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Part 6: Episode 5 Training in space

Episode 5 Training in space

Welcome back! We have a new plot recap for this map when loading the save or pick the bottom right menu item:

Now let's challenge Cui!

We have another attempt at the map again. With a few uses of save and reload, we manage to improve our team members by 600BP each and our battle cards aren't too bad.

This time we starts the fight by using 3 Kaio cards on Gohan. This will give him a huge attack bonus.

Then we use 4 Chi-chi cards to get a full set of Ki attack cards. We have too many of those anyway.

And we use one Enma card so Ten can do some damage too. The plan is to have Chaozu seals Cui's attack and the others use the most powerful attack possible. This plan has 2 big weaknesses, the first one is that Cui must use a battle card with low defense and we don't have a Puar card to ensure that. The other weakness is that Cui may attack before Chaozu has the chance to move. So after a few reloads:

Ten only has enough BE to use Kikoho and it is not doing too much. We have seen Krillin's attack already so it is not shown here. Krillin's attack deals 30 HP damage with his 6 stars card. Overall, their BP are too low to do anything outstanding.

For 100 BE, Gohan's Masenko is not as damaging as one expects. So it is better to send Ten to train in the first stage.

This run is pretty good. Cui is in critical with just one round of attacks.

The second round, we only use the Bulma card. Thankfully, Cui doesn't use a powerful battle card. It still hurts a lot, but it is not fatal.

Natually, Gohan finishes him off. After this, it takes us another 2 rounds to finish the fight.

We get the 2 stars dragonball from Cui as well as 6 item cards. But the most important reward is the 3500 BP since we don't have much time to train during the dragonball race.

This is very close. If Vegeta moves one more step then we will have to reload and fight Cui again.

This is our team after the battle.

We go into the village and the Namekian gives us the 4 stars dragonball.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Goku just wakes up from his coma:

Huh? Where am I? ...Who am I?

Oh no! Goku has amnesia!

Yajirobe arrives with some Senzu beans. Goku takes one and his wounds are healed but he still doesn't have his memory.

They decide to send Goku to Namek to find the dragonballs to restore his memory. In reality, this is a ploy by Goku to get away from Chi-chi!

Now we get to play as Goku!

And we have one additional page to the plot recap.

This map is very much like the first map, including the enemies.

Goku starts with 10000 BP, which is lower than Chaozu!

We also has the same training mini game too, but the reward does not worth the trouble. Now we know instead of linking directly to BP, the reward is actually based on the character's level, as this is the reward is the same amount as Gohan's.

Goku comes with a large range of Ki attacks but only has 70 BE.

We can only use up to Kaioken Kamehameha at the moment.

We move one square per turn too, but we not doing it for BP, we are doing it to restock our items. Eventurally, we reach our destination. Goku's journey in space is divided into three parts, each part ends with a training section.

The map switches to the inside of the ship. The tile next to us is the rest area and the tile at the bottom is the training game.

In this mini-game, we play against the gravity chamber (CPU) in 20 times Earth gravity. The game is similar to Blackjack in that the side with the highest total number of stars without going over 10 wins the round. If we wins then Goku will gain a large amount of BP and the CPU will lose some HP depending on our level. If we lose then Goku will lose 20 HP. The CPU has 20 HP and the training section ends when the CPU loses all HP.

First, the CPU will pick 1 to 3 cards. Then we get a random card as our first card and we can choose to either end using more cards or pick a card from our deck as the second card. After this we can choose to end or add a third card, but the third is also randomly generated. If our cards totals to over 10 points then we lose the round without seeing CPU's cards.

If we win the round and has 10 points, the CPU will lose double amount of HP. If we win the round and used 3 cards then we get double BP. If we win by having a Z card and a 2 stars card then we get triple BP.

Our first round we win triple BP because of Z and 2, and the CPU loses double HP because Z counts as 8 points. Goku gains a few levels from the reward and so the next round he deal more damage to CPU as well.

After each round, we can choose to leave the game and rest up. The CPU's HP will also return to full, so we can repeat this as many time as we want until Goku is strong enough to deal 20 HP damage to the CPU.

In the end, we finish the game with a large win and Goku has 138160 BP by then.

After this, we are back on Namek!

Our opponents in the second dragonball race are Dodoria and Vegeta.

This time we start at the north west corner of the map, Dodoria in the north, Vegeta in the east and the village in the south. This map favours Vegeta since Dodoria needs to take a long path round some mountains. This means we have to move at full speed to fight Dodoria and get to the village before Vegeta.

Dodoria has 22000 BP and 425 HP. Just like Cui, he comes with three tier 3 enemies. But now with the reward from beating Cui, they are no longer threatening. And the relative gap between our BP and Dodoria is much smaller now. So this fight is much easier.

Dodoria can use mouth blast which is very powerful and is likely to kill who ever the attack hits.

Ok, let's try again, the plan is the same as fighting Cui:

We have 3 Ki attack cards already, so we use 2 Chi-chi cards, 2 Enma cards and 1 Baba card to set up our battle cards. Then we use 3 Kaio cards on Gohan and dump all of our best attacks on Dodoria.

We start with Chaozu stopping Dodoria's attack.

Yeah! We kill him in one round! After that we spend a few rounds finishing off the rest.

We earn 5000 BP, 3 item cards and the 3 stars dragonball.

This is the status of our team by the time we reach the village.

And they promptly give us the 6 stars dragonball.

Then we are back with Goku:

Kaio contacts Goku and tells him what has transpired on Namek. He also tells Goku that Piccolo is with him.

Piccolo cuts in and encourages Goku to help Gohan.

So this section is the same as the last Goku section. We restock our item cards while fighting enemies occasionally. Now Goku has enough BE to use Kaioken X3:

The path is pretty short and we quickly reach the training mini-game at the end.

Time to challenge 50 times Earth gravity! This time we have to get through 50 HP to pass the game.

We overdo it... just a little.

We'll be back with Gohan in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z2 LP!