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Original Thread: let's play doom [vlp hd]




my name is matt. i'm working on an lp of doom and i'm doing it completely in first person (trying to at least). here are the videos as of yet, and i will be updating this thread daily.

video 1-youtube
video 2-youtube
video 3-youtube

i've got a few comments and questions too for those who have time. i'm not trying to grease anyone's wheels but a lot of the threads in this let's play forum are great. there are a lot of pictures and descriptions and everything seems pretty professional. is there room for someone like me? i'd love to get involved in this community mainly because i love gaming but i'm not forum savvy as most. well thanks for your time!

update: 6-6-10
video 4-youtube

thanks everyone for the words of encouragement! and thanks to mouser and number 36 for the background picture and mp3 respectively!

update: 6-7-10
video 5-youtube

update: 6-8-10 be prepared for a scary suprise ending!
video 6-youtube

update: 6-9-10
video 7-youtube

update: 6-10-10 watch to see if our hero destroys the mind control or succumbs to a fate worse than death!!!
video 8-youtube

update: 6-11-10
video 9-youtube

thanks silentbrains and octofoot for the awesome artwork

update: 6-12-10 there's a shootout of epic proportions in this one so hold on tight!
video 10-youtube

update: 6-13-10 i think this is the most cold and calculated this marine has ever been!
video 11-youtube

update: 6-14-10 SMACK DADDY
video 12-youtube

update: 6-15-10
video 13-youtube

update: 6-16-10 is this the end for the marine? is he going home?
video 14-youtube

Update: 6-17-10 washing up
Video 15-youtube

update: 6-18-10 will our hero be stuck hiding inside a box?? please help him out!!!
video 16-youtube

update: 6-19-10 sorry no update today. our marine is still searching for an ammo dump.

update: 6-20-10
video 17-youtube

update: 6-21-10 our hero seems to be acquiring a sixth sense about these alien facilities or is just becoming paranoid!
video 18-youtube

update: 6-23-10
video 19-youtube

update: 6-23-10
video 20-youtube

update: 6-24-10 towards the end it gets scary so be careful watching
video 21-youtube

update: 6-25-10
video 22-youtube

update: 6-26-10 WEEKEND CLIFFHANGER! i feel like keeping you guys in suspense for the weekend. i'm not doing this to try to ruin your next couple days i'm just trying to build some suspense for what's to come! hold on to your pants and panties respectively!

update: 6-27-10
video INTERMISSION-youtube

i hope everyone enjoys, i worked hard on this

update: 6-28-10 COME INTO THE LIGHT (warning fourth wall broken)
video 23-youtube

update: 6-29-10
video 24-youtube

update: 6-30-10
video 25-youtube

update: 7-1-10
video 26-youtube

update: 7-2-10
video 27-youtube

update: 7-3-10
video 28-youtube

i don't know about you but the barons actually do scare me.

update: 7-4-10
video 29-youtube

digital journal entry 29: just think, on earth right now america is celebrating the fourth of july with fireworks and parties... and all i can do here to celebrate is kill some evil alien demon satan scum buckets. you know what? i think i'd rather be here!

happy 4th everybody, have a safe weekend!

update: 7-5-10
video 30-youtube

update: 7-6-10 investigating a uac office building
video 31-youtube

update: 7-7-10 be careful with this video... it might break your heart.
video 32-youtube

update: 7-8-10
video 33-youtube

update: 7-9-10
video 34-youtube

update: 7-10-10
video 35-youtube

update: 7-11-10
video 36-youtube

gotta catch em all alien technology

update: 7-12-10
video 37-youtube

for the most part a chainsaw only video. it gets pretty bloody and gross so if you just ate try not to get sick.

update: 7-13-10
video 38-youtube

update: 7-14-10
video 39-youtube

digital journal entry 39: i need to talk about the good life. life before all the aliens and scumbuckets of this realm... here goes!

update: 7-16-10 later today i will post the conclusion to this video!
video 40-youtube

this update is a little late, i had to go to work early yesterday.

update: 7-16-10 the thrilling conclusion to video 40! you may want to have a fresh diaper.
video 41-youtube

digital journal entry XX: i'm on a mission from the uac to bring a certain individual back for dissection. believe it or not I DO HAVE A CODE OF HONOR! WE DON'T FUCK OUR OWN! so i'm gonna save the sonofabitch and terminate my contract. FUCK IT I'M GOING SOLO!

update: 7-17-10
video 42-youtube

update: 7-18-10
video 43-youtube

will he be seen again?

update: 7-19-10
video 44-youtube

update: 7-20-10 wakka wakka wakka!
video 45-youtube

update: 7-21-10 i can feel earth in my soul
video 46-youtube

???: (inside hero's head) "marine come to me. throw down your arms. all will be forgiven. your whole family is here. JUST COME. this is home."

update: 7-22-10 DIS belief (it's a short video)
video 47-youtube

update: 7-23-10 THY FLESH CONSUMED (this isn't over yet!)
video 48-youtube

last episode guys! will our hero save earth? it remains to be seen!

update: 7-24-10 i will be uploading one level a day so you can experience the rush of the final chapters of the doom saga in a way that will make you lose your breath.
video 49-youtube (part 1/2)
video 50-youtube (part 2/2)

update: 7-25-10 now entering the arena
video 51-youtube

update: 7-26-10 time for a history lesson
video 52-youtube

update: 7-27-10 anal probing
video 53-youtube

update: 7-28-10
video 54-youtube (part 1/2)
video 55-youtube (part 2/2)

update: 7-29-10 one last trip home...
video 55-youtube (part 1/2)
video 56-youtube (part 2/2)

update: 7-30-10 grand finale
video 57-youtube

digital journal entry 58: everything that has happened in the last couple months boils down to a few moments... actually... everything, every moment in my life has accumulated to produce what is about to happen next... nonono... every moment in existence past present and future will be determined in the next 11 minutes... god i need a drink...

well doom 1 was pretty fun. i remember the 1st episode more than anything else as it was the only part of the game i played growing up. i plan on lping doom 2 or plutonia or whatever it is that actually comes next in the series but i want to play through it a couple times to get more familiar with it. it's hard to have an oscar performance when you haven't read the script . don't worry though, i'm going to have a new lp pop up here in the next couple days. i appreciate everyone who watched and i hope you enjoyed the experience as much as i did. thanks.
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