike the Maulotaur?s hammer attack from Heretic. Most importantly, though, she has the ability to summon forth a legion of enemies of all sorts unless you?ve got the special keys to seal the portals, which makes the fight a lot easier. All told, a much better final boss than a wall texture.


Fist: As usual, the fallback punch attack is more than useless, unless you acquire the berserk pack.

Chainsaw: The chainsaw now has two blades! I have no idea what purpose such an instrument could hold in the real world, but it works real well as a melee weapon. It eats through enemies twice as fast now, so I?m not complaining.

Pistol: Useless. Once you get the chaingun, you?ll never use the pistol again. And the fact that a shotgun is in sight at the very beginning of the first map means you?re not even required to use it for a minute or two. That said, it actually fires a bit faster than the Doom I/II model. Figures.

Shotgun: The shotgun?s pretty useful, able to one-shot zombies, Imps and Lost Souls. Once you pick up the more powerful super shotgun, though, it?s relegated to sniping duty and ammo conservation.

Super Shotgun: The super shotgun is three times as powerful as the single-barrel version, and reloads a little faster than in Doom II. It pretty much becomes the default weapon in Doom 64. Firing the SSG will actually cause you to take a step back due to recoil. Uh oh!

Chaingun: A rapid-fire weapon that is useful for mowing down groups of weaker enemies or holding off attacks from most larger ones. The Doom 64 chaingun looks and sounds a lot more powerful than the classic version, but it really isn?t.

Rocket Launcher: Rockets are best used on larger enemies like Barons and Mancubi. Not surprisingly, they cause a lot of splash damage that?ll hurt you just as much as your enemies. Like the super shotgun, the rocket launcher?s got a bit of a kick to it now.

Plasma Rifle: Gimped. While it was an extremely useful weapon in the classic Doom games, it now fires bolts about half as fast as before and makes a much less satisfying noise. Thank god for the Unmaker.

BFG9000: I assume it functions pretty much the same as the original version, with its convoluted damage calculations, but I wouldn?t really know as I never use the thing as long as I?ve got the Unmaker. Each BFG shot uses 40 cells.

Unmaker: A beautiful weapon indeed. A gun constructed of flesh and bone that fires? hell lasers, or something. It starts off acting rather similarly to the plasma rifle. However, picking up the super-secret demon keys will upgrade the weapon from firing a single beam to a maximum of three. As it?s much more powerful and ammo-friendly than either the plasma rifle or BFG (especially when fully powered up), it renders both mostly obsolete. The trouble is finding one.


Bullets: Used in the pistol and chaingun. Ammo clips hold 10 shots (5 if dropped by a Zombieman); boxes of ammo hold 50 bullets. Fresh chainguns have 20 bullets, 10 if dropped by a chaingunner.

Shells: Used in the shotgun and super shotgun. Shells come in clusters of 4 or boxes of 20.
Fresh shotguns and super shotguns have 8 shells each, whereas a Shotgun Guy?s dropped weapon contains 4.

Rockets: Used in the rocket launcher. Single rockets are just that, while boxes contain 5. Picking up a rocket launcher nets you two.

Cells: Cells come in packs of 20 or 100. Plasma rifles, the BFG, and presumably the Unmaker come with 40 each.

Stimpack: 10% health up to 100% maximum.

Medikit: 25% health up to 100% maximum.

Security Armor: 100% armor, shields from 1/3 of damage taken.

Combat Armor: 200% armor, shields from 1/2 of damage taken.

Backpack: Nets you 10 bullets, 4 shells, 1 rocket, and 20 cells, and the first one you get doubles your ammo carrying capacity.

Radiation Shielding Suit: I?ve gotta say, the biohazard symbol is a much nicer-looking powerup than that bulky suit. Protects you from floor damage for a full minute.

Keys: Keys come in three colors (red, yellow, blue) and open locked doors of the corresponding color. Fancy that.

Demon Keys: These three keys are incredibly hard to obtain. They serve two functions: to upgrade the Unmaker, and to close off the portals in the final level of the game, making the boss fight much easier.


Health Bonus: restores 2% health ? that?s right, 2% ? up to a 200% maximum.

Armor Bonus: restores 2% armor up to a 200% maximum. Whether or not it protects from 1/3 or 1/2 damage depends on the vest you?re wearing.

Berserk Pack: Powers your punch up tenfold for the remainder of the level.

Computer Area Map: Lets you see the entire map. Areas you haven?t gotten to yet appear gray.

Light Amplification Goggles: Sets the level brightness to full for 2 whole minutes.

Blur Sphere: Makes you partially invisible for a minute. Good for hitscan (bullet) enemies, not so much for projectile enemies because it?s easy to strafe into errant attacks.

Invulnerability Sphere: Makes you invincible for 30 seconds at the expense of making the colors all inverted and shit.

Soul Sphere: 100% health up to a 200% maximum.

Megasphere: Automatically sets health and armor to a full 200%.

12/01 Map01: Staging Area
12/02 Map32: Cat and Mouse & Map38: Hectic (secret maps)
12/03 Map02: The Terraformer
12/04 Map03: Main Engineering
12/06 Map04: Holding Area
12/08 Map05: Tech Center
12/09 Map06: Alpha Quadrant
12/10 Map07: Nukage Facility (new map)
12/14 Map08: Research Lab
12/18 Map09: Outpost Omega
12/31 Map34: Crisis (Part I) (new secret map)
12/31 Map34: Crisis (Part II)
01/21 Map10: Final Outpost & Map11: Even Simpler
01/25 Map12: The Bleeding
01/26 Map13: Terror Core
01/27 Map14: Dark Citadel
01/28 Map15: Altar of Pain
01/30 Map31: In the Void & Map35: Hardcore (secret maps)
02/02 Map16: Eye of the Storm
02/02 Map17: Dark Entries
02/11 Map18: Blood Keep
02/17 Map19: Watch Your Step
02/19 Map20: Spawned Fear (Part I)
02/19 Map20: Spawned Fear (Part II) & Map33: Playground (secret map)
02/20 Map21: The Spiral
03/21 Map22: Breakdown
04/02 Map23: Pitfalls
04/23 Map24: Burnt Offerings
05/10 Map25: Unholy Temple
05/11 Map26: No Escape
05/12 Map27: Forbidden Deeper (new map)
05/14 Map28: Shadows Watching
05/16 Map29: The Lair
05/16 Map30: The Absolution

My DailyMotion account, containing all of my videos for Doom II, the Master Levels for Doom II, and my contributions to The Dark Side of Doom.

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01/29 Altar of Pain's secret shrine demo by Suspicious (I think)

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