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Original Thread: WAD a terrible night to have a Cacodemon: Let's Play DooM WADs

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Sick 90's as hell DooM gifs from this sick 90's as hell site

Tentative Schedule
This is, of course, subject to change, but I'll let you all know if it changes, at all.

Under a Checkered Sky: Let's Play DooM WADs

DooM came out in 1993, and DooM II came out only a year later. Together, they revolutionized first person shooters and gaming in general. They were known for their violence, monsters, weapons, and tight level design. Then a bunch of idiots with computers figured out how to make their own violence, monsters, weapons, and levels using the DooM engine. The results are... middling.
Some of the wads (that's what we call 'em. "Wads". Technically, the first map in DooM is a file called "e1m1.wad".) are really quite good, and exhibit an impressive amount of time and effort. Sometimes a frighteningly large amount of time and effort. Others are... Well, you'll see.
Come join us as we rip and tear our way through as many of these as we can, and even some we can't.

So, who the hell are you?
I'm Twiggymouse. I've been a fan of DooM since it came out, basically. This doesn't mean I'm any damn good at it, but I know a thing or two about the game and the franchise as a whole.

Okay. What are you doing, now?
I'm gonna be playing through as many DooM wads as I can.

Ah, gotcha. Any wads in particular?
There's a list of the wads I've got here, which I'll be updating as we go through. I'm also more than happy to try wads that aren't on the list if people wanna suggest stuff.

Awesome. I want in.
Sweet! If you wanna provide commentary, just show up for a stream (I'll try and post in advance) at and we'll try and sort out the skype details. If you wanna provide some footage of you playing a wad, go right ahead. Just make sure to follow the rules.

Yeah. Rules.
  1. It's gotta be a DooM/DooM II wad. DooM likes (Like Amulets and Armor) don't count, nor do DooM themed games (Like DooMRL). Just files that run off DooM or DooM II.
  2. Don't be a dick. If someone doesn't give a wad a fair shake and you want to give it a go, go right ahead, but don't call the poster out on it.
  3. Don't try and be someone else. Just have fun with it, and be you. Not everyone's a laugh riot or a master DooM player.
  4. HAVE FUN.
I also recommend you pick up a copy of Doom Explorer if you don't already have one. It's what I'm using to play most of the wads I've got and also allows for multi-player functionality. (You'll probably also want to pick up a few engines (I recommend either zdoom or zandronum, personally) and a legitimate copy of Doom/Doom II.)

Cool, got it. So, how're your videos gonna work?
As of the second recording session, the rules are set as such:
  1. I will play every wad to three deaths or the end of the first map, whichever comes first.
  2. I'm gonna play on "Hurt Me Plenty" (For the most part), as that's what I'm most comfortable with.
  3. I reserve the right to say "fuck this wad" whenever I want. I'm gonna try and avoid this as much as possible, but there will be shit wads.
Are there any thread rules?
Yeah. Primary rule is that everyone gets to enjoy the game in their own way. I don't wanna hear about how this gameplay wad is better than this one or how anything that affects the way the game is played is blasphemous or some such nonsense. We're here to have fun. In short:
Anything else?
Nope. That's pretty much it. Just have fun and hang out and play some DooM wads. There's some pretty great stuff and some pretty not so great stuff already out there, and really, I'm just hoping to get some good DooMing in.

Anyway, now that all that's out of the way, here's what everyone came here for:


Part 1:


Session 1
s1p1 - Featuring Mialath
s1p2 - Featuring Mialath
s1p3 - Featuring Mialath
s1p4 - Featuring Mialath
s1p5 - Featuring Mialath
s1p6 - Featuring Mialath

Session 2
s2p1 - Featuring Mialath and Flubglub
s2p2 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s2p3 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s2p4 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s2p5 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s2p6 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid

Session 3
s3p1 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s3p2 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s3p3 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s3p4 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s3p5 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s3p6 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid

Session 4
s4p1 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s4p2 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s4p3 - Featuring Mialath and RickVoid
s4p4 - Featuring Mialath and RickVoid
s4p5 - Featuring Mialath and RickVoid
s4p6 - Featuring Mialath and RickVoid

Session 5
s5p1 - Featuring Mialath, FlubGlub, and RickVoid.
s5p2 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s5p3 - Featuring Mialath, Flubglub, and RickVoid
s5p4 - Featuring Mialath and RickVoid
s5p5 - Featuring Mialath and RickVoid

Session 6
s6p1 - Featuring Mialath and FlubGlub
s6p2 - Featuring Mialath and FlubGlub
s6p3 - Featuring Mialath

Part 2:

p1: Epic Nazis 2, Medieval Scythe, Happy Time Circus, Going Down, and Holy Hell (MAP05) - Featuring Mialath
p2:The Sky May Be, Demon Steele, and Project MSX - Featuring Mialath
p3: Mock 2: the Speed of Stupid and imposs.wad - Featuring Mialath
p4: Sonic Robo Blast 2 (The good Sonic wad) and Russian Overkill - Featuring Mialath
p5: A Better DooM WAD Pulled Out of My Ass, DooMRPG, and DooMRL Arsenal - Featuring Mialath
p6: X-Weapon: Helsturm, Metroid: Dreadnought, Guncaster: Anime, MegaMan: Deathmatch, and Zeldoom: the Disappointing DooM WAD - Featuring Mialath

Part 3:

Part 4:

Hellcore 2.0 MAP02

Let's Play DooM WADs: DooMRPGRLSID 1
Let's Play DooM WADs: DooMRPGRLSID 2
Let's Play DooM WADs: DooMRPGRLSID 3
Let's Play DooM WADs: DooMRPGRLSID 4 (Final)

Let's Play DooM WADs: imposs.wad Complete

Let's Play DooM WADs: Finishing Arcadia: Demade

Let's Play DooM WADs: The End
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